Build our schools with future technology

Thank you Mr. Robert Dockery for your July 16 letter. The thought of building a school for the future without incorporating today’s technology is completely insane!
Our taxpayers need NOT spend one cent for natural gas, electricity from a coal burning or nuke power plant, or buy one drop of oil in any form.
The rain water from the parking lots and roof tops will be used, not running to the creeks like most of the parking lots of the University of Findlay nor sent underground to soak into the soil. Drinking, showers, laundry, growing food and algae, and lets make some hydrogen to fuel all internal combustion engines including the school buses. Let’s teach our students all about being prepared for the future. How a person can be more self sufficient and a contributor to society. Before I wrote this letter to the editor, there was no plans to use the rain water for any purpose.  I called the head of the school board to pitch the bitch.  Resulting in the plan to use rain water for showers at the new Glenwood School.  Too bad the other new schools being built did not do the same.
The two most important assets to be acquired and maintained in life are Love and Health. Education and Communication are the two keys for any person or group to progress in a positive direction.
I am sick of seeing our bus drivers and students sucking up diesel fumes from our school buses. How stupid is that!
The times, they are a changing. I was interviewed by the University of Michigan’s Government Survey Dept. with the Director asking me questions of why am I so happy about where we are going to make a better country and world. I was asked what I thought the price of gasoline will go down to in the next year and what it will be in two years and why? $2.25 and $4.25. The Hydrogen Economy is coming, that will be just one of the effects. It’s called growing pains that will be fully realized to have been well worth it. The Director proclaimed this one hour interview to be the most enlightening and uplifting he has ever experienced. I’m writing a book and making a movie, so be careful what you say to me. Terry Cook

Cast your vote to get our freedom and liberty back

This web site was designed to enlighten and to show the world, we have at least 200 million conscientious and righteous citizens voting on our nations most important problems. I have used the letter to the editor format to use people’s opinions to bring to light different topics that would not have been addressed. I ask that everybody read all of the letters and vote yes or no to the following questions: Go to the page entitled The Top Cat Plan. Vote yes or no to the topics A, B, C, D, E, G, H, and if you wish, vote no to F.
The most asked question that I get from a lot of people is, why haven’t we started this new direction along time ago?  Fear is lack of knowledge.  The general public has been controlled.  How many citizens have been kept in the dark about the many benefits hemp has to offer? The answer is most.  President Kennedy was in the process of completely legalizing marijuana when he was shot down like a mad dog.
Go to the back cover page of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, bottom of the page where the number of people dying each year from different substances used. Go to our page entitled, Legalize Hemp Now and Stop The Tyranny.  These facts were removed from my letter to the editor to make room for a limited space in the column. Five times more people die from legal drugs than illegal drugs.  Nobody in the history of the world has ever died from smoking or eating marijuana.  The reason it is currently against the law is because it was discovered it makes the finest lubricate, fuel, paper, cloth, medicine, food, and a replacement for using oil and plastic.  We don’t need one more shovel of coal or one more drop of oil for anything. We have hemp and hydrogen. Terry Cook


My plan to put 20 million people to work consists of 17 green divisions:


(1)  Fuel Cell and Closed Cell divisions

(2)  Environmental fueling stations

(3)  One person flying machines

(4)  Garden tractor and all attachments

(5)  Organizing and supplying the DGA, Distributed Generation Association members

(6)  Aerodynamic trailers in 12 sizes incorporating today’s technology to enhance the performance of the environmental truck, car, or motorcycle, in speed and distance.

(7)  3 designs of solar electric automobiles

(8)  ½ million dollar custom chopper made for famous ladies

(9)  Pet division including the finest food

(10)  Grow your own food and herbs indoors and out doors

(11)  Hydrogen Generator used in a totally green way

(12)  Hemp Fuel division

(13)  Hemp Products

(14)  Building Reservoirs to generate electricity, produce hydrogen, and possess the power to control flooding

(15)  Solar and Wind collectors with our design of vertical wind turbine able to withstand    150 mph wind, guaranteed for 10 years, able to supply 100% of our electrical energy    needs.

(16)  Solar Sail Boats

(17)  Environmental Roof-Tops equipped with hemp composite water towers


The Top Cat Plan will work for many reasons.  The timing is perfect.  Most Americans now believe we can not do in the next 100 years what we did in the last.  This earth will not be fit to live on.  We are utilizing two trillion dollar industries to launch us into the most positive direction our country has ever seen.  Hemp and Hydrogen are going to save the earth we live on.  Go to pages 20-21 of the book entitled “After America, Get Ready For Armageddon” by Mark Steyn states, “R is for Redistribution.  Day by day, an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the productive class to the obstructive class is delivering a self-governing republic into rule by the regulators, bureaucrats, and social engineers.”

It is time to change directions, from being co-dependent to self-sufficient.  A DGA  puts out no green house gases,  has their own drinking water, makes their own electrical energy for heat and transportation, grows food, recycles, and grows worms to make the finest compost and natural fertilizer while minimizing the outgoing garbage by feeding the worms the vegetable and fruit scraps.

The efficiency and success of any company is only as good as it’s finest trouble shooters, advisers, engineers, and workers.  To acquire and maintain excellent efficiency, high moral is the magic ingredient.  The biggest moral buster is for the workers to see the leaders, owners, and stockholders being compensated quite well, and they are paid peanuts.  Also important is to have a lot of happy customers that like your products and love the fact that these items are made and transported in a green manner by their friends in their own state thus enhancing the local economy.                   Top Cat II


I wish to bring to all a message of hope for a better world in the near future. I believe Ron Paul will be our next president and Congress will approve the funding of the Top Cat Plan.  In my next letter I will have the address of my new web site for everyone to acquire all my information.  The following questions are being asked for everybody to answer, (A) Vote yes or no to, do you approve of my plan?  (B) Vote yes or no to, should America be the second nation to convert our trains to be all electric and demand all school buses and public transit buses to be all electric or running on hydrogen. (C) Vote yes or no to abolish the federal law on the  marijuana prohibition?  (D)  Vote yes or no to abolish the federal law that states one can not drive any vehicle pulling a trailer and draw fuel from that trailer to propel it. Both these laws were bought by the oil companies. (E) Vote yes or no for our next president to be Ron Paul, (F) Vote NO for the provision that gives complete control to the Ohio Energy Initiative Commission LLC.  This commission does not believe in the word (transparency).  Total accountability for everything including salaries paid, names, addresses, occupation, and total accounting to be public knowledge is our way not their’s.  We must have as many no votes as possible.  Our people must not allow the O.E.I.C.LLC. to possess the power to call the shots on something so important to us and our world.  If you wish to vote yes on (F), do it on some other web site. (G) Vote yes or no to renounce the 1961 Single Convention Treaty on drugs and marijuana. (H) Vote yes or no to require all labels on all food products indicate whether GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are present in any product including all meats.                                                                                                                                      I must gain the confidence and endorsement of at least 200 million Americans, to go forward in the process of being awarded a 4 year loan of 102 billion dollars.  Two billion for each of our 50 states and two billion for our seven provinces.  Each state will have an equal chance to make 17 divisions of green products made and transported in a green way.  This plan will put 10 million Americans to work in 10 years, 20 million people will have jobs in 20 years by using the power of the common people.  All citizens will have the opportunity to buy stocks, bonds, and our products.  All women will have the opportunity to become a 50% partner in one or more of the 17 divisions in each state.                                                      So if you wish to see Ron Paul be our next President and marijuana be completely legal, here is your chance to make it happen, cast your vote on this web site.                                             Having my life time goal set in 1965, which was, to someday become the builder of the Roll-Royce of a custom motorcycle has brought me to a place where no one else has ever been, is or will ever be.  In the late 60’s I designed my own style of gas tanks and fenders, invented the illuminating gas tank, and began drag racing my Harleys.  20 years ago I was granted EXCLUSIVE PERMISSION to cap metal guard rails on all drag strips to prevent injury or death to motorcycle racers.  When we build a famous lady a custom chopper, she has the choice of what drag strip gets made safe for motorcycles in her name.

35 years ago I knew we would run a fuel that causes no pollution or added CO2s.  We will use Hemp fuel or Hydrogen to fuel all our internal combustion engine driven machinery.

My plan to put 10 million people to work and enhance the economy of several hundred million will serve to stop our nation’s downward spiral  and send it in a very different and positive direction.  This new direction will serve as a guide for the rest of the world to follow if they wish to enjoy seeing their fellow brothers and sisters doing well in a world that has a future that is looking good.

The world is depending on you to vote on these issues,  all family members (any age) cast you vote yes or no to (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (G), and (H).  Vote no if you wish to issue (F).

Terry Cook  Findlay, Ohio  WWW.


If I were to ask any history teacher, grade school, high school, or college student the question, what was the war of 1812 all about?  The answer is one word, HEMP.  That would not have been their reply.  That information was wiped out of all history books in this country.  That was not a easy thing to do, but it was accomplished.  The rulers did not want anyone to know how important hemp is to the world.

Ben Franklin and Tom Jefferson were good friends.  They set out on a very important task for our country.  Thomas Jefferson went to China and Benjamin traveled to Amsterdam to acquire the world’s finest hemp seeds.  Both were successful in conquering their missions.  If Mr. Jefferson would have been caught with those seeds in China, they would have put a bullet in his head in two seconds. His immortal words, “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man,” are engraved into the marble of his memorial in Washington D.C.  A perfect example of tyranny over the mind of man is the drug screening of anybody that wishes to make a living. It’s about freedom and liberty, quest what?  It’s gone for the common people but here for the filthy rich.  According to OSHA, insurance actuarial findings, and the AFL-CIO, it is alcohol (!) that is involved in 90-95% of all of drug related factory accidents, but alcohol, uppers, and downers are not apart of the drug tests.  The tests go after the users of the devil weed.  Guest what?  Marijuana smokers are the best and most dependable workers, heavy equipment operators, conscientious truck drivers, pool players, swimmers,  marathon runners, brain surgeons, and Presidents of this United States.  14 million years of imprisonment in the last 60 years gives new meaning to the words oppressive, harsh, cruel, tyrannical, and stupidity!

Most silk garments coming from China are indeed partly or all hemp.

For every acre of hemp grown for paper will save 5 acres of trees for the same purpose.

The cronies have been very successful in keeping us stupid and co-dependent.  They set out, to wipe the world’s most important plant (hemp) off the face of earth.

It is a fact, cannabis hemp seed has the power to end world hunger.  It also helps keep all your organs working better, including heart, lungs, and brain.  If you eat or smoke marijuana or hash you will live longer and the last 10 years of your life will be more pleasant than that of a person that has never partaken.

Go to Wal-Mart‘s skin care section and pick up a bottle of the world’s finest moisturizing body lotion.  Malibu HEMP lotion is made of ground up virgin cannabis sativa hemp seeds, made in the USA. The elderly are commonly plagued by dried skin especially sore corns and calluses.  Hemp lotion is the answer.  Terry Cook


There’s a basic rule that applies to all people, individually, as a small, or large group.  Bob Dylan said it in a song along time ago.  “ If you’re not busy being born or growing, then you’ll be busy dying.”  Currently, we as a nation are dying harder and faster than any time in our history and the haves and the have-nots are currently farther apart than any other time.  Nobody knows what’s going to stop our downward spiral and once it does stop, we don’t know what direction to go to progress in a positive direction.  Most Americans know we can not do the next 100 years what we did the last 100, for this earth will be a piece of crap.  We don’t need one more drop of oil or one more bucket of coal to fulfill our energy needs.  The answer is blowing in the wind, the sun, your downspout water, and in 6% of our farm land.  Our future industry,  is supplying the masses with the equipment to be far more self-sufficient.

The authors of these two books, Internal Combustion and The Hydrogen Economy state, “They believe hydrogen CAN save our world.”  Jack Herer from the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes believed hemp COULD save the earth and it’s creatures.  I say, “Hydrogen and Hemp are GOING TO save our planet,” sending us in the most positive direction exceeding most people’s greatest expectations.

A cool religious man and his teenage son came to my house on George St. about a month ago, to give me some literature pertaining to enlightening me in the four ways to get to heaven.  I thanked him and I said I have something to share with him and his son.  I stated, “hemp and hydrogen are going to save this earth.  His reply was that, “God is going to save our planet.”  My reply to that was, “With the Lord’s help, OK but it’s not God’s job to do that, we messed it up, it’s our responsibility to fix it.”  I have a plan to accomplish that, put 10 million citizens to work, enhance the economy of several hundred million, stamp out world hunger, reverse global warming, and make all drag strips, bike friendly.   Terry Cook

Legalize Hemp Now and Stop the Tyranny

In response to Mike White Feb 7.  The biggest reason Ron Paul will be our next president is because he possesses the most common sense.  He understands the problems and has the cure.  It is not the job of our government to make and enforce laws to protect ourselves from ourselves.  Marijuana will be completely legal in this country next year.

All drugs should be legal.  Guess what?  To have a law against a drug or against prostitution will never stop or slow it down.  That only serves to keep it untaxed, the price up, and helps keep it in the hands of the mafia.  Here is the list of the number of deaths each year from the following:   Illicit drug overdose = 4 or 5 thousand,  (legal) drug overdose= at least 100 thousand, caffeine= 1,000 to 10,000, aspirin=180 to 1,000, alcohol ( not including 50% of all highway deaths and 65% of all murders= 150,000, tobacco= 340,000 to 450,000, and 10,000 years of smoking marijuana= 0.

In the very near future, all citizens will have the choice of going green in all products and services including transportation.

The location of the Hamlet Protein Inc is a perfect one.  When the hemp industry is in full swing, Hamlet Protein will need all of the surrounding land to expand.  I predict they will enjoy a growth of at least 10 times within a 10 year time frame if they go completely green.  Use all rain water, have environmental roof tops, use the power of the wind and sun to make your own hydrogen for heat and to fuel all motors and vehicles.  Pages 80-81 of the book, “ The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer will state,  Cannabis Hemp Seeds to be the best source of food for all animals.  Best for the soil too.

Terry Cook


I am responding to Mr. Montgomery Jan. 3 and Mr. Saloum Jan 12.  Yes we will have sweeping reclamation.  Currently the world looks at America as being a joke. Our founding fathers never intended for our nation to evolve to what it has become.  In the effort of making more money for the companies and stock holders, we have sent our jobs out of the country.  Yes we will reclaim our nation, back to being the leader in a new positive direction.  I will confront all presidential candidates with the Top Cat Plan.  I will debate on national television with anybody that believes this plan will not work.  I hope Donald Trump is one.  He can state why he thinks it won’t work and I will state why I know it will.

The U.S. Marines are #1 in taking on missions that others deemed impossible.  They have education, communication, leadership, team work and motivation.  When you face death and your back is against the wall and the only way to survive is to fight for your life, it serves as the greatest of all motivators.  That is our nation’s current situation.  Most citizens will be motivated to buy our products made in their own state even if they are cheaper from China.

I am not borrowing the money from each state.  The four year loan will come from the fed.  The federal government has already spent over 10 trillion to find out what a green job is.  Loan us 98 times less than that and we will show you what a green job is while putting 10 million to work.

I will buy Solyndra and pull it out of bankruptcy by sending those making more that $100,000 a year down the road.  Terry Cook


I’m finding it hard to be proud of our country and state.  In the last three years our country has experienced the biggest shakedown possible by the cronies.  We are currently in the deepest downward spiral our country has ever seen. The haves and the have-nots have not ever been so far apart.   Ohio has reached the position of being this nation’s #1 most un-green state.  That means we are the lamest and laziest bunch of dummies living in the past and don’t have a clue of what to do.  I have written over 25 letters to the editor stating what we must do, but I still see in letters written by common folk and Marci Kaptur, we must find more oil and use more coal.   That’s what makes us #1 in being backward and stupid.  It is time to get hip. We don’t need one more bucket of coal or one more drop of  Mr. James H. Miller’s marvelous diesel or gasoline.  Hemp and hydrogen will save our planet.  Marijuana is the answer to the drug problem, stamping out world hunger, reversing global warming, putting 10 million people to work in 10 years, making 50,000 hemp products made in a green way.

Corn renders 400 liquid gals of fuel per acre.  Switch-grass and hemp brings forth 1,450 gals per acre.  Hemp cellulose out produces wood for paper by at least 4 times.  10 tons of bio-mass in 1 acre in a 3 or 4 month time frame.  In the process of growing hemp, CO2s are absorbed thus when being burned to make electricity, heat, or to fuel a motor vehicle, results in no added CO2s in the air.  Every product produced by oil can be made in a green manner by using hemp instead.

In the history of the world, all positive happenings began in somebody’s brain cells.  It came from a dream, to a plan, and it was made to happen, it did not just magically come about.  I have already accomplished what an army of people have not been able to do.  I have a plan that will address all of the problems I have previously stated.  Not one of my responders has ever asked what my plan is.  Maybe when I’ve made all my letters available to the internet I will be asked that question.  Terry Cook,  Findlay, Ohio

Three Revolutions

Six months ago I proclaimed myself to be the leader in three revolutions, getting our freedom and liberty back, bring in the hydrogen economy, and the hemp revolution to end our longest and most costly war.  14 million years of imprisonment have been laid down against our people.  Jack Herer, author of  “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” spent the last 45 years of his life devoted to seeking and spreading the truth of the most valuable and important plant on earth died a broken man.  His dream was to see all prisoners of this war released with a check and medal for being the savoirs’ of the seed.  I also proclaim myself available and able to carry on from where our dearly departed leader and brother left off, to help make that happen.

In response to Theresa Allen 1-13, all of your points were right-on.  You are a person living with high morals with a beautiful outlook on life, and know how good people think.     It’s called the All-American shake down.  Any company not paying federal taxes, and any other business like Cooper tire, locking out employees for wanting a fair deal. These actions may some day serve, to come back to bite them.  They will soon learn the lesson, good people won’t buy their product.  The big lesson in life is that you get what you give. The 300 million dollars setting around could get sucked up in that lesson.

I will never deal with a company that pays no federal taxes.  All our workers will be salaried at $40,000 to $80,000 a year until our loan is paid back.  Most of my employees will be women.  Our workers will be assigned a mission for the day, when that is accomplished, they take off for the day.

I believe we have at least 200 million good people in this country ready to take our nation back.  If the cronies don’t turn me into a FORD (Found On the Road Dead), we are going to make this happen.  I thank all the Cooper gang for standing up for what’s right.  This action will serve to create a positive impact.  Terry Cook