The World Bank

The World Bank has for along time and is currently using 94% of their assets to finance fossil fuels and 6% to finance wind and solar energy. They are financing our world to destruction, they know that and they don’t care. The U.S. Pentagon has issued statements that proclaims our greatest priority is not fighting for honor, to manage our will on the world, fighting terrorism, or to fight for the right of freedom. Our #1 War, at this time in history, is to SURVIVE! What we have done to the world and what we are continually doing. To completely trash the earth in the name of progress is as stupid as the people that have allowed this to happen.
In my last letter, I referred to Pat Robertson, as holier than thou. That was a cheap shot on a honorable and fine man. For that, I apologize. I had several of my Christian brothers tell me, that I crossed the line. Sometimes, I say things to get attention or to wake people up. Well, here we go, Pat Robertson, all your followers and all believers of God. I believe I was put on this earth to enlighten and to create a positive impact. Without a plan to turn to a new positive direction, we are sunk in the stinking water that was brought forth by the cronies for the last 100 years. Our plan will launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry. Review This plan is not only the fairest for all 50 states, but it is the only idea of making a new direction come about. Greed does not have a chance to rule us any more.

“Just Label It” is a very important book and cause. This is a perfect place to start.  The people of this country are going to demand that labels in all human and animal foods be labeled, GMOs or NO GMOs.  What’s so hard about that.  The cool people promoting good and wise choices, are being outspend by hundreds of times.  So, are we going to allow the poison people to have their way, for the next hundred years?  Or, are we going to pull ourselves out of the modern day dark ages?

A year ago, I proclaimed myself to be the leader in four revolutions, which are:  Get our Freedom and Liberty Back, Reverse Global Warming, Stamp out world Hunger, and cap metal guard rails at All drag strips.  So why am I in this position?  Well, here are the answers.  Somebodies got to do it, no one else wants to do it, nobody else has the confidence, courage, and fortitude, and nobody on this brown earth has a plan that has no place for the greedy gluttons to suck the life out of it. So, until somebody taps me on the shoulder as says, “they are the new leader,” I am stuck with the job that pays nothing and could very easily be wiped off the face of this dirty earth in one swoop.                             The word (self-sufficient), is the most powerful word in the act of driving a wooden stake in the heart of the rulers.  Hemp composite water towers and hemp manufactured products in general, along with hydrogen are going to save our future generation’s world.
Ex-Marine, Served 2 tours of Viet Nam, Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio