It’s Time To Make This Happen

All drag racing sanctions, all HOG and ABATE chapters, and all Christian motorcycle associations, have the opportunity to join a great positive movement aiming at education, communication, and sending us to a place we’ve not been before. Capping metal guards is my # 1 mission for today.  When a member of the above mentioned clubs call to get a free brochure or order any product from Miss Patricia Riley and say, the code name “Pro Fuel Harley- your club name and #”,  your club gets a check from Pat’s people to the tune of 20% of the purchase price.  When all drag strip guard rails in your state have been made safe, your club will be getting the entire 30% off on all MDR products as long as I’m alive to see it.  I do not wish to die a broken man like Jack Herer.  He did not live to see all his people freed from prison or jail from braking political marijuana laws.  I do not wish to fall short on any of my goals, and I believe we have what to takes to make all these good things happen.  This agreement is the first of it’s kind.  To generate revenue by (purchasing power), by buying products our bodies need for good health while progressing in a positive direction.  Your Brother, Ex U.S. Marine, Terry Cook

I’m ready to debate with anybody, any where, any time on what must be done

Hemp in conjunction with wind, solar, hydrogen, tidal and hydroelectric power is the answer to saving our planet from destruction.  Marijuana and hemp are the two most important plants on earth.  They are the answer to preventing cancer, reversing the Greenhouse Effect, the drug problem, over populated prisons, stamping out world hunger, and preventing a total collapse of the dollar, which most Americans are convinced is going to happen if we continue on our present coarse.  That is why greed has completely taken over.

When we legalize hemp and marijuana, we will be able to progress in a positive direction, thus ending our downward spiral.  Hemp is # 1 in maintaining the health in all creators and in the soil’s ability to become and remain fertile without chemicals.  Flooding will be reduced because of the soil’s ability to absorb rain water. Cotton uses 1% of our farmland but it consumes half our toxic chemicals to grow.  Hemp requires no chemicals.  Would it be nice to have all paints, PVC cleaner and glue, food and drink containers, motor vehicle fuel, building materials, cleaning solvents, livestock and human food, carpeting, and the clothes you wear, toxic and poison free?                               It’s time to end one of the biggest scams our country has ever been paid off to do.  The 1961 Single Convention Treaty was another example of the rulers controlling marijuana and hemp.  Does anybody know how many 100s of billions of American tax payer’s dollars went to and are currently being shelled out to bribe 67 countries to do everything possible to wipe hemp off the face of the earth.  That is an act of tyranny to the highest degree and the people that made and make it possible should be strung up.

I’ll put 1 million people to work every year for the next twenty years in hemp and hydrogen businesses.   Both are trillion dollar a year industries.  All I need to accomplish that task is  a few investing partners and a 102 billion dollar 4 year loan.  2 billion for each of our fifty states and two billion for the 7 provinces.  Each state will have an equal chance to advance their economy to unlimited heights in a green manner.  Visit my web site for the information on the 17 green divisions at  Terry Cook  Findlay, Ohio

It’s time to cap all metal guard rails and make all drag strips bike friendly

I started drag racing my Harleys in 1968.  I never drag raced in a car.  To me, that would be, boring.  The car guys made the strips.  Their out look on being safe for motorcycles, is that if you don’t like it, don’t race.  Twenty years ago Russ Dean (National Counsel of the N.H.R.A.) and  Robert Leonard of (Director of the I.H.R.A) granted me permission to cap the metal guard rails on all drag strips.  The conditions were as follows:  The steel cap must be at least 1/2 inch thick and eight inches wide, all sharp edges ground smooth, and totally at my expense.  I accepted those terms and said,  “I’ll be back”. 19 years ago after speaking with hundreds of directors of marketing, I reached a deal with Patricia Riley, CEO of Medical Doctors Research Group offering MDR Fitness Tabs.  Call 1-800-MDR-TABS and say the code name PRO FUEL HARLEY.  They will put back 30% of the purchase price into a fund.  When the fund reaches $100,000.00, they cut us a check to cap a set of metal guard rails or we replace with smooth 3 foot high concrete guard rails in the areas that most of the purchases took place, after Larue, Ohio and New Alexander, Pa.

The other ways we will accomplish this mission, are in the making a movie, action packed videos of motorcycle drag racing, and for every 1/2 million dollar custom made chopper for  women only, we will make at least one drag race track completely safe for motorcycles in her name, and the proceeds coming from my Pro-Fuel song, (Racing Pro-Fuel to the tune, I can’t drive 55).

A year ago, I proclaimed myself to be the leader in three revolutions.  (1) Get our freedom and liberty back, (2) Reverse global warming, and (3) Stamp out world hunger.  So making all drag strips safe for motorcycles is basically our easiest task to perform.  It will be accomplished by education, communication, team work, and purchasing power, not from donations.

In motorcycle drag racing, you can build a bike with the finest frame and most powerful engine, having the best racer on board, but your performance is only as good as the fuel you feed the engine.  The same is true with our bodies, so call 1-800-MDR-TABS, say the code name pro fuel harley, then ask for MDR’s free brochure on all of their products and buy some of the finest fuel there is for your body and mind while turning our hobby into a motor sport.     Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

To: Russ Wright and Loren Pace

Russ Wright’s letter (May 4) to Loren Pace was one with shared views by millions, including myself. I treasure the letters of encouragement, but I also look forward to opposing views.  Several years ago, my wife woke me up the Wednesday before Christmas to say,  “You better get up, you got your Christmas gift you been waiting for.  James H Miller says, “You don’t know what your talking about.”  I sprang out of bed and said, “ALL-RIGHT!”  I love to be told, you can’t do that, it’s never been done before, if it could, it would have already been accomplished by the rich and powerful.  In response to Doctor Pace;  Take heed to Russ’s letter, and please read the books, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, by Jack Herer and Internal Combustion, by Edwin Black and pick up a Scienctific American Magazine, National Geographic, or Prevention Magazine.  I know you have the time. That will enable you the ability to come back with a letter of substance.

I believe adventure is the spice of life.  It also makes for a good book, movie, and reality show.  47 years ago, my life time goal was set.  To someday become the builder of the Rolls-Royce of a custom motorcycle, made for only the rich and famous, has brought me to a place where nobody is, has been, or will ever be.  I have taken on goals that others deemed completely impossible to accomplish.  I truly believe, all that I have set out to do, will happen.  35 years ago, I knew we would run pressurized or hemp fuel in my choppers and in all our engines. Twenty years ago I was granted permission to install a metal cap on all metal rails on all drag strips.   For as long as a man, has the strength to dream, he can redeem his soul, and fly.  Deep in my heart, there is a trembling question, still I am sure, that the answer, answer is going to come, some how.  Go on youtube to get Elvis Presley’s song, “If I Can Dream”.  That is my movie’s theme song.  Terry Cook

Near To The Turning Point

We are currently in a crucial turning point, so close to being at the point of no return, which must be immediately addressed. The reason we are in this situation is because of four of the most cruel and despotic tyrants, that waged a war on the farmers and all future generations. William Randolph Hearst, Pierre DuPont, Harry Anslinger, and the Andrew Mellon Bank of PA. They bought the federal law against the most important plants on earth, Hemp and Marijuana. They are responsible for 80% of the toxic pollution currently in our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans and the removal of 80% of our forests. If hemp would not have been made illegal, that pollution would have never been produced, our depleted forestry would never have been, and we would not be facing climate change and the ruin of our earth. In the name of profit for a few, has brought destruction of the world unless we act now. Use the coal that is setting above ground and leave the rest in the ground. Use the oil that is being stored in the above ground containers and leave the rest. We must close these chapters.
President Obama is strongly backing natural gas as a clean energy source. The EPA have given drillers two more years to employ technology to reduce emissions of smog-and soot forming pollutants. Guest what people!? NATURAL GAS IS NOT CLEAN ENERGY!!! Is the EPA stupid as well, or are they being paid off? What other reason could there be? I think we need a congressional investigation. I will go head to head with anybody in a national debate any time, any where, on what is clean energy, and what’s not.
For about $500.00, anybody, can go online to purchase a hydrogen generator to use in the garage, in a truck, or car to increase fuel mileage 20 to 50% or more while making the exhaust gases 90% cleaner. Terry Cook Findlay, Ohio