There’s a basic rule that applies to all people, individually, as a small, or large group.  Bob Dylan said it in a song along time ago.  “ If you’re not busy being born or growing, then you’ll be busy dying.”  Currently, we as a nation are dying harder and faster than any time in our history and the haves and the have-nots are currently farther apart than any other time.  Nobody knows what’s going to stop our downward spiral and once it does stop, we don’t know what direction to go to progress in a positive direction.  Most Americans know we can not do the next 100 years what we did the last 100, for this earth will be a piece of crap.  We don’t need one more drop of oil or one more bucket of coal to fulfill our energy needs.  The answer is blowing in the wind, the sun, your downspout water, and in 6% of our farm land.  Our future industry,  is supplying the masses with the equipment to be far more self-sufficient.

The authors of these two books, Internal Combustion and The Hydrogen Economy state, “They believe hydrogen CAN save our world.”  Jack Herer from the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes believed hemp COULD save the earth and it’s creatures.  I say, “Hydrogen and Hemp are GOING TO save our planet,” sending us in the most positive direction exceeding most people’s greatest expectations.

A cool religious man and his teenage son came to my house on George St. about a month ago, to give me some literature pertaining to enlightening me in the four ways to get to heaven.  I thanked him and I said I have something to share with him and his son.  I stated, “hemp and hydrogen are going to save this earth.  His reply was that, “God is going to save our planet.”  My reply to that was, “With the Lord’s help, OK but it’s not God’s job to do that, we messed it up, it’s our responsibility to fix it.”  I have a plan to accomplish that, put 10 million citizens to work, enhance the economy of several hundred million, stamp out world hunger, reverse global warming, and make all drag strips, bike friendly.   Terry Cook


    • I always love to comment on Wayne Stiles posts. I am the Ohio’s Midwest Regional Leader for Draft Bernie for a People’s Party, and Ohio’s Recruiter for Constitutional Militia to protect our farmers from Monsanto, Help this farmer stop Monsanto’s GM canola March Against Monsanto Millions Against Monsanto by Monsantostop, and from ANYBODY compelled to mess with our nation’s Hemp Harvests. We are bringing back 1942’s “Hemp for Victory”!!! I do not ever ask for any person’s ID to be recorded. I will never have a list, of Veterans who will be ready to take up arms in defending our country’s farm land, to plant the most important plant, to save half of humanity within a single decade. I never speak of global warming these days. Not an important subject. Taking back what we allowed to be taken in our highest priorities. Veterans for Tyson Manker

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