This will be the year we kick ass, take names, and send all bought down the road!!!


 There is iron in your words. Trump can end all research. Not needed. Nothing needs to be invented. This will be the year we kick some ass like Marines!!! Once a bully, always until you meet up with an ex-Marine that is completely pissed off from a man that has refused to come face to face with an hour reality show episode of how we got our country back. Facing John Nicholson of Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, Attorney Tyson Manker founder of, Wes Clark Jr., Commander of Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, and I ex-Marine 65-69 2 years in Vietnam, 1968 was the year my personal war against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man began. So basically us 4 patriots have 100 years under our belt, debating on where we are going, how we are getting there, the wonders of cannabis and green hydrogen, and the fact it is time to clean is as important day because it represents the greatest stand of my youth. That left a lasting impression in my brain cells that has served to fuel my fire. Dr King’s actions instilled a certain confidence in us to know fighting for what is right is a Godly mission to fight off evil. Now days we are in 2 colors. Black is for fossil oil, coal, and evil. Green is for good and Godly, to give everybody the opportunity to become contributors to society. That is called, The Green Hydrogen Economy, along with the hemp, and self-sufficient industry. When you are no longer buying the planet trashing energy from the ruler cronies, it serves to drive a wooden stake into their hearts. Got to do that before they poison us off or take away our oxygen. terry cook/, type MLK in the research box. Never give up on your dreams!!!!

Rosie O’Donnell has the balls, so do I

Rosie O’Donnell has declared she would endorse Marital Law to delay Don Trump’s inauguration to check him out in several areas.  If she has the courage to make such a brave statement, will so do I.   Why don’t we do a check it out thing, on All appointees. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General selected by the business man has recently stated, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana”  Right there, that illuminates him, for making false and ignorant statements.   Our Green & Political Movement has our largest gathering of our American Natives Stand with Wes Clark Jr Veterans Stand for Standing Rock.  Now it is time for the Farmers Stand to save our water, soil, and planet.  We are planting by April 20th of this year!!!  It takes 8,000 seeds per acre to grow for 10-20 weeks. With 27,000 seeds in a pound, 1 semi truck load of 50,000 lbs of seeds will cover 168 acres.  Needs 1/2 the water of corn no poison from DuPont or Monsanto seeds.  It will produce 700 pounds of grain per acre, which can be pressed into 22 gals of oil, 530 pounds of meal transformed into 1,300 pounds of fiber.  Yields $21,000 from seeds and 12,500 from stalks, according to CHTA Iowa State University.  We are not waiting for the DEA to allow hemp seeds from Canada to go to the Universities to study,  to see if there is any good use for the industrial hemp. Colorado has Certified to be less than 1% THC content seeds for sale. Ground that is growing hemp absorbs many times more rain water than any other commercial crop.

There has never been a perfect time to get our country back!!!!

We are in deep shit waters, but we do have paddles                  They are in shitting in our face!!!!!!  This is a perfect time to go green in every way in every county, city, on all roof tops with hemp composite water towers and plumping.  In order to do that, we are recruiting the Constitutional Military Militia, C.C.R.G.  Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, for Congress,, Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Standing for Standing Rock, the largest gathering of our American Natives, record divesting from evil to go good. and US (the 99%) Randy Quaid,  John Nicholson, Wes Clark Jr, Tyson Manker, I need you and others who are ready to do what we should have done a long time ago!!!

Corn fuel is no dam good

Corn fuel is bad!!! It is trash to burn and trashing our planet. Added industrial toxic waste poison coming from crony industries, or we will call it, weed and bug killer increases in use for corn and cotton. Good for DuPont and Monsanto (poison handlers). Bad for our planet and all creatures. We (tax payers) fork up .$.45 per gallon in subsidies due to end this year. Hemp is the answer, coming soon. Better fuel, lubricant, and so much better for the farmers, soil, air, and water. Increase in corn production has resulted in a growing dead spot in the Gulf of Mexico from the added herbicide and insecticide use in 9,000,000 acres of Federal reserved land now growing corn for the last 4 years. spring planting of hemp is almost here. Buy hemp seeds for a dollar a pound, 50.000 lbs plants 168 acres to bring $6,000,000.00 per season (2 in Ohio) Our planet’s rulers have kept hemp illegal to grow in most states. We Ohioans voted to legalize industrial hemp 2 years ago. Are we growing yet in the #1 Most un green state also being #1 in Heroin deaths? The answer, NO because for one, the seeds that are earmarked for Universities to grow for research are still being held up at the Canadian border by our DEA. Yes research to find IF there is any good use for the most valuable plant on earth. Our state’s law also states that if a factory owns farmland and it is using hemp as the raw material source for production. I approached our Findlay’s Centrex manufacturing plant that uses fossil oil fiberglass for the production of many items. I left a message with the leaders, engineers, and trouble shooters to allow us to have a 20 minute enlightenment presentation on how Centrex could become Findlay’s first green manufacturing complex. Use that old Tarbox quarry for making green hydrogen and green electricity to no longer be using planet trashing fossil oil or fuel. Within 4 years, the equipment to go green will be paid for, and your energy bill will be nothing. Any questions stockholders in fossil oil?????? Terry Cook/

Are elections a farce????

Arlene Kahn Right on. I voted for her. I seen her and the Green Party as our only hope. My highly respected friend John Nicholson founder of, Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government has viewed the Green Party as clearly the best, but worthless, as all elections. It is not the way you fix the most broken and bought system on earth. To evolve from being the most bought, to the leader in Green, takes extreme measures. One, stop buying what the cronies are selling, like anything made from planet trashing industries. Making paper from trees is the stupidest practice we allowed to carry on. Cotton is a major user of the crony’s industrial toxic by-produce waste like lead, fluoride, dioxin in the insecticide. Corn uses a huge amount of the waste coming from anything made from fossil oil (herbicide and insecticide) Coal is the easiest and quickest fix. Hemp char-coal with producing plants every 10 miles, on the tracks going to the coal burning power plants, in full production within 1 year. Total phasing out fossil fuel and oil within 4 years. Nothing needs to be invented or studied. Cannabis and Green hydrogen are our two rocks, in our foundation. Wes Clark Jr. Commander of Veterans Stand for Standing Rock,, for Congress

Time to stop buying what the crony rulers are pushing

Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government. All bought must be removed from office, sent down the road. Pensions?? forget it!!!!!! You have your shoe box stuffed and lucky treason charges are not brought. Companies are beginning the process of divesting from evil, going green to save our planet. hemp must be legal to grow in the nest 3 months!!!!!!!!! Marijuana must be available to everybody for health. It is our right. Divesting will be mainly for those companies that do not go green in every way, and also for those still piss testing. 46 years in the making to end our modern day dark age, and go from the #1 Most Bought to the World’s leader in Green. Remember the justice, freedom, liberty, and democracy we lost?????? When we no longer buy planet trashing ruling crony fuel and oil then, we get our country Bring Back American Jobs And Buy Products Made In The USA. We are launching the Green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry. I am talking about 17 divisions of green products, produced, transported, made in your state, province, or territory. This will make America Strong in ways Trump has not a clue!!!!!! for Berner’s Working Congress, Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka in 2020. We are thankful this Christmas U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is alive, and did not die of a heart attack (current way of execution) Protection programs are coming to keep guys like me and my friends alive and out of fema camps. Any questions????

We are planting hemp April 20, 2017 to save our planet

America, are WE ready to follow the Canadian Nation and grow industrial hemp???????
Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, It is a disgrace that Ohio is #1 in opiate deaths, and California is #2 with CA being three times bigger in area and three times larger in population. Our nation owns the largest poppy fields and still lists cannabis as a drug, narcotic, and has no medical benefit.
If you still believe what our government has embedded into your brain cells your whole life, you are still among the born, raised, and herded meek sheep.
Nowadays, most of us have evolved to know what is right and what is wrong.
The National American Legion is petitioning the new administration to allow all veterans the right to smoke the herb.
All opiate addicts also deserves the right to get their lives back. For heroin addicts to be forbidden the use of a proven remedy (the best) is as stupid as cutting down green trees to make paper.
Our Ohio Universities are still waiting for the hemp seeds to grow for research to see if there is any benefit for the world’s most valuable plant.
I am ashamed to live in Findlay, a town who puts a 2 year wait on cannabis growers and dispensaries, and has Boogie on Main St to show our youth booze drinking is cool.
4 or 5 years ago it was suggested Hancock County to be renamed Cook County. A far more appropriate name would be Common Senseless County.
States that have legalized recreational marijuana have enjoyed at least a 25% reduction in opiate deaths, and a reduction of youth usage.
If you believe marijuana is the gateway drug, you are as deranged as Hillary Clinton., Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, for Congress

350 billion will do the trick

Yes, the price of one jet bomber, 350 billion will begin the mission to take control of our own destiny. Not herded around like a bunch of dummies. Here you seen the Most loved man, in our little country. We are so very lucky this man, and these 4 ladies are alive. I am talking about Dr Jill Stein, Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, and Liz Warren. 5 people with good hearts brings, hundreds of millions to once again have hope in our hearts. 15 months ago I announced to our monthly gathering of writers to the editor in, that Bernie will be our next President. Everyone there laughed, I asked why??? One poison word Socialist!!!!! Findlay Marathon USA, Ohio (#1 Most ungreen and most overdoses from smack) is purely a Republican town of 45,000. We have Boogie on Main St where we can show our youth how cool it is to drink beer with the Lady Mayor. We have a 2 year wait on pot growers and dispensers. This is how lame we are here.
So my reply to everyone that morning was. “Most here do not know the true meaning of Socialist. That one misinformed meaning of a word, is far outweighed by the facts that this man walks with the truth, and he brings us hope!!!!!” Yes folks, we are going green in every way. When Bernie and his Wife & Guide Dr Jane said, “Lets do this!” That launched our our Green & Political Revolution. 1 year later we have Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, the largest gathering of American Natives (Water Protectors), huge amount of divesting from fossil oil, and US (the 99%). Without this beauty man and his Family bringing on our Greatest Movement in the our history, we would not have, what most believed we would never in our lifetime see happen. for Congress, Citizens Committee for a Restructure Government,

First Take ESPNII Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Will Cain are very lame

A friend of mine was bitching because he was being called a traitor for asking questions or challenging ignorant things occuring. The same logic that says marijuana is the gateway drug. If anybody here watches First Take on ESPN 2. My computer was down during the time (3 weeks ago), they had Will Cain, Max Kellerman, and Stephen A Smith. So I am going to raise hell on all three of their stupid remarks. Question was should pot be legal in all sports?? All 3 said Hell No! Steve Kerr Coach of the Golden State Warriors proclaimed it past due time to realize Big Pharm’s medicine is no good. So his brave statement brought that question. The comments were, Don’t want the children getting it. Just because it has never killed anybody, not as bad as booze and tobacco, still a bad choice. They are not stupid, just misinformed or not informed of the facts. Those guys did not read the Late & Great Jack Here’s, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” Nor did they Yahoo, The Scientific and Real Facts About the Cannabinoids in Cannabis. to get the 3 hour video on the wonders of the greatest plant on earth. Cannabis and Green Hydrogen are the 2 rocks in our foundation in saving our planet from the crony’s rule. Now days we come in 2 colors. Black is evil, coal, fossil oil, and the poison products coming from it. Green is good, and conscientious of what is right, and what is wrong.,, Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government

The Largest Gathering of American Natives

A friend was saying it is mind blowing, people voted for Hilllary to keep Trump out instead of voting green. I love what you are saying because it is so true, but hate the fact it is so pathetic. It blew my mind when I asked a hundred, people on the street a day the question, Ever hear of the name Jill Stein of the Green Party???? 99 out of a hundred never heard of her. This is Jill Stein, the Green Party, and all of our faults. Lack of education and communication is what has kept us living in a modern day dark age from the time Abe Lincoln’s hemp lamp oil was muscled out with Rockefeller’s jet fuel till now. Most of us were not aware of how we have been herded around. Our 1 year old Green & Political Movement has brought many huge benefits. The largest gathering of American Natives, Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock,, United Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, to go green in every way, and the biggest surge of divesting in industries who are not green, to go for green projects. Some times it takes a bitch slapping, or knocked on your ass, to wake you up. Trump may serve for 2 purposes. (1) the very tool to wake every one up. (2) If he signs An Act of War. What War??? Our current War to Survive what we have allowed to happen. What bill will he sign???? The return of the, “1942 Hemp for Victory” Most of you are asking yourselves what, the hell is that??? The fact “Hemp for Victory” was wiped out of every history book and in every publication. In 90 days, we are planting our first crop of industrial hemp on a major scale. With or without Trump. So this opportunist with have the chance to look like a genius, or like a fool, trying to arrest people for growing Non THC cannabis. Most people have not a clue how much U.S. dollars go to Canada for hemp. So we will create and maintain 20 million green jobs. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner, and Liz U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren need to go to the GREEN Party in the near future