Bernie & his Guide Dr Jane were the launchers, Jill and Ajamu are the closers

I am staying on Face Book Public. I get posts on my timeline removed, get blocked but not recently. 4 years ago I went public on what I have been up to for 42 years. I waited for the right time. Along comes Bernie & Jane. That launched our Green & Political Revolution. Bernie & Dr Jane started this movement by their instructions. Those two Patriots need not do anything more in our mission to bust the fuck out of the 2 party system!!!! Sir Bernard got confronted. Then comes Jill into our hearts. Perfect timing for us in many ways. I would have bet a years pay they would not allow DR Stein in the national debates. They tested the waters, having her attacked by women at first, then the men. Our Folk Rock Star happens to be the world’s best debater. She laughs in their faces, chews them up, spits them out!!! I pity the fool, who goes against the earthiest lady that walks with the truth, has not been bought, and we are going Green in every way!!!! Not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Not ever been done before. Most deemed that action to be too dangerous, and it is impossible. My personal war against all forms of tyranny against the mind of man, began after doing 2 years in the Nam as a Marine like Tyson Manker in the Iraq War, of for Congress. My Brother Tyson was in the most terrible war. He got his ass booted out with no VA benefits for smoking one fucking joint. He was told, if he did not turn in his buddies that served with him, they would put him away for 50 years. I loved my friends but I hate the crouch!!!! I am asking all ex-Marines to vote for Stein & Baraka. terry cook/