Response to Don Iliff and David Tharpe

The most important sentence in Don Iliff letter, Aug 15 is,  “It is about making policy breaking the cycle of poverty for future generations.”  Launching the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in all fifty states and 7 provinces is essential.  It is called  For those wishing to see what I look and sound like, view the 27 minute video.
David Tharp’s Aug 15 letter filled with excellent points especially us spending so much on study when we could have addressed a major part of the whole problem with flooding.  The key is to control the rain water going to the river. We should follow suit with the example the new Glenwood School applied.  A rain water collection system to prevent running all the water to the creeks and using what is free after the cost of installation.  The money spent in study could have provided 10% of all parking lots a rain water system that sucks up, retains, and with a valve puts the water to the storm sewer or river.  It should be the responsibility of all building owners to have a downspout retaining system.  When a person buys a wind turbine, solar collectors, or a system that helps flooding problems, they get a 30% tax credit.  For every 1 inch of rain, our house and garage roofs produce 600 gals of water to use any way we wish.  The rest of your letter is filled with lessons we should have learned along the way but have not.  That is why I rank the U.S. as #1 in living in a modern day dark age controlled by the rulers. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

Offer to build half a million dollar custom choppers for The Bangles

I hope this message reaches the greatest band in the world. Please go to Yahoo, type in, the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry. That will get you   I am offering my services to blow the minds of all your fans by building each of you a hand built, work of art, masterpiece of a very lean, light, easy to handle, and immediately recognized as one of those, original Brothers Choppers creations. In 1970 I invented the illuminated gas tank that glows at night, everybody that has seen my chopper at night goes crazy seeing the gas swishing around. Now days we can install a laser light show, laid inside the hemp composite tank shell controlled by computer or musical instrument. We have options all other builders have not ever dreamed of. We only build for famous ladies. I am not interested in ever building any man a scooter. Each of you will have your choice of what drag strip gets the metal guard rails capped or just make that track completely safe for motorcycles. Right now, there is no such thing. I would also like to put you on a 9 inch tire Nitro Harley Pro-Fuel bike to pose on, race in 1/8th mile, and use the video while singing the Pro-Fuel song written by me 20 years ago to make the revenue to cap all metal drag strip drag rails. Three versus of riding Pro-Fuel to the tune, “I Can’t Drive 55”.  That is just one of the ways we are going to make this happen. I take all my acquired missions seriously and truly believe we have the power to accomplish all. I am inviting The Bangles, their fans, and my friends to our next American Motorcycle Racing Association’s drag race event, Sept 27&28th, at our INDY,  Beech Bend Drag Strip, Bowling Green, Ky.  We will be doing many exciting things we have not done before.  Top Cat II