Know the truth and do something about it

In response to Stacey Powers, Tuesday, July 30. Before it becomes a rule that you can’t use the name God. I am going to use the Lord’s name for the second time in eighty some letters I have submitted. Whether you believe in God or not. We are stewards of this earth. We did not mean to, but we have allowed greed and irresponsibility to rule us the last 140 years. We have the opportunity to reverse global warming by saying goodbye to fossil fuel. No body needs to feel threatened because of change, especially if it is for the good of mankind’s future. I can put every coal miner to work in better jobs. Nothing needs to be invented to make our fuel out of hemp and use hydrogen in countless ways. Religious people are very cool, living with hope and good in their hearts, but I have had several tell me what I say is the truth, but there is not anything any body can do to change it and we trust the Lord to save the world. I trust He might magically say to his people some day, “Hey, I am not going to do everything, you messed it up.”
Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

Sen Rob Portman and the Shark Tank Show

I e-mailed Ohio Senator Rob Portman last week. I discovered he is a lot like Rand Paul. They are all for fossil fuel. I am against the use of any fossil fuel completely. Most believe we have no choice. Using the power of the sun and wind with hemp and hydrogen are the total answers for replacing all energy needs for a future that stops trashing the world.
I have discovered, the Shark Tank Show is afraid to have me on their show. They are afraid I will make them look like fools, which I will, if they take the stand that we must stay committed to natural gas, coal, and oil for energy dependence. My proposals will put and keep 20 million people to work in green jobs. I can put a million citizens to work a year and additional 1 million every year for the next twenty. We will not need to outlaw the use of fossil fuels. Hemp fuel and hydrogen will serve to force the gasoline and diesel fuel makers to change, to use hemp to make the finest fuel and lubricate. That is why hemp was and is illegal in the United States but not in other countries. The United States are #1 in the most political prisoners imprisoned and amongst the top three in corruption. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act

The viewpoint page in Monday’s Courier had Senator Portman proclaiming that a real  American energy plan can help bring back jobs. Senator Jeanne Shaheen from New Hampshire, joined by Portman, and others will introduce the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act. What a concept!!!  Why did it take so long?  Why is hemp still illegal to grow?  Why was it ever made illegal?  It’s very simple folks.
I have the plan that will make this very needed Act work very well in all fifty states and we won’t have the rulers sucking it dry. I am demanding to be present in the meetings of the making of the most important act to save the world from destruction. The Top Cat Plan is the original and only idea to address the modern day dark age we have been living under for more than a century. We have the opportunity to become a leader in the most positive direction in the history of the world while using our founding father’s ideas on what makes a truly free of tyranny country. I plan on attending the next Coffee Amci Saturday morning gathering of the writers and friends that are concerned that may have comments, suggestions, and questions or just come and be enlightened. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

We are going green because it is time

Most climate experts have concluded, it is no longer a matter of if, but when. We will have two hundred miles of shore taken by the ocean because of the time it took us to take measures that will send us where we should have gone when Abe Lincoln was a young man. The fuel cell technology was invented and offered to the world, but we said no, because we have oil. That was the beginning of our modern day dark age. Most believe it is completely impossible to change to a better direction. A lot of people don’t get it. It is not a matter of what we would like to see happen, but a fact that we must make a drastic change in many lifestyles or go down as the most pitiful bunch of humans in history. Stop buying livestock products that are not raised in a green manner while coming to market shock full of GMOs. Do not purchase any food without a tag saying pesticide and GMO free. It is time to outlaw the Keystone XL Pipeline, Natural Gas fracking, plastic, along with all items made from fossil fuel. When land is cleared of trees for what ever reason. Plant hemp, for many good reasons. Hemp makes far better products. Out produces paper products 4.1 times without producing poison. Is more sufficient in absorbing CO2s while making the soil better.
The hydrogen economy and the hemp industry are going to be trillion dollar empires that will not be controlled by the rulers. That is the main reason it took so long to get to where we must go. Please review Go to the category Energy. It has the seventeen divisions that will serve to launch us to a greener future than most ever dreamed of. We will supply the equipment and technology to become self sufficient thus enhancing the economy of hundreds of millions and creating green jobs in all fifty states. Nothing needs to be invented to make this new beginning.  Terry Cook Findlay, Ohio