The coal miners are so fortunate to have new good jobs coming!!!!! Bout time!!

Do we wish to have more mercury, sulfur, and lead in our air which ends up in our lungs, all water, soil, and in our food? Just so a dumb hillbilly, can go into the ground not knowing if this is his last day on earth, or to die a miserable slow death in the end!!! Wouldn’t you rather work installing solar collecting windows, green roofs, hemp composite water towers, replacing all lead pipes with hemp piping, encased vertical wind turbines, or work in production in any of our 17 divisions making hemp products in every county, state, province, and territory? We are launching the homemade hydrogen economy, using the power of the wind (like never before), sun, and your downspout rainwater. The Hemp and Self-Sufficient industries replace ALL jobs in fossil coal, big oil, fracking, building cheap Russian steel pipes for pumping poison, Monsanto, cement, and making paper from trees. Replaces polluting, to go green in every way professions, that bring 9 long lasting, good paying, good benefits, never to leave our country, or replaced with robots jobs. Yes, 9 jobs for every 1 job lost, to the crony planet destroying rulers to go to, saving us from early death. That is called population control, brought to us by the Koch brothers, Rockefellers, Clintons, Bushs, American Medical Association, and all War mongers. Constitutional MILITIA, which I am Ohio’s Recruiter. John Nicholson Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government’s 2012 video “Free YOUR Mind”. Know our enemy!!!! Also know, elections are a farce, not climate change like Trump believes. All bought must be replaced. The ruling cronies that have stripped us of all that is good, must be taking OUT, NOT Out for lunch!!!!!! terry cook/,, Veterans-Stand, Veterans Standing for Standing Rock, Divesting from EVIL to go GREEN, record crowds of Marchers, and last summer’s packed Stadiums for Bernie Sander’s rallies. Our 1 year old Green & Political Revolution is accelerating at record speed, thanks to the Great Accelerator Donald (ignorant dumb bought egomaniac) Trump!!!!! We are using you Mr President. When we are finished chewing you up, we will spit you out into a waterhole filled with Coal dust slime that you told Koch brothers to feel free to dump. Any questions from any republican, democrat, or green party member????????

Response letter to the editor

latest response letter in I would like to join the conversation. 5 years ago I ECHOED the message given to me by a lifetime old friend, the Late, Larry Sammet plumper by trade was not a herb smoker but possessed great wisdom. 2 days before Larry died of a heart attack, we were wheelbarrowing concrete on the south end of town. It was then, that Larry proclaimed to me what I have known for 50 years. “POT is the answer for kicking the Smack habit!!!!! I wrote his words in to get NO response, just boo booed, and ignored like those words meant nothing. Still to this day, addicts are threatened with prison if failing a text for pot in their urine, blood, or hair. In Colorado the new strain for getting off heroin, marijuana. It costs $150.00 a quarter oz, and it is called, HEROIN!!!!!!!!!!! There is NO better cure. NOW, do we wish to continue on our very brainwashed mentality????? We need 2 pot dispensaries in Findlay, Ohio. One in the old Stuatzenberger Business College on Tiffin Ave, and other in the old Whiskey Venue. Both vacant, good locations, and would contribute in taxes. Not with pills or vaping!!!!! Go in, buy, go home and smoke the God given plant!!!!! The biggest buyers of pot today are the seniors!!!! Why??? Because it makes them feel good!!! Not a crime!!!! Cannabis was outlawed in 1937, to make way for planet destroying crony industries, like big oil, steel, aluminum, cotton, poison chemicals, paper made from trees, big pharma, prisons for profit, and the American Medical Association. They do not wish for you to know of its wonders. The Scientific And Real Facts About The Cannabinoids in Cannabis, gives you the 3 hour video. I was refused to be allowed, to give an Enlightenment Presentation on this subject at the North 50….. WHY??????? Same reason they give me 7 years ago when it was the Agency of the Aging. They do NOT want the old people to know the TRUTH!!!!

Trump is a disgrace

Every time Trump says statements like, “we are gonna get the coal miners back to work.” goes to show, he walks with no common sense. He has approved the XL Keystone Pipeline, Russian steel pipelines, pumping poison every where, fracking our country to pieces, trash water to make clean water, worth more than jet fuel. Doing the most dastardly deeds to feed his ego. I started doing everything possible to call Trump out, for a face to face debate for the world to see. Subjects; where we must go, how we will get there, the wonders of cannabis, and we have 9 green jobs for every 1 lost from coal, fracking, poison chemicals from crony industries. Hemp char-coal will replace mercury sulfur toxic coal within 1 year!!! Hemp char-coal puts out NO added CO2’s!!!! We are planting hemp every where!!!!! NOT waiting!!!!!! The Planet depends on the most valuable plant on earth. Constitutional MILITIA,

Never ever in our history have we been so ruled!!!!!!!

Good facts!!!!!! So does anybody here have, the mathematical formula to stop this vicious, deadly, Satanic practices that we have endured forever????? Everybody here now have, 4 people who have that formula to take the crony’s rule Down!!!! John Nicholson Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government Constitutional MILITIA, in which I am a member and Ohio’s Recruiter. Illinois Attorney of Law, Ex-Marine, Iraq Veteran Tyson Manker Standing Rock, Wes Clark Jr Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, and I Terry Cook Ex-Marine 65-69, Vietnam 66-68, Progressive inventor to go green since 1970, WE, cannabis, and green hydrogen have that power to take away all that makes the greedy guts barge’s full of green hemp paper. Yes, all our money is indeed hemp paper. Hemp is the world’s most important plant for humanity, animal, and plant life. We ARE planting the holly hell out of that stuff!!!!!!! When we have a west coast volcano go off, we will need as much industrial hemp in the ground as possible. Guess what folks?? Remember the magic formula??? The homemade green hydrogen, hemp, and self-sufficient ECONOMY. Do we need Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pill that kills an American every 26 seconds, fluoride in any water or toothpaste. Big Insurance, FDA, or Big government??????? Without that formula, we will need to be ruled forever. Any questions from anybody???

Plant HEMP!!!!!!!!!! Not gonna wait till the stars are right……

To think everything is just an accident, makes no sense to me. Case you haven’t noticed Satan’s demons control and rule. So we are going a Green & Godly direction. Education & Communication are the 2 keys to drive on!!! Drive on, March ON, divest ON, and Charge ON. Yes Ricky Cherry, we must know the ground we stand on (cannabis & homemade green hydrogen), and we must know our enemy, how did they get to be so powerful, and what we must do to take their power away??? Last question first. Plant hemp, go Green in every way, become self-sufficient, stop buying what the crony Satan worshiping, child kidnapping, planet destroying, war mongering, greedy gut murderers are pushing!!!!!! 2nd question was answered by my description of them, 1st question is completely answered by my Friend & Comrade in our War to Survive (what we allowed to happen) John Nicholson Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, “Free Your MInd” 2012 video, C.C.R.G. Constitutional MILITIA. I am the Ohio’s Recruiter. I am not only recruiting united patriots, warriors, rebels, also RECRUITERS. I have followed your posts, long enough to know you pack the gear to be a recruiter in the Good & Godly Militia. Our first Mission is to protect our farmland and farmers. We are not waiting for the stars to be right to plant the industrial hemp everywhere, as soon as possible. My Brother John’s phone # and the Vice President’s # is listed on their web site. Wes Clark Jr., Tyson Manker of, John Nicholson, and I have at least 100 years in combined troubleshooting what went wrong, why have we lost everything we used to have, and what we must do to stop our deepest downward spiral, End the Drug War, and our living in a Modern Day Dark Age beginning when Abe Lincoln’s hemp lamp oil was muscled out by Rockefeller’s jet fuel. We are taking the rulers OUT, NOT Out for lunch!!!!!!! Before they poison us to death. 1/2 of humanity will be dead in 1 or 2 decades, if we do not get this action together!!!!! Any question from Rick and any of our Friends?? All C.C.R.G. soldiers have my phone #. 419 672 9130    Top Cat II

What do we need to buy from the cronies? NOTHING!!!!

I love what has been said here. I am asking all. Have you read “The Hydrogen Economy by Jeremy Rifkin, or “Internal Combustion by Edwin Black, or “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by the Late & Great Jack Herer?????? In the Green hydrogen economy, all is made by the power of the sun, wind (like never before), and downspout water. Homemade green hydrogen & cannabis are 2 rocks in our foundation. We are launching the hemp, self-sufficient, and green hydrogen ECONOMY!!! Everybody has the opportunity to become contributors to society. They have their own clean water stored in hemp composite water towers, plumping, and all household items like a magnetic water heater what comes with our design encased vertical wind turbine, Built on your own island, state, province, or territory. Do we need banks, insurance companies, or crooked Wall Street?????? In a modern day dark age, YES. In a Green & Political Revolution, NO!!!!!!! 1968 was the year my personal war against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man began. I started trouble shooting what we must do to go green and stop our downward spiral in 1970. I am loaded with inventions that I have kept on the shelves to bring down, when the time is right, and the cronies won’t be so compelled to kill me. Constitutional MILITIA.

Protection of our farmland is essential

This is my next letter to the editor in which should appear from March 16-18, 2017. Hopefully in my favorite spot, last letter for the day on Saturday. John Nicholson President of has installed me as Commander of OHIO’s Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government Constitutional MILITIA. Our first Mission, to defend our farmland this year from anybody thinking they they feel the need, or are paid by the cronies, to destroy our State’s industrial hemp crops. Our message to the world, we are growing the most important plant on earth for many good reasons. 1) Our dirt is almost dust in the wind worth nothing, 2) For every 168 acres planted, which takes 1 semi truck load 50,000lbs. Brings in $6,000,000.00 into the farmer’s economy per season. We have 2 in Ohio. 3) Our planet is depending on you, to begin the process of restoring top soil health, and to do it in a green fashion. Use the power of the sun, wind (like never before), and your downspout water to make green hydrogen for cooking, heat, to enhance fuel efficiency in all internal combustion engines, fuel cells, and have on demand electricity with little or no battery backup. You will also be able to afford our design aerator system that does not strip the nutrients out, and a Hemp composite water tower with hemp plumping. Your animals will be eating what God and Nature intended. The most dastardly action on mankind, all creatures, and Mother Earth, was 1937 Tax Act to make hemp illegal. That is OVER!!!!!! Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

Return of Hemp for Victory

Separating children from their parents, what the fuck!!!! It’s called, Tyranny over the mind of man’s children. Gone to live as slaves. We have a minimum of 100,000 missing every year in this country, 3,000,000 world wide. I have been posting the fact we are in the War to Survive (What we have allowed to happen) for 4 years. I have never heard anybody on all of FaceBook, Yahoo, or Google refer to it as that. I also have never seen the following words from U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein – The Greater Good, Not The Lesser Evil, nor anybody else, homemade green hydrogen, hemp charcoal, encased vertical wind turbine putting out 30 times more power than any propeller type, hemp composite plumbing, water towers, and aerodynamic water buffaloes, or the hemp, self-sufficient, and green hydrogen ECONOMY?????? All of these hemp items are essential for our survival. We have been fracked to pieces, NOT any more!!!!!!!! Our new name for our War is, “The War Of GOOD & GODLY, OVER EVIL” We are growing industrial HEMP as soon as the ground is no longer freezing. With each of the 2 seasons, we have in Ohio, brings $6,000,000.00 into the farmer’s economy for each 50,000 lb semi-truck load of seeds planting 168 acres. Our first mission as Rebels, Warriors, United Patriots, and Comrades of the Ohio’s Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government Constitutional MILITIA, is to protect our farmland from destruction from anybody. Like Monsanto, paid thugs from big oil, paid evil militia, or any of the trump dumb fucks. We are bringing back “1942’s Hemp for Victory” Our legal Staff of Attorneys are hot on that. Headed up by Ex-Marine Iraq Veteran, State of Illinois Attorney of Law Tyson Manker John Nicholson, 2011 “Free Your Mind” video will enlighten you on many facts. Fact #1) We must take them OUT, Not out for lunch!!! Treason is still a capital offense.