Can’t go there, Cronies say no, not now, maybe when we have to

Kentucky will be growing hemp very soon. Since Ohio is this nation’s most un-green state, we’ll probably be the last state to follow. Why was hemp made illegal? It takes a train load of money to make that happen and keep it that way. Right now, progress is being held in check. In my latest letter I stated, it would be a good idea for our current fossil fuel producers to simply change to using hemp instead oil, and use hemp charcoal instead of coal,  hemp instead of corn to make ethanol, and  hemp for 50,000 other products.
If a factory like Cooper Tire, would like to become a producer of hemp tires and also be a totally green manufacturing facility, not using natural gas for any reason, not using one drop of city water, or use electricity from a coal burning power plant or use fossil products for anything. That would be out of the question. Does any one want to know why? Right now, they can not even talk about such a topic. They and every other factory that has stockholders are being controlled by cronies. Does anybody wish to know how it would be possible for Cooper, Findlay, Ohio to become a green power plant producing hydrogen, by the use of every drop of rain water that lands on Cooper’s property? Nobody wants to know, but I am going to tell you anyway. Buy that old Tarbox quarry with the agreement, National Limestone would also become a green company. Use the power of the wind, sun, and rain water, with the use of several hemp composite water towers. Have one place, that river water can be can go and hang around in times of flooding.
Having a Top Cat Plan in place in all fifty states will introduce positive change. Without that plan, nothing changes. We keep the downward spiral and the total disaster for the future. Terry Cook. Findlay, Ohio

It is time to change directions

Fossil fuel supplies peaked in 2005 and the demand is constantly rising.  Several months ago, I suggested to the Marathon Oil Company, based in Findlay, Ohio to go a far more positive direction.   From being 250th in fossil fuel to # 1 in hemp oil and fuel.  I stated, that no Marathon employee need to change offices or job description, but I must warn all employees not to say a single word about what I have said while at work.  You will most likely loose your job, this year, but not in the near future.                                                                   I wish every one to know, the hemp industries and the sun & wind hydrogen economy are coming very soon.  The average U.S. citizen is completely unaware of the simple truth about where we must go, how we will get there, and why is it taking so long.  If you wish to also know the truth, please read “Internal Combustion” by Edwin Black and “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer.  In those books, Edwin and Jack state a fact, that most do not believe.   The average American spends 80% of their pay check for energy.  Electricity, energy to heat your home, water, and food.  Transportation for you, and the production and transportation of all products you need and use.  By having a Brothers Choppers with 17 divisions of green products in each state, producing over 50,000 products made from hemp, will not only save our country and earth from disaster economically and environmentally, but it will save billions of gallons of fuel, the transportation of products need not cross state lines especially across the country.  There are several ways to enhance the economy of a country and it’s people.  Make more money or spend less.  So when you can save a big part of your paycheck, because you produce your own energy, buying green products ( made, transported, and used) and are contributors to society in the process, these are good things.  Review to know what is happening and  know there is hope for the future.  Let us end the 140 year rule of greed, tyranny, and bigotry.  Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio