A Thomas Jefferson Quote

A Thomas Jefferson quote appeared in last Thursday’s Courier View point page. “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” The cronies must have had a meeting and decided, that sounds like a good idea. The first thing they had to do was, blow President Kennedy’s brains out in public. He was in the process of bringing the hemp industry back, legalizing all cannabis products, and never have another war especially a Vietnam War.
The rest is public history, we not only spend too many years in a senseless conflict but later go to war for oil.
All our founding fathers shared one ideal. All Americans whether, rich, poor, highly educated, ignorant, black, white, yellow, or red are responsible for their own consciousness. So why did we have our nation’s longest and most costly war? A war with more tyranny over the mind of man. Laying down over 14 million years of imprisonment in the War on Drugs. A thousand Americans die every year from all combined illegal drugs but more than 100 thousand die from pharmaceutical or legal drugs. So should not legal drugs be made illegal? Or does the present system allow for population control over the common man. We are the world’s most controlled, manipulated, and don’t have a clue. GMOs and cigarettes are the perfect example. Take the poisons being stored in warehouses and put them in our food and the already most deadly habit. Only in a American, land of opportunity.
Bob Hope, Jack Kennedy, and I have the same birthday, May 29. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

It’s time to cut the one grass leaf in half

I simply can not go by without a response to Joe Tibbe’s May 15, 2013 profound statements.  Joe says, “685 ppm of CO2s is like a football field with one leaf of grass.”  I say, ” we must cut that grass leaf in half to survive on this planet.”  We must get back to 350 ppm of CO2s in order to reverse global warming. To say 685 ppm could not possibly harm us is like saying GMO,s can’t possibly cause us harm. The people that work for Monsanto, don’t eat GMOs, they know better. Smart people don’t eat cattle that have been corn feed their whole life even thou they have been told, that can’t possibly do harm to our bodies. Joe Tebbe’s philosophy on CO2s could launch a new career in speaking. He would not have a problem packing the Winebrenner’s Auditorium with a speech on, it is foolish to worry about global warming. I would like to debate with Mr. Tebbe or any body else on that subject in front of the whole world.  It would not be difficult to make anybody with that view point look very foolish.
Many environmental scientists believe we are toast. Their belief is that the cronies’ rule for the last 100 years has made it impossible to fix what they have done. I am amongst the very few that believe we have a chance to reverse global warming. That is because I am the only person on earth with a plan to do so. Without a plan we are indeed toast. The answer to pulling off what I have stated we must do, is launching the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry. If you think those industries will never come about. Hide and watch. Right now, we have no options, but in the near future we will. We will be able to say no  to fossil fuels of all kinds, while wondering why did it take so long. Terry Cook, Findlay,Ohio

The Choice is coming and the cronies can’t stop it

Ohio should have cannabis legalization and the first stage of GMO labeling on all food next year. We are being outspent 100 to 1 on making that happen. The top baby formula producers refuse to quit using GMOs.  In one year, hemp will be completely legal in all states.  In the next two years all Americans will have the choice of using fossil fuel products or just say no to trashing the world, and go with hemp products.
I am asking all health teachers to pass on this information. Shelled hemp seeds or hemp hearts and hemp oil are the world‘s # 1, health food. They enhance the function of all organs and help maintain the immune system better than any other grown food. One tablespoon of hemp hearts offers more protein than a 12 oz steak, but it is a better protein that your body utilizes much easier with better results.
The next subjects of importance are mother’s milk and zinc gluconate.  Breast feeding gives your child a jump start in all body functions including the immune system.  If you are not drinking mother’s milk, you may consume hemp oil and seeds for a lot of the same benefits. All cells in the human body need zinc to reproduce, without zinc, that function is completely shut down.  Most students are deficient in zinc. The results, are poor ability to concentrate, focus, and read.  Adult men lacking in zinc are many times more likely to have prostate problems.  Chromium Picolinate is very important in supporting healthy blood sugar. Stay away from corn fructose.  Throw away old food, including mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise to prevent pancreatic cancer. Stay away from Round-Up. It causes more than 20 diseases.
We will have choices to make in the very near future. Every product and service will offer the option to go green in every way including purchasing in your own state. This will be made to happen. www.thetopcatplan.com. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio