Hemp is our 3rd Stand in our Greatest Green & Political Movement

#RoyBaker Hey why in the world does the United States continue to buy hemp from China? We are the biggest buyers of industrial hemp. We are the most ruled and corrupt from the planet destroyers keeping our self-sufficient, home made green hydrogen, and hemp economies & industries at bay so we keep from bringing on 30 million green jobs, and going green in every way. They are so successful at pulling money and worth from the middle & poor class to go to go to the filthy rich greedy guts. How special. Time for major restructuring of all branches, and the Green Party. That is what we are going to do. Go back to the 50’s tax rates when we had a middle class. #TulsiOhio#TulsiPA#TulsiTexas , #RoyBaker, terrycook Proud Vietnam Veteran/ thetopcatplan.com, ccrg.info Veterans for Tulsi Gabbard 2020, Veterans for Tyson Manker . We are growing hemp in massive amounts this coming spring. This is our 3rd Stand. 1st Stand is Standing Rock, 2nd Stand kneeling NFL players. We have 15 million Veterans ready to defend our Nation’s Constitution to our last breath. I am one, any other Veteran that fits into my combat boots? Speak up or forever remain complacent. Are we going to take our country back, or not???????????? 3 years ago we were so lame to what is real and truth. They woke a sleeping giant, US. Our Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government Constitutional Militia, is made up solely of experienced personnel. All civilians, join our rebuilt Green Party to put Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard in the Oval Office. Tina Turner our next Vice President, and Veterans for Tyson Manker our next Attorney General. John Nicholson ccrg.info 2011 “Free Your Mind” video our next “Head Of National Security”. Any questions from the peanut gallery??

First part posted 2 years ago in the beginning of our Green & Political Revolution

This was a Face Book post 2 years ago.  Several important issues are not being addressed. The releasing of pot offense prisoners, and launching the hemp, and self-sufficient industry, and the green hydrogen economy. These are not only of the utmost importance in dealing with tyranny over the mind of man, also the good and enhanced wealth for the common man, with revenues a thousand times more than marijuana will ever bring to every state, province, and territory. Yes, we have come a long way, in such a short time but, we have a long way to go!!!! It is now or never, forget Hillary, she is becoming a past history topic of the woman with the most money stuffed in her shoe box. It is now or never in our War to Survive what we have allowed to happen. stop our downward spiral, and end our living in a modern day dark age. Nothing needs to be invented, to launch the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in this country, and if the world wishes to buy what we have for sale cool. But we are not buying their cheap out dated stuff. We will have 20 million green jobs coming with the 17 divisions of 50,000 hemp products made in every state, and when we elect Bernie Sanders, we will have another 13 million jobs rebuilding and maintaining our infrastructure including replacing all metal water pipes and metal water towers with hemp composite. The Man who walks with the TRUTH has brought us hope and a way to pull us in a upward direction for the common man. terry cook/ thetopcatplan.com vetsforbernie.org citizens committee for a restructured government

Integrity Disqualifies Sanders because he doesn’t have a billion dollars in his shoe box Posted on May 12,…

President Obama has released a $4 trillion budget for 2017 that proposes Washington, D.C. be allowed to spend its tax money to implement retail cannabis…
 2nd part:    Boy have we had huge amounts of positive actions going at record speed from 2 years ago!!! Yes, We have come along way to where we should have went when we were just young bucks and gals. Back when a mom could stay home if you made more than $200.00 a week. If you make more than $350,000.00 a year, 50% is the new tax rate is what we are going back to. Charles Koch must give back that increase of 26 million weekly raise and give it to the ones with lung disorder from sucking up mercury, lead, and sulfur. We are replacing what you built an empire on with hemp char coal this year. This our 3rd Stand People. All the marbles are on the table. Never been there before. WE have them, and all other magic ingredients to go where we have went before but we could not. Now we can. Any questions about taking over the Green Party that have dragged their feet on what must be done??? I am not allowed to pull out of the DNC until the next primary in Hancock County Findlay (Marathon USA), Ohio most ungreen & #1 Highest in Opiate Death. I can register as a Green Member only if their is a Green Party Candidate for Office. OH WE have a Green Party Candidate, for President of OUR United States of America, and HER name is Retired Iraq Veteran Major Tulsi Gabbard!!!!!!! MAY DAY Must include Our Nations’s 2nd “Annual Plant Hemp Day” Last MAY Saturday the 26th. This crucial information must get out. Cannabis and home made green hydrogen are the two rocks in our foundation to built on. No foundation, no plan, only hopes, wishes, and praying, we are toast or should I say, defeated!!!!!! We lost the War to Survive what WE allowed to happen. May as well of pissed on the graves of our fallen Heroes, and Memorial Stones such as Thomas Jefferson’s engraved, “I have sworn upon the Alter of God, eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man” is what drives me starting in 1968, after 2 years in the Nam. #TulsiOhio#TulsiPA#TulsiTexas#RoyBaker#LarryAlger, in the new rebuilt Green Party with solutions!!!   ccrg.info, thetopcatplan.com


May Day!!!!!!!! 1st of May Strike!!! This is coming to be big……

Support the Labor Day Strike 2017 – Home
Any chance we might get another little fact about the month of May coming at us folks?????? Last Saturday of every May to come, (most important on the lists to do if we wish to save our Mother Earth and all creatures) “PLANT HEMP DAY” this coming season. Would it be too much to ask???? Until we do this, the ball game of fighting all forms of tyranny over the mind of man, just keeps on rolling a boat up down stream, going NO where!!!! 2nd Annual Plant Hemp Day coming, and as Joyce Venables would say, “MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!! Not just hope, wish, and pray. So becomeungovernable.org I am calling on you. Any questions cool people??? thetopcatplan.com ccrg.info#TulsiOhio#TulsiPA#TulsiTexas