A little old lady called me a kook

Retailers are disappointed this Christmas season. That can not be a surprise. We are in our nation’s most severe downward spiral with no end in sight. If we ever hit  bottom, nobody knows where we go from there. I have the only plan to stop the spiral and send us in the most positive direction ever. www.thetopcatplan.com launches the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry. Two trillion dollar industries along with many billion dollar enter prizes such as the fuel cell motorcycle, car, and trucks of all sizes accompanied with the most aerodynamic trailer, green roof tops that supply clean water, heat, cooling, electricity, and food for the buildings while sending no downspout water to the river during times of flooding, environmental fueling stations, supplying the common man with the equipment to make their own energy, hemp char-coalizing stations every 10 miles on the tracks that lead to the ex-coal burning power plant, our own designed manure processor system that does not strip the nutrients while taking the fuel out, and the best designed vertical wind turbines. We have a million roof tops waiting to be had.  Three million dollars would give the MARATHON building in Findlay, Ohio a today’s technology green roof.  Able to retain 12 inches of rain water when the system is 1/2 full.  10′ high hemp-crete poured walls with a hemp composite cistern lid accompanied with four hemp composite water towers with vertical wind turbines mounted on top.
An elderly lady called, to ask why, if hemp and marijuana do so many good things, why has not somebody got on the band wagon and capitalized? I told her the rulers have kept it that way resulting in living in a modern day dark age. She then referred to me has a kook, then said nobody wants to change, I am just one drummer with one hand beating on one drum and getting no where, and I should find something else to write about. I told her I have taken on the most important tasks that must be concurred. To do or write about anything else would be extremely anti-climatic. Terry Kook, Findlay, Ohio

Got thrown out

Oh, what an evening. Listening to the farmers telling how we need help from the government to clean the river and we are still waiting for the Corps of Engineers to come through with a plan. I came to a gathering at Steve Oman’s farm. Got thrown out, not without getting my point across in about 45 seconds while Mr. Oman with his micro-phone trying to drown me out. He did not accomplish his mission, but I certainly did. The point I made in a very short time, was we need to do two things. All buildings will not run the downspout water to the river and all farmers plant hemp. By doing so will cut the amount of rain water going to the river in half.  The solution is that simple folks. In town we need to outlaw all sump pumps from discharging to both the sanitary or storm sewer system. Every house will discharge their sump pump in the yard, pond, collection system, or use the power of the sun and wind to pump it up into your hemp composite water tower, but it does not go to the river. We don’t need one cent from the government, any help from the Corps of Engineers,  leave the mussels alone, don’t mess with it other than pick up the plastic or unwanted debris, and finally plant lots of hemp especially from the creek and river banks out as far as you wish. By doing so, you have  enriched the soil better than anything Monsanto or DuPont poison products can do and the soil once again, has the ability to absorb rain water several times better.
Congressman Robert E. Latta sent me, by E-mail Monday,a thank you note for contacting him with support for H. R. 525 which was introduced by Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) on Feb. 2013 was referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, of which he is a member. The legislation would amend the Controlled Substance Act to exclude hemp from the definition of marijuana. He also said he would kept in mind the points and facts at www.thetopcatplan.com.
I took the opportunity to shake the Congressman’s hand and introduced my self before leaving the Oman farm.
During the discussion, one farmer said, “You can’t change the world.” I disagree.
If the farmers and any one else wish to have me give a enlightenment presentation, it won’t be free any more. It will cost each attending, at least a can good for the hungry or five dollars, going to the City Mission. I will speak to no less than a hundred people and I will put it on You-Tube.  At the end of a 45 minute crash course on where we are going and how we will get there and what positive benefits come with it for the common man not the filthy rich. I will answer any question like Ted Turner used to do, but I won’t know the questions coming.

A meeting with Congressman Robert Latta and farmer friends

Dear Congressman Latta,
I had the privilege of shaking your Father’s hand at my graduation ceremony at Elmwood High School in 1965. He thanked me for enlisting in the Marine Corp, he also said, “especially knowing you are going to Viet Nam, to fight for freedom and liberty first hand. I said, “well I am just following in my Grandfather Edelman’s foot steps. He was a Marine in WW1, left an E-8.
Please review www.thetopcatplan.com. It is the only plan of it’s kind, fairest to all fifty States and 7 Provinces, and absolutely the only to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry. We have two trillion dollar industries plus many billion dollar enter-prizes with products made, transported, and used in a green manner. Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products and services.
My life time goal was set in 1965. To some day become the builder of the Rolls-Royce of a motorcycle built only for women with a base price of ½ million dollars. That famous lady can ride that any where in the world, and every one, at one glace will know, that’s one of those. Hand built with options all other builders have not ever dreamed of. Forty years ago I knew I would run a truly clean fuel in all my engines. Hydrogen and hemp fuel is the answer Robert.
Steve Oman has invited me to attend an hour meeting with you and his friends next Tuesday, with the subject of flooding. Every house hold and farm must keep the downspout water on their property. Is that so hard? Every time it puts down 1 inch of rain, that gives me 600 gals of good water.
I am going to be like a friend I admire. I will be like a church mouse at this upcoming gathering. I have one request. I have one question to you and your people. When will we be able to grow hemp again, like Canada and thirty other Countries? If you and your staff can come up with the answer to that question, I would like for you to tell every one at the meeting the answer at the very end of discussions.
The farmers are the key to so many good things to come. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be proud of us. By bringing in the hemp industry and the hydrogen economy with serve us many ways. One of the end results will be that we will begin getting our freedom and liberty back. That is something we lost when the war on drugs began. I look forward to listening to you and everybody there, and truly look forward to shaking your hand. Respectfully yours, Terry Cook

Because the farmers must know

I have offered three times in the last year. A free enlightenment presentation on how uneducated most farmers are today. Is there a farmer, that has read, “The Story of Robert Rodale”, Jeremy Rifkin’s “The Hydrogen Economy, “Internal Combustion by Edwin Black, or “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by the late Jack Herer? How many farmers believe? Using corn for fuel is forever?  Does anyone believe hemp will be legal to grow, resulting in flooding and fertilizer run off at least, be cut in half?
All farmers should pay no more than $1.50 per gal for hemp fuel. Self grown and produced while making payments on the loan to supply the technology and the equipment from me. After equipment is paid for, the cost of hemp fuel will be half that.

If the original and only Brothers Choppers acquires a two billion dollar, four year loan to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry in Ohio a year before bringing forth 17 divisions of green products and services in all fifty States and 7 Provinces. In a years time, all Ohio farmers can be self-sufficient. Having energy, clean water, livestock, and food grown and maintained in a green manner.
There is a saying in drag racing and in all businesses. A race team or a company is only as good has its’ best trouble shooter. I have the 3 finest Harley Nitro crew chiefs and a great trouble shooter in the fields of hydrogen, electricity, and in green farm practices.
Our first product to be marketed, is a very efficient vertical wind turbine in many sizes, usually built in a three unit configuration at a cost of $2,000.00 per KW plus installation. Any questions? www.thetopcatplan.com.

The war against hemp is almost over

A person dies every minute of every day of Cancer. If fracking is allowed to continue for two more years, we will see Cancer double within 5 years and double within another 5 years. Believe me or believe the experts that say, fracking is completely safe for the air, soil, and well water.
When once again, hemp is legal to grow, we will see the powerful chemical and fossil fuel rulers begin a transformation of power from the cronies to the farmers. It does not have to be a slow but sure process. If the Top Cat Plan does not get into full swing. Very little will change for the best, for the future of mankind. We will continue to be ruled as we have in the past 140 years. We are facing the death of a Country. If the www.thetopcatplan.com launches the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry, we will experience the greatest advance to a far more positive direction for the common people, not the greedy gluttons.
I am ready to take on the sharks. As soon as I have been scheduled to be on the Shark Tank Show, all will be informed. I will be astonished if they have me on. They are among-est the many that choose not, to get into a debate with me, on what this nation must do to stop, our downward spiral and record amount of money being pulled from the productive class to the obstructive class.
President Kennedy once said, “The United States, as the world knows will never start a war. We do not want a war, we do not now expect a war, This generation of Americans has already had enough, more than enough, of wars of hate and oppression.”  The war for oil, and against hemp is almost over.  But the War to survive is here.  This could, be our biggest and last.