Bring in hemp, say good bye to poison chemicals and fossil fuel

This a response to the article that stated Big Ag is lobbying heavy  for the EPA to allow a 400% increase in using insecticide.   When hemp is legal to grow in this country we will see industrial poison waste by-products like fluoride and dioxin go to the way side. Hemp makes the best insecticide. The cronies that brought you these cancer-causing products know this. So while there is time to push this poison into our environment. They are going to push as hard as their dollars will send them. If they can’t feed it to you or make you drink it, then they can put it all the other deadly chemicals that are being fracked every where they feel like. is the only to get our freedom & liberty back and run this country by the people whose priorities are in the proper place for the betterment of the present and future. Top Cat II

To Dream the Impossible Dream

This is my quest,  To follow that star, No matter how hopeless, No matter how far. To fight for the right, without question or pause. To be willing to march into Hell for a Heavenly cause.  My trouble shooting engineers and I have many causes, not just one.  Right now in history we have the ONLY plan to make a lot of things right.  As Nikola Tesla’s patients are being released by our government.  We are gobbling them up, making it easier for us to accomplish some goals that will stand the self-sufficient industry on it’s ear for the world to take notice of the new direction we are going.  One we should have went 140 years ago.  Any race team or business of any kind lives under a rule.  That rule states. “Any racing organization or manufacturing company is only as good as it’s top trouble shooter”.  We have the best in many categories.

Talk about running where the brave DARE NOT GO.  We are taking on missions people, (some, our friends) have died doing.  I have stated in the past, “Sometimes the greatest ideas can only be accomplished when the time is right.  Our friends that died, coming out with inventions at the wrong time, may have or may not of had the option some inventors have had in the past.  I am speaking of two.  The option to take this money and go live on top of a mountain and do not come back. Choice #2, be buried under the mountain.  Right now the common people know too much..We know it is time to end our senseless War on Drugs, Oil, and being the rulers of this planet.

I will not lay to my peaceful final rest until all of our quests have been conquered.  Stamping out world hunger, get our freedom & liberty back, and wiping drag strip uncapped metal guard rails off the face of this earth, and just as important, tyranny over the minds of man, seizes in all ways.   These are things that must be done.  For the world will be better for this.  Top Cat II

The Pro-Fuel song, written 20 years ago, but waited for the right time

Intro: To have at least 600 horses between your legs, vibrating, pulsating, begging to to used and abused.  Crank that throttle, all Hell breaks loose, creating a blurred adrenaline rush for which you can not thoroughly describe, that’s Pro-Fuel.

2 fingers on the throttle, one on the brake, do a smokey burn out and don’t be late. Got to be cool, got to be quick, get off that line, a lickety split.  At the end of the drum roll.    99% Nitro-Methane will do the trick, ha ha ha ha ha, YEA !!!!

Crank that throttle and here we go, fly like Superman, not high but low.  Pulls like a freight train, good and hard, with an engine built to last 5 miles.  Jump out in front, pull that wheelie, keep on the throttle, good and plenty, you’ve gone ballistic all the way, I Can’t Ride, 55.

We’re fuel injected, got one gear.  When we’re under power, it’s a hard to steer.  Adventure, is the spice of life.  Break that tire loose, feels like, feels like your racing on ice.  It’s OK to get a little squirrel y, but you got to be quick, to get out early.  You’ve gone ballistic all the way, I CAN’T Ride, 55.

I can’t ride 55, I can’t race 65, I can’t drag race 95, and I can’t RIDE !!!, 55

There’s a basic rule while racing two wheels. Twice the thrill, twice the spill.   Ride Pro-Fuel all the way, beat, Jamie Johnny Ziggy, Mike Tony Drums, Steve Arnie, Kris Jim Chris, Dave Red Ray, Michael, and the Furr-Man some day.  Ride Pro-Fuel, Fly real low, get the rush, go cat go.

The revenue produced from this song is going to help the heavenly cause of capping all metal guard rails on all drag strips in this world, also included in my plan.  The marketing of the Medical Doctors Research Group’s Health Products, a book, a movie, many action packed motorcycle drag racing videos, and 10% of the original Brothers Choppers’ net profits, including $100,000.00 for every 1/2 a million dollar custom chopper built for famous ladies.  So come and see history being made in the effort to transform a hobby into a motor-sport with 3 full fields of fuel bikes plus 4 hand built dual engine funny trikes with roll cages with aerodynamic hemp composite roofs, some day in the not to distant future.  After a day of qualifying our motorcycles, we will be performing the Pro-Fuel song Saturday night at the Bowling Green, KY Beech Bend Drag Strip the 26th of Sept, 2015 with Ohio’s #1 biker’s band, the Diesel Rock Band, from Findlay, Ohio,  All will be on You-Tube brought to you by Bill Crusa and his crew of merry men and ladies.  We live in the inn crowd, we go where the inn crowd goes.  That being at the next AMRA Harley Drag Race event the 25-27th at our (Indy), Bowling Green, KY.   Top Cat II