The definition of a drug is, any chemical compound or biological substance, other than food, intended for use in the treatment of disease.  Marijuana is a food.  Hemp-seed is the most complete single food source for human nutrition. The fact it is a food, means it is not a drug.  Hemp-seed can be pressed for its highly nutritious vegetable oil, which contains the highest amount of essential fatty acids (linolinic and linoleum) in the plant kingdom. These essential oils are responsible for our immune responses and clear the arteries of cholesterol and plague, plus the positive effects on the brain ( addresses depression, fatigue, anxiety, stimulates brain activity, and assists in maintaining brain fuction).
The money that our government has spent for the war on drugs, could have gone for far more important purposes, such as schools, health care, and infrastructure maintenance.
It is time to stop the insanity, legalize marijuana, and tool up to produce a wealth of quality ecologically sound goods for an upwardly changing society.
For the last three years in a row, there were at least ¾ of a million people in this country arrested for mere possession.  We have managed to acquire and maintain the status of being #1 in having the most political prisoners being housed at taxpayers expense.  Most for the war on marijuana.  This will be the year our friends and I turn things in the right direction, thanks to the spirit of Jack Herer and his people.

In the 1700s cannabis was used for making paper that would outlast wood paper by 100 times and could be made a 100 times cheaper and not produce the deadly poison dioxin. William Randolph Hearst put a lot of money in his pocket cutting down trees to make paper mainly because hemp is against the federal law.  In 2016 we’ll have provisions to vote on whether to make two federal laws: (1) Imprisonment and fines for cutting down trees for paper or building materials.  (2) The total elimination of burning coal and fossil fuel to make energy.
The energy companies are the owners of most petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, liquor, and tobacco companies, and intertwined with insurance companies and banks.
About eight months ago, Mr. Patrick T. Flinn from Bluffton, Ohio wrote a letter to the editor responding to one of my letters.  I don’t know were he acquired his information.  He said, “That if we use bio-mass cannabis fuel it would use up too much of the farm land, we would not have enough for growing food.”  Untrue, 6% of the farmland, is enough to supply all energy needs including transportation and electrical generation. Take the farmland that won’t hardly grow anything because the soil is worn out.  Grow hemp year after year, and the soil becomes fertile and enriched again.  Our Government and Pheasants Forever, pay farmers to not grow crops for several good reasons.  Grow hemp on that land and you’ll have health and wealth to the tune of being able to give back to the subsidizing groups.
An employee can pay into workman compensation his or her life and have an accident with no fault of theirs, but if that person smoked herb or had eaten hemp-seed food in the last 30 days, that person will not receive a dime of compensation and probably loose their job.  A citizen can be denied benefits from Medicaid because of the presence of THC in the body. Top Cat


The Readers Digest 1968 Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary’s definition of narcotic is a drug, as opium or morphine, that in medical doses relieves pain and induces sleep, and in toxic doses convulsions, coma, or death.  So why do organizations like Pat Robertson and the Christian advocacy group Focus on the Family, still consider marijuana a narcotic?  Because they are among the MISINFORMED and or they own stock in the following;  big Oil, big Coal, Nuke power, big Chemical, Tobacco, legal pill companies, beer & whiskey, or organized crime, which HATE hemp and marijuana. That is understandable, with hemp, there is very little need for these companies to be here.  I suggest anybody making a living in these industries, seriously consider finding another occupation.  That’s cool, because there will be many opportunities in the green industry coming about in the very near future.  Twenty million in the next 20 years.  Also anybody that has stock in those companies would be wise to pull your stock and invest in the well being of the future of this world.
I’m asking every man, woman, and child to cast your vote on the Brothers Choppers’ web site, to join in the effort to reverse global warming.   It’s not too late now, but it will be if we drag our feet.  We are including children that are old enough to read, write, and know the difference between right and wrong to vote on these issues too, Save Our World and all of God’s creators from a hell on earth, by the time our grandchildren become grandparents.  Three years ago, most people were in complete denial of global warming, now most are hip to it.  In 1969 only 12% of Americans were for legalizing marijuana, but today at least 50% believe it is time to loose the insanity.  I invite all people who believe in Jesus Christ, to read what I and the authors of three of the truest books I have ever read, that was written this century;  The Emperor Wears No Clothes, The Hydrogen Economy, and Internal Combustion by Edwin Black.  In one month, I would like to have a public debate with Pat Robertson, Carrie Gordon Earll (Senior director of government and public policy for Focus on the Family), and all of their people, to have this out.  I believe God is on my side.  I am on a mission of LOVE & GOOD.                                                                                   A lot of people have told me, what I intend on doing will not be allowed to happen.  I say, “It will come forth very soon with a little help from my friends.“  Any person that is not concerned about the future generation, is living for today and could care less about tomorrows’ mankind living in misery because they know they’ll not be around, so why should they be bothered with such unimportant matters?  Because, the Top Cat Plan will have a positive impact in the very near future.  It will take courage for people to join our gang and cause.  To do something that has never been done before is always scary.  We have no choice, we must do this or go down in history has the most spineless bunch of dummies the world has ever seen, and it will also point out the people that tried to prevent these good things from happening.  I was very proud to serve this country as a Marine as was my mentor Grandfather. To fight for freedom, liberty, and against tyranny in the world is very honorable. Your Brother, Terry Cook


Along time ago the pharmaceutical drug companies were trying to capitalize on the hemp’s medicine industry before marijuana prohibition. The doctors were prescribing to the children, grown ups, and the elderly, massive dosages for countless aliments for four or five decades. They could never figure how much to use because nobody ever overdosed. Those daily doses of THC were as much as today’s everyday pot smoker consumes in a one or two months. They could not then and never have been able to inject it thru a hypodermic needle.
Starting in the1860s, the Gunjah Wallah Company made maple sugar hashish candy, which soon became one of the most popular treats in America. For 40 years, it was sold over the counter and advertised in newspapers, as well as being listed in the Sears-Roebuck catalog, as a totally harmless, delicious and fun candy.
The Police Gazette estimated there to be over 500 hashish parlors in New York City in the 1880s and they had at least that many in the 1920s. Virtually everyone in this country was familiar from childhood on with the “highs” of the cannabis extract-yet doctors did not consider it habit forming, anti-social, or violent at all, after 60 years of use.
Big oil, the pharmaceutical industry, (Hearst) the paper out of trees people, the alcohol pushers, the Dupont poison chemical empire, and the mafia hated herb. So the rest is history. The big bad asses pushed, probed, bullied, killed for, and paid to make a couple of federal laws. They invested a lot to make it happen and it paid back in dividends exceeding every bodies’ greatest expectations.  It’s time to close this chapter, address the damages done, and head in the most positive direction this country has ever experienced.
The first marijuana laws in this country stated, all farmers must grow it or face large fines. In fact, it was legal tender, all taxes could be paid in tonnage of hemp. This was in the 1770s, when it was known by everybody, that hemp was crucial for the survival of this country.  In 1942 our nation’s slogan was “Hemp For Victory”.  The importance of hemp over rode the marijuana prohibition laws because of the biggest war of our history. Guest what?  We are now in the most important war of this world.  The war against global warming.  If we do not address this major problem immediately, we’ll be really sorry, but not nearly as sorry as our grandchildren will be. They’ll be completely screwed, because of our ignorance and arrogance.  I’m to the point where I challenge any man, woman, or group of, to a national debate for the world to watch.  I have the power to make anybody look good or very foolish.    T.C.

Its time to take our country back

The timing is absolutely perfect for us to do what must be done to make things right.  We are going to take our country back to what our founding fathers and mothers laid down many years ago.  We have allowed the rulers to have their way for over a hundred years. They played on many people’s fear and stupidity. They probably took lessons from the cronies doing their thing in the dark ages.  China and Russia were using the most important plant on earth to make the finest clothing, lamp oil, food, rope, sails, medicine and paper.  They used that very high quality and long lasting paper, to write on the wisdom gained, by the people over time. That enabled them the ability to refine the writings over the years, thus making them the smartest people on earth compared to the other regions that were killing people for possessing books of any kind.  The tyrant’s philosophy was to keep everybody as stupid as possible, to rule and kill any one getting out of line.                    Make no bones about it, when you educate people to take charge of their life and take advantage of what the Lord has given them and that in turn, stimulates their economy, that makes the rulers very mad.  They see the tight stranglehold that they once had over the common people, being completely loosened.  No matter how rich the rich get, they are very uptight when they don’t make as much money as the year before, even thou they have enough to last a hundred life times. They are called greedy gluttons.  We have allowed them to take our country and turn this earth into a repository of oil and poisonous chemicals and call the shots on taking freedom away from the lower class, including the women and men that fulfilled their military obligation.  Fighting for freedom is the most honorable accomplishment a person can achieve.  “Give me Liberty or give me Death” is what a brave man said along time ago.  So, are we going to honor this man called Nathan Hale, or are we going to spit on his grave?  The answer to that question is, yes we will honor that man and any other Veteran of this country.  2 or 3 hundred million of my friends and I are going take our freedom and liberty back.  At least half my employees will be veterans and at least half will be women.
Hillary Clinton proclaimed in the year 2007 if she is elected president, the first thing she would do is take 100 million dollars to find a cure for cancer.  No amount of money is going to accomplish that task, but I know something that will.  Stop ingesting and breathing poison.  It is time to legalize hemp and get rid of what is killing us.  Make products and buildings of all kinds, using natural materials.  Yes, you guessed it, hemp makes the best products such as plywood, sub flooring, carpeting, support beams, roof shingles, fire resistant insulating board, tires, and replace anything else that is currently using fossil fuel,  with the people and soil friendly, hemp.                                                                             Over 90% pregnant women in this country have insecticide in their blood.  Quit spraying 127 million pounds of chemical pesticides on our yards to end up in the drinking water, stop putting fluoride in tooth paste and in drinking water, and don’t consume food that has been micro-waved.  Monsanto has a free ticket to dump GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS in the food we consume and the food that is feed to our livestock.    China does not allow GMOs in their food. China has fewer political prisoners than the U.S.                                                                             By legalizing hemp, the livestock can eat the most nutritious food on earth with no harmful chemicals.  85% of our corn, 91% of soy, and 88% of cottonseed have GMOs for consumption.  Stop breathing and eating chemicals and oil.   It is wrapped around and in our food.
Abe Lincoln used hemp lamp oil as did 90% of the world. It burnt cleaner and brighter than it’s closet competitor, whale oil, and it won’t give you a headache like kerosene will.
Just about everybody knows Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine.  What most people are not aware of is, that engine was made to run on vegetable oil, not dirty rotten diesel fuel.       Top Cat