Why do we still call marijuana a drug????? Stupidity!!!!!

Guess what folks???????? Marijuana is not a drug!!!!!!!!! A drug is something that can kill you if you take too much!! Like the trillion dollar legal pill industry that kills an American every 26 seconds. This is the true meaning of a drug!!!!!! Any substance that alters the body in ways nature didn’t intend is a drug!!!!!!! Well it just happens that all animals have a cannabinoid receptor system installed by nature from the beginning of time. Why do we have that?????? When we eat, drink, or smoke marijuana it brings in 70 cannabinoids into the body for the enhancement of the function of all organs and functions of our body. If you smoke pot your whole life, you will have the greatest immune system, lungs and brain working to keep from getting dementia, diabetes, arthritis, and it enables you to sleep well. White sugar is a drug, more addictive than cocaine in all its forms, and has killed people ever year. Not as many as cigarettes or booze. It is time we lose the refer madness brought to you by the cronies. Please go to Yahoo, The Scientific and Real Facts About the Cannabinoids in Cannabis. to get the 3 hour video of how marijuana is the greatest substance on earth to kill, stop from spreading, and talks the cancer cells into committing suicide. Learn the three medical names of these functions for better health. We had cannabis as 90% of our medicine for 85 years in our country. Why is that? Because it works!!!!!!! No side affects like all pharmaceutical medicine. Making cannabis illegal in 1937 in the United States was the most dastardly act ever for the health of the human race. 80% of the fossil plastic pollution floating or at the bottom of all creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans would not be there. We have allowed our world to be trashed in the name of greed for the 1%. Everybody should be able to grow 2 dozen plants for a family to maintain health and happiness. We know the American Medical Association, prison for profit, alcohol, tobacco, big oil, cutting down trees for paper hate the devil weed and would like to destroy every seed on this planet!! thetopcatplan.com vetsforbernie.org

Our Political Revolution is not worth anything without going Green!!!!!!

We can have the greatest political revolution in the history of the world. What will that do for ending our living in a modern day dark age for 140 years??? Nothing!!!!!!!!!! As long as 80% of the average paycheck goes to energy of some kind, and that energy is coming from the 1% that have served to and still are trashing our planet, we will not be ending our current deepest downward spiral. I can not get one person or group to phrase what the solution is for putting 20 million to work in green jobs. What is a green job??? The only thing green about having our next President Bernie Sander’s infrastructure rebuilding plan for 13 million jobs is that of the complete rebuilding of our drinking water system that is currently poison!!!!!!!! Hemp composite water lines with hemp composite water towers is the answer. Cheap steel or lead pipes must be replaced to keep our medial insurance from growing every year. Water stored in metal of any kind brings us cadmium!!!!! Ever hear of that poison metal????? It is a killer, but lead puts it to shame in deaths and cancer cases on the rise. Now please know, we are in a Green & Political Revolution!!!! Going green is the answer for so many positive actions coming our way. Launching the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry is a must for no longer needing to buy and use what is killing us and keeping the poor poorer. Phasing out fossil coal (replaced with hemp char-coal), fossil oil, and fuels of all kinds within 2 years is not only possible but a necessity, and nothing needs to be invented to do that!!!!!!!!! We have been brain washed to think we have no other way but to continue to buy centralized electricity, poison energy for heat for homes, industrial production, and fuel for our engines. terry cook/ thetopcatplan.comvetsforbernie.org

We are pulling ourselves out of our deepest downward spiral!!

We have earned and maintained the title of the world’s #1 Most Bought Nation on Earth. But I think we have reached the level of absurdity that brings us to be called, the Most Absurd and Misinformed of any country any where!!!! Rejoice in knowing we have evolved from that, and are headed in a direction, most thought impossible just a short time ago. When Dr Jane laid down the order to our Hero, “Let’s DO THIS!” That was when OUR Green & Political Revolution began!!!!!! Some times you have to get knocked on your ass and stomped into the ground, before you see the light!!!!! Right now, we know where we must go, how we will get there, and what and how we will fix what we have allowed to happen. We are reaching for the unreachable STAR, fighting the unbeatable foe!!!!!! That is what Marines, Rebels, Warriors, and United Patriots do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We know the enemy that brought us wars and 5 million American children going to bed hungry. vetsforbernie.org terry cook/thetopcatplan.com

We are on a road trip to our favorite place in the world, where mutual respect and love dominate

I am going to the Harley drags in Bowling Green, Ky I drag race my chopper and it is called, the United Patriot for Bernie Sanders Chopper. I took my white Bernie T-shirt and put my sissy bar through the shelves, strapped it down so it flies like a flag. One side Bernie’s face and the other side FEEL THE BURN. I will be doing 3rd gear smoky burn outs and I will post them up after the event, on June 25-26. terry cook/ thetopcatplan.comvetsforbernie.org I hate to think what will happen if some dumb jerk tells me I must remove my Bernie T.shirt from my United Patriot for Bernie Sanders Chopper. I will request a vote from all drag racers, not be ruled by one or two Trump or Hillary lovers.              Flash, I spoke to the owners of the AMRA,  Marty and Jane, first of all, they are republicans!!!    They plastered Obama sucks  messages, all over their trailer several years ago. Now I agree, but the point is they opened up the political Agenda  I suppose they wanted Mitt in there.    Any way Jane told me on the phone they will not have any political bullshit, especially a Socialist Communist Jew bastard kind of crap!!!!!  So I have decided to bring this war to the biggest event of the year.  Bowling Green, Beech Bend Drag Strip and Park ready for 20,000 people, the 24-25th of Sept.  I am asking all Bernie lovers to sit on the left side of the track.  Grand stands are tin covered, and as I am doing a third gear burn out, I wish to have the video of my right side with Bernie’s Face of my white T-shirt and with the view of the Bernie Fans in the back ground.  Next event would be far better timing!!!!!!!

If Hillary is not indicted, some really cool FBI Agents are ready to resign on the same day.

Right off the bat.  My message to you cool cats.  We want you right where you are.  Do not want to see you replaced!!!!!!  Hillary will be out of our hair so we can put our Hero in the Oval Office for 8 years.  Dr Jill Stein or Tina Turner will be Bernie’s Vice President, and Tulsi Hubbard will be his Sectary Of State.     The soap opera of the century folks. Who is the most powerful???? Hillary’s gang with huge amounts of uncounted CA votes were found by the staff of Attorneys TrustVoteDotorglawsuit.com. Hey the media is a part of the action as being instruct-mental in the effort of the cheating process. The man who programmed the voting machine as admitted what he did. She gave children in Sudan machine guns when 300 thousand die and 1 million homeless, another business opportunity, and chums with the rulers. Knowing the FBI is not ran by G Edgar Hoover, we would believe and assume our FBI is the most powerful in the name of justice and the American way. You know what? It looks like Obama will indeed pardon her and I personally don’t care about that what so ever!!!!! We are too dam busy saving our planet from destruction, ending our deepest downward spiral, and end our living in a modern day dark age for 140 years. We must concentrate on our Battle of Midway, in our War to Survive (what we have allowed to happen). Hillary and Bill are toast!!!!! That is what he called us, not to long ago. vetsforbernie.org terry cook/ thetopcatplan.com give you the 2 page summary of where we are going, how we are getting there, the wonders of cannabis with its 70 cannabinoids for health of all creatures.

NO means no, if she is stone drunk, that means NO

This was one of my responses to Brock Turner’s Mom on Yahoo today. If the son were to had been raised to know that it is a man’s duty as a wholesome and righteous man to cherish women, never hit, or abuse what you were put on earth to love. If you are raised this way, it results in having more lady friends to love pure & chaste from afar. I go out dancing to rock & roll a lot of the times, my friends ask me, why is it that you kiss, hug, play pool, dance with more ladies than anybody else?????? I have been married 46 years, all these ladies consider me harmless, we are bikers, and they know the mutual respect and love I have for most women makes them feel good. When dancing with all ladies, most have husbands or in a relationship, I always have the blessing from their spouse or boy friend, because people know dancing is cool and nobody needs to be threatened, jealous, and we know the possessive relation ships, do not last!!       I consider them, the superior of genders in most ways. When thetopcatplan.com launches the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in all states to put 20 million to work. Women will receive equal pay and at least 1/2 of our employees will be women. This will enable us to compete with any company in the word. Treasure the value of women, protect them, and never hurt them!!!!!!!!!

I love to be challenged on my statements, gives me a chance to make fools of those who are still brain washed

The people proclaiming we can be fossil oil and coal free, are right on!!!!! Just like I proclaimed a decade ago in my letters to the editor. I had all kinds of challengers, from engineers of Marathon Oil, Dow Chemical, and brain washed people who know just enough to be dangerous. Hemp char-coal is the total replacement for dirty rotten Koch’s fossil coal with deadly elements in it. These people that have come out with this information on the fact we can and will, phase out what is killing us, do not know, we are launching the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in all states, provinces, and territories within 1 year!!!!! We will become the world’s leader in going green like most scientists are NOT totally knowledgeable to what extent!!!!! I hope this little enlightenment post has made it to just some of the leaders of our Green & Political Revolution!!! Yahoo, terry cook//thetopcatplan.com gets you the 2 page summary of where we ARE going, how we ARE getting there, the wonders of cannabis, and the crucial importance of putting Bernie Sanders in the Oval Office for 8 years.vetsforbernie.org

Never Hillary is our motto

We are in the Green & Political Revolution to get our freedom, liberty, justice, and democracy BACK!!!!!! All of us Veterans, did not go to fight, to see everything we have fought for, disappear!! My personal War against all forms of tyranny over the minds of man began in 1968, When I came back from 2 years in Vietnam, I seen how all of us were born, raised, and herded like meek sheep to believe everything your teacher, history books, newspaper, magazines, and TV tell you. All of us should be rejoicing in the fact, that most of us have evolved into very informed to what we have allowed to happen, and are making a stand as warriors, The Young Turk”s rebels, and united patriots for our future First Family. A stand like no other before in it’s magnitude, motivation, and fortitude. We know the crony rule has abused the two parties to the point of breaking it!!!! Yes folks, it’s BROKEN!!!! If Bernie does not get the DNC nomination. NO dam big deal at all!!!!!! Never Hillary is our motto, and “Spread the true & good word of Bernie daily,” is our slogan! vetsforbernie.org

We are bringing our inventions, it is time to do that without coming up missing

Fracking must stop now, it has went on far too long. Even tho we still get letters to the editor stating climate change is a farce. Most people possessing common sense know, we must get off the merry-go-round we have been riding, fueled by lies and deception. We are totally phasing out fossil oil, poison chemicals, and deforestation because we must and we have a alternative that is much better in countless ways. Thetopcatplan.com is launching the hemp industry, hydrogen, and self-sufficient economy in fifty states. By doing this brings, countless and limitless possibilities for all. We will see more positive actions occurring in the next 5 years than in the last 140. Propeller type wind mills and the storage of hot water will become PAST history topics. Using the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water will become very normal. We need 200 million voting Americans that wish to do their part in the WAR to Survive what we have allowed to happen, to elect U.S. Senator Sen Bernie Sanders for our next 8 years of Presidency to pull us out of out biggest downward spiral, end our current Drug War, and our living in our modern day dark age. 20 million green jobs are coming to be able to shut down coal mines, fracking, and the use of fossil oil for everything. We need at least 200 million DGA’s (distributed generation association) members in this nation to play a major part in the effort to save our planet from destruction. A DGA puts out NO green house gases. they have their own clean drinking water, source of all green energy needs, organic food, and herbs. 80% of their paycheck does not go to energy, as today’s average citizen have for a major shake down of cold cash every week. When you stop buying from the cronies, their power begins to die and freedom, liberty, and country are taken back. Any questions? Terry Cook, co-owner of the original Brother Choppers, ex-Marine, progressive inventor

Thank heavens we have been enlightened to know what is right and real

Donald Trump does not pack the gear to take on our Hero, the Man who walks with the truth has a reputation of making all debaters look foolish in front of their friends. relatives, and co-workers!!!! He already looks that way in front of the evolved from being born, raised, and herded Meek Sheep, to believe every thing your parents, teachers, history books, and all media except The Young Turks!!!!!!! has taught us!!!! Most of us know where we must go, how we will get there, the wonders of cannabis, and the crucial importance of putting Bernard in the Oval Office for at least 8 years!!!vetsforbernie.org thetopcatplan.com