It’s time for a national vote

In response to Patrick T. Flinn, Sept 13, 2013 letter to the editor in the Courier, Findlay, Ohio. The founding fathers did not intend for the Republic of the United States to end up a total disaster, but it did. They did not take into account that a Republic run country is controlled by the fifty rich, corrupt greedy bastards that have sucked our system dry and trashed the earth in the process. Education and communication are the two keys for a person or group to progress in a positive direction. The bad side of this fact is, we the common people have been controlled by altered history books and most other ways of communicating for the last 140 years. The good side of this, is that today’s communication technology has made it possible to get the truth out to all brain washed Americans that still believe we must use fossil fuel till it’s gone. Guess what? We don’t need one more drop of oil or one more shovel of coal for anything! That is the whole absolute truth. Does any person, group of engineers, scientists, highly educated know it alls wish to debate on this subject with me?
I think it is time to take our country back on the following issues of importance; (listed in matter of importance). Outlaw Fracking. Do not allow poison to be transported by pipe lines to benefit the wealthy. Total ban on fossil fuel use. Mandatory labeling of GMOs in livestock and human food, return to green agriculture with food & livestock farming,  and finally, legalize hemp and marijuana. All these issues should be voted on by all citizens of all ages in the near future. I have the only plan in the world that makes it possible to pull ourselves out of this situation. Please review Terry Cook