The Time For Change Is Now

Response to Dec 5, William Stock. If you believe there is no difference in being high on booze, cocaine, or any other mind altering substance, than having THC in your body. You have a screw loose or maybe you’re just a product of a formal education that says, “Pot leads to death and is against God’s law.”
Response to Dec 5, Mark Haggard. I am on a mission of Love and Good. You are on a mission of stupidity. To use Hitler and me in the same sentence bears out the extreme of your ignorance. The educated know it alls have served to trash this earth in the name of prosperity for a few.                                                                                                            Lack of sleep and lack of illuminated stop signs have caused more agony, misery, and death in traffic accidents than pot has ever in any way, shape, or form in 10,000 years of use. It appears your solution is to burn all underground books and not allow anybody to enlighten the misinformed masses. If you believe oil and coal is the answer for energy, you fit in the grossly misinformed group of Americans.                                                                  I don’t know more than all the highly educated scientists, engineers, and trouble shooters in this country.  I do know enough to create a positve impact.  I have already accomplished more than an army of economists. I have a plan that will serve to turn our country to a positive direction in the industry of being self-sufficient. A plan that is the fairest for all 50 states, that allows us to attack the many problems we have and a plan that will not allow any group of people to shake down the system.                                                                      I plan on appearing on the show “Shark Tank” next spring. Please watch me take on the sharks and anybody else in a debate on what we must do and how we will accomplish the task on hand. Please review Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio