Are elections a farce????

Arlene Kahn Right on. I voted for her. I seen her and the Green Party as our only hope. My highly respected friend John Nicholson founder of, Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government has viewed the Green Party as clearly the best, but worthless, as all elections. It is not the way you fix the most broken and bought system on earth. To evolve from being the most bought, to the leader in Green, takes extreme measures. One, stop buying what the cronies are selling, like anything made from planet trashing industries. Making paper from trees is the stupidest practice we allowed to carry on. Cotton is a major user of the crony’s industrial toxic by-produce waste like lead, fluoride, dioxin in the insecticide. Corn uses a huge amount of the waste coming from anything made from fossil oil (herbicide and insecticide) Coal is the easiest and quickest fix. Hemp char-coal with producing plants every 10 miles, on the tracks going to the coal burning power plants, in full production within 1 year. Total phasing out fossil fuel and oil within 4 years. Nothing needs to be invented or studied. Cannabis and Green hydrogen are our two rocks, in our foundation. Wes Clark Jr. Commander of Veterans Stand for Standing Rock,, for Congress

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  1. I’ve been saying Green H is a big part of the answer, it is the most plentyful element in the universe and it’s waste product after being burned is pure clean H2O vapor!

    • The common man’s life is full of magical thinking. From the time a young child knows their numbers and abc’s we have many falsehoods embedded in our brain cells. 1) Fluoride is good especially for the very young.The truth is, It has been proven fluoride is as deadly as hell, 1 to 5 IQ points are sacrificed or lost in all children using fluoride in toothpaste, mouthwash, and in dental coating which all dentists say is a must. 2) War in so necessary to keep us safe. Fact is, especially to the nations who have oil under ground, or a land we can grow and process cocaine and smack. 3) We should always wait for the bridges to start falling down before repair is needed. 4) Floods are impossible to control, they are natural forces. 5) Marijuana is bad, good for nothing. 6) All legal pills prescribed by your Doctor are safe because the doctor says so. 7) If the EPA proclaims certain practices are safe for the soil, air, and water, then it is as safe, as can be. We are talking about big oil pipelines, fracking for something we do not need (dirty rotten natural gas). 8) Our Presidents are elected by the people. 9) There is no such thing as Chemtrails. 10) We should always wait for the filthy rich Free Masons crony rulers to make positive actions happen. 11) It is impossible for the 99% to take our country back!!!!! 12) Education and communication need to be a lower priority than thriving capitalism. 13) Our nation needs at least 8,000 citizens making more than 125 million a year. 14) 14 million years of imprisonment was so necessary to conquer our Drug War. 15) There is no such thing as population control, and trashing our planet is for our own good why???? Because we must use fossil coal, oil, and natural gas until its gone!!!!!!! 16) It is a good thing our nation made cannabis illegal in 1937. Even though 80% of the pollution currently in our Ocean that has rendered our Ocean unable to produce 70% of our oxygen, would not be there. 17) If the poor would just go out and get a job, we would not have 5 millions children going to bed hungry. 18) Our 2 party system is working so well!! 19) Our Native Americans have no code of righteous living. 20) We must have many new inventions to go green in every way. Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government Constitutional Militia, John Nicholson, Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, largest assemblage of American Natives, and We (the 99%) believe it is NOT magical thinking, to know we can and will take our freedom, liberty, democracy, and justice back. Like Wes Clark Jr messaged me a month ago, “Nothing can stop us now!!” terry cook/, for the Berner’s Congress.

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