David Cobb, campaign Manager for the Green Party’s Dr Jill Stein

Yes David Cobb, it is the greatest movement of a new direction to end tyranny over the mind on mankind and their families. I ask at least a hundred people on the street every day including Sundays, if they have ever heard the name, Jill Stein???? The Day our 1,500 Bernie Face Book groups were marching off the cliffs from our Hero publicly endorsing the most hated woman on earth, I went to Jill, full guns loaded with silver bullets!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped her for several things. Not having a PLAN. Not ever speaking of the three major crucial ingredients to going green in every way. Launching the Green Hydrogen Economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry to bring 20 million jobs that will never leave this country. 2 months later, THE GREEN NEW DEAL, bringing 20 million jobs. 2 weeks later, Jill proclaims 25 million green jobs will come. I had to hear Trump’s Son say the magic words, not Jill Stein!!! The Green Hydrogen Economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not give a dam dime until I have a meeting with Jill on my 46 years in the making thetopcatplan.comto end our living in a modern day for the last 140 years. My personal war against tyranny over the mind of man began in 1968. I know far more than Our Folk Rock Star, on our new direction!!!! My research to trouble shoot where we must go to save our planet, regain our middle class, stop our downward spiral, and end our living in a modern day dark age. A year ago we were without hope, direction, or a plan. Now, we have those 3 assets to build our Green & Political Revolution to do what we should have done a long time ago. Nikola Tesla tried to show us the way. He made a mistake that I did not. He wanted to give the common people his technology. He died with pocket change and 600 patents. I have not or will ever patent any of my inventions or designs!!!!!!! Good way to have the world energy people knocking at your door, with a offer I can’t refuse. Those people have nothing I want or need. Going green in every way makes the common man fit in that category. We have all the magic ingredients to reach for the Unreachable Star. I have been reaching, researching, trouble shooting, planning, inventing to bring me the where we, have arrived. Joined up with all Bernie and Jill Face Book Groups, post more with the most substance. I probably get blocked or posts removed from my timeline as anybody. I am demanding a response from Jill Stein and Ajamu Baracka!!!!!!!