Rose VanWormer wrote a letter saying, “Terry needs to get busy”.

In response to Rose Van Wormer, Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013. I am very busy Rose. I’m not building a co-kart in my garage. I have already built my design chopper in 1970 with an illuminating gas tank which I invented. To this day, I am the only person on earth to have that. We offer options that all other builders have not ever dreamed of. Having my letters to the editor, going to the Coffee Amici gatherings with the editor, and my web site has brought several good people to me. We are designing the world’s most aerodynamic and first fuel-cell tractor and trailer rig, DOT approved. It will be all-wheel drive, able to go at least 1,000 miles between fueling, weigh far less than a diesel engine with a transmission and differential driving axles configuration, the brakes will never wear out, it puts out no green house gases, and the hemp composite body will be absorbing solar energy. Its body design will compete with the new concept Volvo very well, but our trailer design has no competition.
We have the capability of building twin 900 foot high vertical wind turbines able to supply Hancock County with all electrical needs. There is an old saying. “It takes money to make things happen.” All I need to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry in all fifty states is a 102 billion dollar, 4 year loan from our government’s stimulus package to jump start it. After 4 years it will support its self.


In response to Mark Miller, Nov 27.  Hear me now, believe me later Church Mouse.  If I receive my funding for the Top Cat Plan a year before the rest of the States.  That gives Ohio the ability to come from being #1 most un-green State, to the Most Green of all States within five years.

I will be meeting with the Farm Agency with an enlightenment presentation.  All farmers are invited.  Our President can go to a record high, with a good Farm Bill.

We are not going to be fools forever

The ethanol disaster is not commonly know in this country. 15 million more acres of corn planted in 2012 with the fertilizer it takes has created large dead zones in the rivers, lakes, and oceans. An acre of corn produces 400 gals of a fuel that must be mixed with fossil oil to burn. Plus they are using natural gas to manufacture this trash fuel, which they planned on converting to coal after the price of natural gas goes up because of the many law suits for trashed well water and increased cases of cancer from fracking.

If they would have planted hemp that renders 1,450 gals of green fuel instead of corn, thousands of fishermen would still have a job and we would be eating healthier fish.
After hemp is legal again, we will be able to phase out fossil fuel use to the tune of a 20% reduction for the next five years. Fossil fuel use and pulling box shaped Flintstone era trailers are going to be past history subjects.
I can’t believe I seen in the Courier where a grain company is converting to natural gas to fuel their trucks. That will prove to be a foolish move. Good for the truck garages that have to rebuild the engines far more frequently. Good for the people selling you the un-green fuel. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Who ever called the shots on that change to disaster wasn’t using their head or simply was taking in by what was told to them by the three trillion dollar energy empire that has managed to acquire over 500 billion tax payers dollars to go find it and keep the cost down. Yes, we can take great comfort in knowing we are not the only country to be taken in and ruled resulting in a trashed earth.

In the near future, smart people will be using the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water to make hydrogen for heat, generate electricity, and fuel all internal combustion engines or enhance hemp fuel.  The plan to supply the technology and equipment to all is in the category ENERGY at






I am ready to accept my prize for introducing the most aerodynamic trailer body design

Response to Brian Smith Nov 13. I rode my stretched out chopper up to Jerry Solt’s garage on Taylor and Center Street, Findlay, Ohio, in 1970. Jerry had a college degree in structural engineering and aerodynamics which enabled him to make a living building the fastest go-carts in this country. I asked Jerry, “If I take my custom stretch gas tank that is on my scooter, turn it around backwards, would not that be the most aerodynamic trailer body design in the world?” His answer to me was.  “If you turn your tank around it would be wedging through the air, but if you turn it back forward and don’t bring the rear to a point but angle it off. You would not only have the most stylish trailer body design but it is no doubt the most aerodynamic.”  I thanked him for his professional insight. I told him I would wait for the right time to come out public with my designs and ideas. We have come to that day. I e-mailed the DOT, Vise President Biden, and the EPA introducing my trailer design to be by far the most aerodynamic but also, we have the technology to enhance the environmental driving vehicle’s speed and distance. So we will have a trailer that can pull its own weight in certain applications.  Over the decades people have asked me if I have patents on what I have. If I would have patented these designs and ideas back in the 70’s. It would have been the wrong time and all those patents would have expired. By waiting to give the world my designs and technology has truly brought me a place that has no limits. I am not running all my internal combustion engines on hydrogen and hemp fuel yet. But I will be soon. Terry Cook

I e-mailed the Governor of Ohio and Caroline Little, Chief Executive of the National Newspaper Association

I have the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry in every state. I am asking the Governor of this nation’s #1 most un-green state, to be the first governor to fully endorse my plan. Please review what I have in it’s entirety. I would like to meet with you and your people privately or televised. I would be honored to give you and the T.V. viewers an enlightenment presentation. Having my lifetime goal set in 1965 to some day become the builder of the Rolls-Royce of a custom motorcycle has brought me to a place where no one has ever, is, or will ever be. I am in competition with nobody in all that I have. We have the power to pull ourselves out of the deepest hole and fastest downward spiral in our history. Respectively yours, Terry Cook. ex-Marine 65-69, two years in Vietnam 66-68, three months a prisoner of war.

I e-mailed this message to our Governor two weeks ago. I did get a reply from one of his reader responders, to say he couldn’t find any plan and asked, “what does building 1/2 million dollar custom choppers for women only, have to do with anything?” He then thanked me for serving our country.

To answer his question, to build a hand made, masterpiece work of art, in a mind blowing chopper for famous ladies with options all other builders have not ever dreamed of is just one of my 17 divisions of green products to be made and used in a green manner. All of our internal combustion engines will be equipped with a hydrogen generator and be running on hemp fuel. So I e-mailed the governor back to say, “go to the category Energy to get my plan.” I have not received a reply from the Governor of Ohio or from Caroline Little, chief executive of the National Newspaper Association, asking her why does a country that has always had freedom of speech live in a modern day dark age? That answer is so simple. The rich have their stock in fossil fuel and poison chemicals. Hear me now, and believe me later. Soon, smart people will be pulling out of fossil fuel and go green. Which we should have done a long time ago. My plan makes it easy