Most of us know we are trashing our planet

For anybody to say, man has nothing to do with trashing our planet, only serves to show you are a bought person that has served his last term. Please allow me to bring you information of the greatest importance. Our living in a modern day dark age began when Abe Lincoln’s hemp lamp oil was replaced with Rockefeller’s kerosene, and the fuel cell technology was discovered and shown for a room full scientists and representatives of the ruling cronies. They said, “this works fine, but we have no use or need, we have oil. So, by electing or putting Bernard Sanders in the White House is by far, the most important step for the common man, ever in our nation’s history. In our current War to Survive, we have two Midways. First mission, at least 200 million United Patriots voting, and any other measure to have Dr Jane & Bernie Sanders fulfilling the command she and he laid down, “Let’s DO THIS!” 9 months ago. Second, is to go a different, far more positive direction. In 1970, I was looking for fuels for our engines that causes no pollution. I found hemp seed diesel fuel, hemp stock gasoline, and using the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water to make your own green hydrogen in your barn or garage. In my research I discovered why we have our deepest downward spiral, and why we have lived controlled and herded around like meek sheep believing everything ever taught to use. So when you know why or how it works, then you can trouble shoot on solving the problem. Pat Robertson proclaimed, “All Bernie Voters are ignorant sheep!” The fact of the matter is, ALL of us, were born and raised as ignorant sheep, but right now in history, most Americans have evolved by the enlightenment we now have about what is real and what is not. We now know, that we were fooled and ruled. Now, are we going to let the wolves eat us????????? Together they can NOT, no matter how much money they have. We still have control of our military and have the power to do what it takes to survive what we have allowed to happen. We are launching the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in this country and the world. terry cook/ The Bernie’s ARMY News