The Hydrogen Economy is here

In response to Bill Freemyer and others. I lied, when I stated, about the last letter concerning hemp and hydrogen.  I did so, to bring another letter responder with great substance. It worked very well. The truth is, I’ll write letters concerning love, health, and bringing forth a plan to fix our problems twice a month until the cronies have run me down like a dog. The Coffee Amici meeting with the editor Saturday was a very enlightening event. I had three college educated men with different backgrounds served to say words of encouragement and to say what I intend on doing is dead in the water. Scott pointed to a glass of water, and said, “There is enough energy in that little amount of HHO to power a building.” Truer words were never spoken. Having these three cool cats knocking me down on several statements which I believed to be true, sent me back to my research mode. My favorite of all responders, sat there like a church mouse for at least 45 minutes, nodding yes whenever Scott said something and nodding no when I said something. He finally stated who he was and said the following, “The song remains the same, the book and the movie that was promised have not materialized. Hemp is not legal, you have not provided any energy to National Lime and Stone, what you have is no more than a pipe dream, the hydrogen economy is not here, and that there is rule that you are attempting to go against.” The first basic law of thermodynamics, cites you can’t get something from nothing. That statement would be true if we have to draw more power from a vehicles alternator to power the Hydrogen cell. The alternator puts outs more power than is ever needed. Guest What? The Hydrogen economy is now here, it only took 43 years to arrive.  I truly believe we will invent and invest our way out of our three crises, which are, climate changes from burning fossil fuels, no direction, and no plan to prevent the dollar collapse.  Terry Cook