It is time to address our War to Survive

Bernie says. We must listen to the climate scientists!!!

Wiser words were NEVER spoken!!! Most of the same scientists believe we are at the point of no return for many reasons. The main reason is, that they know who rules this world, especially our country, or should I say their’s????? The only way we have a chance to get our freedom, liberty, and country back or basically do the impossible, is for all of us to realize we are in a combat situation. Our backs are against the wall. In order to stop our downward spiral, and end our living in a modern day dark age, Bernie Sanders must be our next President. Then immediately, launch the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in all states to make it possible to totally phase out what is killing us. Phase out cutting down trees to make paper, growing cotton, and corn. With glass, cement, steel, aluminum, paints, glues, dynamic, tires, fossil coal, fossil oil and fuel will be revamped to use hemp, instead of fossil oil for melting steel, a long with everything that is being made from fossil oil be coming from industrial hemp. Hemp composite is 10 times stronger than steel or wood, 5 times stronger than aluminum per weight. Centralized electric power will be going to the way side. More and more homes will be making their own electric power. The existing coal power plants will be burning hemp char-coal. Right now, we have more dirty rotten fossil oil laying around, than we know what to do with. I purpose to use that crappy stuff up and replace its use, by using hemp for 50,000 products made in your own state, best fuel, cloth, lubricant, and using green hydrogen (made in your own shop) to replace natural gas. If something happens that Bernie does not become our next President, We are TOAST. The scientists will be completely right, we have allowed those most dastardly acts, and we screwed ourselves in the process. So it is up to us, to right the unrightable wrong, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far, to be willing to march into Hell for one heavenly cause. That is going to take for many of us, to go where the brave dare not go. Nothing needs to be invented to do what I purpose. The results of us doing what must be done, does indeed give us the ability to go green in every way and save our planet. terry cook/ The Bernie Army News

It is the perfect time to elect Sen Bernie Sanders as our next 8 years of Presidency on the Democratic Ticket

Even tho we still get letters to the editor stating climate change is a farce. Most people possessing common sense know, we must get off the merry-go-round we have been riding, fueled by lies and deception. We are totally phasing out fossil oil, poison chemicals, and deforestation because we must and we have a alternative that is much better in countless ways.                                                                                                    is launching the hemp industry, hydrogen, and self-sufficient economy in fifty states. By doing this brings, countless and limitless possibilities for all. We will see more positive actions occurring in the next 5 years than in the last 140. Propeller type wind mills and the storage of hot water will become PAST history topics. Using the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water will become very normal. We need 200 million voting Americans that wish to do their part in the WAR to Survive what we have allowed to happen, to elect U.S. Senator Sen Bernie Sanders​ for our next 8 years of Presidency to pull us out of out biggest downward spiral, end our current Drug War, and our living in our modern day dark age.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               20 million green jobs are coming to be able to shut down coal mines, fracking, and the use of fossil oil for everything. We need at least 200 million DGA’s (distributed generation association) members in this nation to play a major part in the effort to save our planet from destruction. A DGA puts out NO green house gases. they have their own clean drinking water, source of all green energy needs, organic food, and herbs. 80% of their paycheck does not go to energy, as today’s average citizen have for a major shake down of cold cash every week. When you stop buying from the cronies, their power begins to die and freedom, liberty, and country are taken back. Any questions? Terry Cook, co-owner of the original Brother Choppers, ex-Marine, progressive inventor                                                                                                                                                                                                       I have something to say to the whole world, especially every United Patriot of this country. I believe with all heart, we have at least 200 million. It is time the United States of American take it’s country back. Currently we are the world’s joke. Maybe that is the reason this nation has decided to add so much more in 10’s of billions for defense, because every one knows that when you are a joke, you are weak. Instead of adding to the defense budget, making the cronies more money to take away from our common man, why don’t we try something new. We are going to become strong again, instead of living in a modern day dark age. We have allowed to be ruled. That makes us appear to be a nation that has lost our freedom, liberty, and the control that used to belong to our citizens. 1% own more than 99%. We must put 102 billion dollars into making America grow instead of dying. It will take a lot more than that. To get this mission started, put 2 billion in each state and 2 billion for 7 provinces combines, to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry. We will no longer be needing Fossil oil, fuel, and the poison that comes with making products out of oil, and paper out of trees that bring us dioxin that is one of the ingredients in GMO’s. Our message in the May 23rd March Against Monsanto is, we are NOT buying what you are pushing. So any farmer, milk, and meat producer, seals their fate when they put GMO’s, any kind of hormone, and poison in your products for sale. Fast food is included, in their GMO food and sending food scrapes to the landfill.