The ruler’s hey days are numbered

We have a system of rules that have become unproductively complex making it impossible for governing bodies to react to changes that must be made. I have just defined Congress.
In order to stop our downward spiral, (which most believe impossible to do), we must launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry in all fifty states equally and fairly. The 8,000 Americans making more than $125 million a year will be totally against it. The common people will become richer and the wealthy will not be enjoying annual increases because of the fact we have 200 million DGAs coming soon to America, land of the free again also soon. Distributed Generation Association members are the coolest people on earth. They’re very few, now. The revolutionary movement to become self-sufficient is the answer to surviving the hard times coming.
The average citizen will have the opportunity to become a DGA. They do not have electric or natural gas bills and the water bill is very small.  They are no longer users of fossil fuel of any kind for any purpose. They put out no green house gases while being contributors of society in many ways. They have green products for sale. Green electricity, hydrogen, oxygen, pure water, organic food, and herbs. When you have love, health, and a bright future, you are rich in life, while not sitting on a pile of money.
The greedy rulers have had their hey day lasting over 100 years. Now it is time to bring back “Hemp For Victory”. In 1942 we were in a war to survive. Now we are in a bigger more complex war brought on by greed. The hemp industry will bring more good jobs than all fossil fuel employment has ever brought while not trashing the world. Any questions? and please review Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

A wake up letter

In response to Jim Snyder’s August 3 letter. My wife woke me up earlier than I like on a Saturday saying, “you have to read this letter from some guy from Minn.”  After reading his exuberant annalistic view of my messages, I was compelled to immediately reply to his observations and suggestions. Jane said, “Oh no, wait for all the other replies that are bound to come forth.” I said, “You must be crazy to think any body would render their name to be associated with my mission to take on the rulers.” Jim’s letter has served to stir up several different cans of worms. One is that I am approaching a writer’s syndicate based in Washington D.C. to allow my views to appear in most newspapers in this country. The main difference between myself and all other writers, is that I have the plan to attack our problems, stop our downward spiral, and head in the most positive direction ever. A way of life we should have headed 140 years ago, that would have prevented 80% of the pollution settled at the bottom of all water ways including the Ocean.
Mr. Snyder, I do not know who shot President Kennedy. But I do know why. That’s another story for another day. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

And the sign said

4 years ago I had members of the mayor’s office laughing and saying, “Not in our lifetime.”  After I proclaimed, the city of Findlay must outlaw diesel trucks on Main St and in the city limits.  There is no excuse for the current administration, not to put the signs up for all truckers to know they must stay on truck routes and issue tickets with fines to the trucking companies that fail to comply.  Fostoria started doing that in the sixties.  One of the purposes of building a four lane Co Rd 99 was to be able to accommodate the diesel trucks out of the city limits.  Guess what?  Diesel fumes cause cancer along with many other breathing illnesses.  I approached most truck service companies in this town to begin installing hydrogen generators on all trucks and cars to burn at least 90% of what is usually exhausted into the air, while increasing fuel mileage, producing more power, while lowering engine heat.  This procedure does not go against any factory engine warranty.  In the next year that technology will be an option on all new cars and trucks and will be mandatory on all vehicles manufactured beginning in the year 2015.  I informed these garages of all these facts and yet there is no garage in this town that offers that service.  So until we have hemp gasoline, hemp diesel fuel, and hydrogen available every where, there is this technology  for all to take advantage of.

Findlay is an un-green city

In response to Bob McDonald from Napoleon, Ohio. He came to enjoy the Rib Off and the Car-toons Car Show and was very astonished, from the sight of over flowing little trash barrels stuffed with cans and plastic with no recycling bins any where.. It is only natural for an outsider to be surprised that the local recycling bins were not where they should be.  Bob went on to say, “He could not believe it, recycling is old history.”  I say, “It’s just beginning here.”                                                                                                                                   Ohio is this nation’s #1 most un-green state. Findlay is trying it’s best to become this state’s most un-green city. There is no other Main Street in Ohio that gives its pedestrians, bicyclers, and motorcycle riders a bigger blast of stinky diesel flumes in their faces to suck up. Our priorities are different from the real world. Green is not in our vocabulary. Very few know what a green roof is. Only one school of any kind has a downspout rain water collection system to do its part to prevent flooding and to make an example of what we are supposed to do. No factories here, use downspout water for anything. There were no plans for the new Glenwood, to use rain water for any purpose until I called the head of the Board of Education. I failed to convince the people in charge to use the power of the sun and wind, mainly because we don’t give a hoot, we may some day, I believe miracles do happen some how. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio