It’s time to make good things happen in this country

Uruguay is going to pot if they can get 60% of the people in the polls to say yes to complete legalization of marijuana. That’ll be no walk in the park. Do you think the true rulers are going to let that happen? No. When you legalize marijuana, you automatically make hemp legal. They project at least $30 million a year profit in the Mary-Jane business, not to forget the yearly income of a 1/2 billion in the hemp industry. To this day, the lame people that control our country have grossly misinformed and paid off voting citizens to kept the merry-go-round spinning in its’ path of destruction and corruption. This 100 year practice has produced at least 8,000 citizens enjoying a $125,000,000.00 yearly income in the U.S. based on the harmful use of toxic substances to be used for energy, paper, and products creating sickness and death served to trash this earth in the name of profit for a few. We are so near to the point of no return. If the world does not change to a positive direction soon, we will have turned a beautiful earth into a piece of garbage in the name of progress and stupidity, their progress and our stupidity.
Hemp and hydrogen is the answer. We need not one more drop of oil or one more shovel of coal for anything. People have asked me. “What about the people in the business of oil, cotton, dangerous and toxic chemicals? They’ll  be out of work.”                                         All those businesses will have the opportunity, after hemp is legal, to convert to green practices making green products. If they choose not to, then they will some day be out of luck.
All I need to progress to the next step, is several  investing partners to launch 17 divisions of green products made, transported and used in a green way in the self-sufficient industry, coming very soon.
Half of Brothers Choppers’ employees will be women and the other half will be veterans of our Armed Forces. Nobody, including owners, stockholders, and partners will make more than $250,000.00 a year, products made in all states. Terry Cook