University of Findlay gets a big dose of toxic poison

FindlayUniversityUniversity Of Findlay accidentally gets a big dose of toxic poison with glyphosate filled Roundup week killer.  That is why we have a picture of the lawn and the joke behind Top Cat’s statement, “Need grass? I got it, dude.

Its nice to be recognized in a community and in a news publication.  Of all the people that have known me over the decades, most look at me as being a hippy, stuck in the sixties, and wants to change the world.  But everybody knows, you can’t do that.  So almost everybody looks at me as being a joke. Trying to do something that can’t be done.  Only billionaires can accomplish such a feat. Since I don’t care to ever make over 1/4 million a year, that’s really funny.  Well folks, the joke is so over!!!  We are in a most serious War to Survive right now, not in the future.   Total phasing out of poison chemicals and fossil fuel will begin this year.  The days of contending with these issues are coming to a close.   The main reason for this is, communication, education, and living in a country that can be taken back by the common man and end the rule of the filthy rich.  My upcoming letters to the editor of The, will be the most intense, straight to the point, and in your face like you have never had before from anyone, on what we must do and how we will do it. And for the people that loved Jim Synder putting me in my place. Nobody loved Jim’s letter more than I.  Bill Smith doesn’t like that the fact I think I know more than the experts.  If an expert proclaims we must use fossil fuel and poison chemicals till there gone, that cannabis is bad for any reason, or that man’s bad habits have nothing to do with the severe weather or drought conditions.  Then yes, indeed, I do know more than them.  Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

The longer we wait, the more it will cost


The International Energy Agency reports, a USD 44 trillion in investment is needed to secure a clean energy future by 2050. That represents a small portion of the GDP and is offset by a over USD 115 trillion in fuel savings.                                                                   The longer we take to act in a responsible and conscientious manner to address what must be done, the more it will cost. 102 billion dollars for thetopcatplan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states is peanuts. Why thetopcatplan? Because it is the only idea that attacks our current downward spiral and makes it possible to end our use of fossil fuels and poison chemicals. Any questions? Top Cat II,
We are taking on 50% investing partners in 17 green divisions in fifty states and 7 provinces. 2 million dollars is the base price. As an investing partner in the original & only Brothers Choppers, you will receive an annual check for $250,000.00 a year for the rest of your life. 1/4 of a million is the maximum pay for co-owners, stock holders, investing partners, engineers, marketers, and trouble shooters. This kept s us competitive with any other business in any part of the world. We won’t have greedy guts sucking our economy dry. Google up hemp composite water towers, that will get our web site, then go to the category ENERGY to get the 17 divisions.

Denial of pot facts is common

On May 15, Jim Synder came forth with the first real challenge on over 90 letters of facts on where we must go, how we will get there, and why has it taken so long. I brought up my military experience to bring to light of just one, out of several millions of great injustices that have occurred because of what should have never been, an illegal substance. There are people who are concerned about injustice in this country, but maybe you are one that is not, mainly because it has a questionable history of illicit use has you have stated.
You make the point that CNN came up with great findings. The fact the mind is altered depending on how many doobies you consume. Wow, I am impressed. There is a basic rule; when you have an action, it will bring a reaction. So why would you think smoking herb would be any different? The question is, was the action good or bad? Doesn’t everything you put in your body alter the brain? I don’t know, I am not a doctor. I am asking everybody to google up Scientific Research and real facts about the Cannabinoids in Cannabis. View the video and you will see how or why I assumed a connection between Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather and Harvard Medical. Take the time to learn more from that 3 hour video than everything you have ever learned on CNN or in your lifetime about the subject of devil weed. Your denial of the facts about cannabis is common in folks that have been lied to and fooled your whole life by the cronies who have ruled for 140 years.
I am a progressive. Progressives take our problems and lessons in life to make a better world. We do not sit in denial like people who ride motorcycles wearing tennis shoes and no gloves who believe they will never wreck, cigarette smokers or up-righteous citizens who believe if you obey all laws and take your pharmaceuticals you will be fine. T.C.

Response to Ralph Mullinger. May 12 thecourier,com

In response to Ralph Mullinger. Personally, I don’t really care about global warming, climate change, or the National Climate Assessment. I have the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industries in all states. Mr. Mullinger states it is cheaper to stay with fossil fuel. I say, “not in the long run.” Making hemp illegal in 1937 took hemp fuel and products out of the picture. Hemp will again be legal within a year in every state. When that happens, hemp fuel and oil with be at least 1/3 cheaper in price that fossil gasoline or diesel fuel. 6% of the land is all it will take, along with the ability for anybody to use the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water to make hydrogen. Within 5 years of buying the equipment and technology to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member, all of the items used in being a DGA will be paid for.
We can’t go on trashing this earth in the name of prosperity for the rich. Never has so much money in the history of the world gone and continue to go from the productive class to the obstructive class.
All poor, middle, and upper middle class people have purpose in life. The filthy rich are not included. Our purpose is to suck up, drink, and eat as much toxic industrial waste products coming from the use of poison chemicals, making paper from trees, and fossil oil. Such as fluoride, dioxin, and agent orange to name a few. The rulers would rather feed it to the livestock and humans than to pay for storage. The most valuable substance on earth is clean drinking water, so why are we fracking this country to pieces in the name of dirty rotten natural gas?
Our current way of doing things are making the rich richer and the poor poorer. We are on the brink of a total financial collapse, thetopcatplan has the ability to bring the haves and have-nots closer, while making more than enough jobs to replace all fossil fuel jobs with green. Top Cat II

Its time for major changes, for the good of all creatures

Hemp char-coal is the answer my friends. I get so many people belly aching over the thought that some day soon, fossil coal will be outlawed to burn. There is no such thing as clean coal or clean natural gas. We have trashed this earth enough already. I will go face to face with the biggest bunch of cronies or the highest paid climatic scientist that believes 600 ppm CO2s in our air is OK in a debate for the world to see on what we must do, how we will do it, and why has it taken so long. We need to get back to 350 ppm CO2s in the air. I have the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states including Wyoming. Thetopcatplan will bring 20 million good green jobs. For ever job lost in fossil fuel, we will have 9 to take their place. Any questions from any body possessing common sense? Top Cat II

Response to James L. Withrow’s letter to the editor in the May 3rd Courier

Thank you so much for a letter with great substance. I really liked many parts of your informative statements, declaring several wars have been concurred by spending billions. Since the totally winning of these wars has come to pass, I would like to bring attention to the four remaining wars that must be dealt with now, before things get a lot worse. End world hunger, stop trashing this earth, put an end to our longest, most senseless, and costly war on drugs, the stopping of our deepest downward spiral, and finally the most important of all wars ever fought, The War To Survive.
Having Mr. Withrow lay down the foundation to end all wars. That would be the spending billions to win. Allow me to tell everybody what will work and what has not. Giving the financial institutions of our country several train loads of money and the oil industry at least ½ a trillion in tax payers’ money to find the oil and kept the price down. These are prime examples of what has not worked. The plan that will bring us hemp composite water towers, the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry, and an economic and environmental growth with no limits, is thetopcatplan.
I defy, James L. Withrow, any one, or group to challenge me in any thing I have stated in 92 letters to the editor or to my solution on what we must do now, before it is past the fixing point. Now, back to my first paragraph. James writes global warming as being a history topic because of the cold winter we had. The billions spent on wind turbines and solar collectors hasn’t put a dent in the situation, but we will be increasing those technologies many thousands of times. We have went from 350 to 400 ppm of CO2s in our air in a short time. We will reach 450 within a decade or sooner, depending how soon we launch what must be done. Any questions? Top Cat II