A letter to StoptheDrugWar.org (DRC)

I wish to tell all of your people. You must sleep well knowing you are doing a good job of getting the word out. I sleep very well for many reasons. My latest letter to the President, proclaiming to him, it is the best time in our history to bring back the return of “Hemp for Victory”. It is time to completely cancel out the classification of cannabis from a # 1 controlled substance, changed to be the best food and medicine for feeling and being good physically and mentally. Please have all of your followers review thetopcatplan.com if you wish to ever get one penny from me or my followers for donations to help in your heavenly cause. Does anybody disagree or have any questions? Top Cat II

My response to a respondent on my web site

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am having a good time in my old age knowing, my own eternal fight against all kinds of tyranny over the minds of man beginning in 1968 is coming to the stage where I feel I pack the gear to face any one or group of people to debate on what we must do, how we will do it, and why has it taken so long. Having thetopcatplan.com is bringing me parts to a giant puzzle, making it possible to conquer limitless missions. Right now our team of trouble shooters have the technology to build many great products. One is a vertical wind turbine that puts out 30-45 times more electricity than any propeller type wind mill along with many other inventions to make going green have a much quicker return on the investment. Funding is coming soon. Top Cat II

Oil stocks are taking a major down turn, do you want to know why?

Nov 27, 2013, I proclaimed in my letters to the editor in thecourier.com that investors will begin to pull out of fossil fuel within 1 year. I had one of my most valuable critics responding about my comment with, entitled, “He’s got Cook on the clock” article. How was it possible to be so right, about what so many believed could never happen?  Thetopcatplan.com explains in detail why we must go a far more positive direction. One we should have went along time ago.  Nearly 140 years ago, hemp lamp fuel began to be replaced with kerosene and the fuel cell technology was discovered and rejected by the world with fossil oil being the total answer for energy. That saying no, did not just magically happen. It was made to come about by our present day rulers. Their time in history is coming to a close for many reasons.
Education and communication are the 2 keys that must be in place for any individual or group to progress in a positive direction. Those very important elements were compromised greatly by altering all history books and in any other way possible.  We have grown out of that time in history. Most people now know, we can not continue trashing this earth in the name of prosperity for the ruling cronies.
Here is the factual truth to all of this folks. We don’t need 1 more drop of fossil oil, poison chemicals. pound of uranium, or bucket of dirty rotten coal. I have sent a message to our President yesterday, with this information with my recommendation for his office to declare a return to 1942’s “Hemp for Victory” that came about because of President Roosevelt.  It did not need the voters, Senate, or Congress to do this.  It was the only way to have a chance to win a world war.  Now, this is our only way to win our biggest and most important war. I am talking about the WAR to Survive what we have done and continue to do to in the effort of complete destruction of the earth we live on. I am after running those poison commodities out of business with the launching of the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy. Any questions? Top Cat II

Response to Nov, 25, 2014 Columbus dispatch article on A bad idea

I agree with the entire article.  Abortion will never be overturned in this country but more interesting in the second paragraph is when it is said the the republicans would better serve the public, and win more approval, by focusing on their traditional priorities, such as building a stronger economy and making government work more efficiently.  The absolute best way to put the greatest surge in building a solid foundation in today’s economy is to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in all fifty states at a very cheap launching price of 102 billion dollars.  2 billion for each state and 2 billion for the 7 provinces combined.  It is going to cost at least 44 trillion dollars for our country to adopt a new green energy policy by the year 2030.  That most needed action will serve to bring forth a savings of 117 trillion dollars in energy cost savings because we will no longer be buying fossil fuel from the cronies.

Right now we have 8,000 Americans making more than 125 million dollars a year.  Within 5 years into the hydrogen economy we will see those 8,000 making 125 million yearly transform into 2 million, 200 hundred thousand people making at least 250 thousand a year because of several reasons.  The average wage earner will no longer be spending 80% of their paycheck for energy of some kind.  We will have at least 200 hundred million DGAs (distributed generation association) members making their own green energy in this country along.  That makes for a lot more people having spending money to buy green products instead of giving it to the wealthy rulers.

Please review WeedQuest.com, Education, News, Resources

The first positive change, must be to reclassify

Many climate scientists have proclaimed, we have went past the point of no return, in maintaining no more than a 2 degree increase in our average earth’s temperature.

Here is the most important ingredient in this complex puzzle to make this a better world for the near and far future.  We must switch white sugar and cannabis.  Most people believe, sugar is a food and cannabis is an addictive drug which comes with abuse and has no medical, nutritional, or value of any kind. 6 months ago, Our President proclaimed marijuana to be a vice, like booze and cigarettes.   Are you ready for the truth?  You older people better be sitting down. White sugar is the biggest vice and drug.  Yes we have been brainwashed.  But that’s life.  That is what wealthy rulers have done for 140 some years.  Cannabis classified as a #1 controlled substance is a perfect example.  Sugar has no value, is far more additive than crack cocaine, withdraw not as bad but 10 times more additive, and it is a major cause or link to cancer, and the gateway Drug to alcoholism and obesity killing billions in those 140 years.  All cannabis is the best food on earth, nobody has died from it’s use, it does not bring on abuse, it has more medical and industrial worth than any substance on earth.  The fact, it got in the way of the cronies, is why so many lies became fact in the media making it possible to control the common people.

When we reclassify sugar to be a #1 controlled substance and reclassify marijuana as the best food for health and feeling good mentally and physically.   That will bring on the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy that will save many lives and give everybody the ability to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member that uses no fossil fuel WHILE PUTTING OUT NO GREEN HOUSE GASES. When we have billions of DGAs in this world, we can prove those scientists wrong.  Top Cat II

Please review WeedQuest.com, Education, News, Resources.  Sugar is a waste product-poison-a toxic acid in all forms.  That was the findings at the University of CA, San Francisco, CBS 60 Minutes