Jack Herer’s message may save our planet

I am possessed with the Late & Great Jack Herer’s SPIRIT!!! That’s what you get, when you Read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” 3 times, word by word. All three times I read this masterpiece, I laughed and I cried… I was so thankful to have read Jack’s message. Facts I began searching for, the same year I began my personal war against all forms of tyranny. The night it began, was the first night in the hole, of the Marine Corps Vietnam’s Brig, 1968. I received a General Court Martial, for possessing $5.00 worth of pot. That was 5 ten packs, rolled joints. Sentenced to 9 months at hard labor, bust to private, forfeiture of all pay. There are good things coming from living a disaster. You learn things you would have not other wise. Then you begin to trouble shoot why, this happened. You begin to listen to people with wisdom. Not caring until you have 3 feet of water, in your basement. I typed into Jeannie Herer’s Research box. My question. What percent in height in flood water occurs when the farmers are growing hemp, planting along the river banks, and in all undeveloped city lots???? No answer to this question known yet. We will take in all the benefits, coming from planting the most important plant on earth, for many thousands of reasons. 1) It takes a hard beat down dirt from growing corn, and transforms it into a sponge. How much of a sponge, we will begin to calculate. My theory is at least 25%, depending what time of the year, how dry, is there frost in the ground, and how much hemp was growing. It would have been nice in Findlay, Ohio, After 5 inches, in 5 days. We were lucky, it wasn’t 10 inches. Not out of the realms of possibilities to address the algae in Lake Erie.  Is that what it will take for us to bring back,1942’s “Hemp For Victory”. $237.00 total cost per acre, receiving $6,000,000.00 hemp green back bucks for every 168 acres. Now,will you listen to Jack Herer??? Letter to the editor, thecourier.comSaturdau July 22, 2017, last letter of the day. Terry Cook thetopcatplan.com c.c.r.g.info Constitutional Militia.