A letter to thegosbelofhemp.com for full endorsement for the only plan to save our world

Ohio is this nation’s most un-green state and the frackers will not be happy till we have the size of Lake Erie of poison chemicals under us. Our waiting, hoping, and praying for good things to come about are over. We know that has and will get us no where. I am writing this letter to gain the endorsement of all your people for the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states. Google up hemp composite water towers. That will get the topcatplan.com.
It’s time to end living in a modern day dark age. It began in Abe Lincoln’s days, A scientists invented the fuel cell technology. A bunch of crony paid engineers viewed how it works and said that’s great, but we have no need for that, we have oil. The next big threat for the rulers, was hemp. They spent a train load of money to make hemp illegal, but it paid off big time. The greedy gluttons know that their days are numbered, so they will hold up the availability of seeds as long as possible and delay progress in the name of testing to see if their is any good use for hemp. The people in high places, believe it is a waste of time. They think, that if we had the ability to pull ourselves out of the biggest downward spiral and end trashing this earth, the rich would have done it along time ago. Hey, the rich like it like it is. The wealthy and well to do are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, and Edwin Black, author of Internal Combustion did not know each other. The late and great progressive Jack Herer believed with all his heart, hemp can save our world from destruction and Black is convinced hydrogen is the answer for fixing what we have done to the world. The answer is both, hemp and hydrogen. Without thetopcatplan, we will continue down a path of stupidity. Please read what we have. It is our only chance to make things right for the future. If I do not hear from your people, I will conclude the ones who call the shots at thegosbelofhemp have stock in fossil fuel and poison chemicals. The Scientific American Magazine is currently owned by the cronies. When you control education and communication, you rule. Terry Cook


My plan to put 20 million people to work consists of 17 green divisions:


(1)  Fuel Cell and Closed Cell divisions

(2)  Environmental fueling stations

(3)  One person flying machines

(4)  Garden tractor and all attachments

(5)  Organizing and supplying the DGA, Distributed Generation Association members

(6)  Aerodynamic trailers in 12 sizes incorporating today’s technology to enhance the performance of the environmental truck, car, or motorcycle, in speed and distance.

(7)  3 designs of solar electric automobiles

(8)  ½ million dollar custom chopper made for famous ladies

(9)  Pet division including the finest food

(10)  Grow your own food and herbs indoors and out doors

(11)  Hydrogen Generator used in a totally green way

(12)  Hemp Fuel division

(13)  Hemp Products

(14)  Building Reservoirs to generate electricity, produce hydrogen, and possess the power to control flooding

(15)  Solar and Wind collectors with our design of vertical wind turbine able to withstand    150 mph wind, guaranteed for 10 years, able to supply 100% of our electrical energy    needs.

(16)  Solar Sail Boats

(17)  Environmental Roof-Tops equipped with hemp composite water towers


The Top Cat Plan will work for many reasons.  The timing is perfect.  Most Americans now believe we can not do in the next 100 years what we did in the last.  This earth will not be fit to live on.  We are utilizing two trillion dollar industries to launch us into the most positive direction our country has ever seen.  Hemp and Hydrogen are going to save the earth we live on.  Go to pages 20-21 of the book entitled “After America, Get Ready For Armageddon” by Mark Steyn states, “R is for Redistribution.  Day by day, an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the productive class to the obstructive class is delivering a self-governing republic into rule by the regulators, bureaucrats, and social engineers.”

It is time to change directions, from being co-dependent to self-sufficient.  A DGA  puts out no green house gases,  has their own drinking water, makes their own electrical energy for heat and transportation, grows food, recycles, and grows worms to make the finest compost and natural fertilizer while minimizing the outgoing garbage by feeding the worms the vegetable and fruit scraps.

The efficiency and success of any company is only as good as it’s finest trouble shooters, advisers, engineers, and workers.  To acquire and maintain excellent efficiency, high moral is the magic ingredient.  The biggest moral buster is for the workers to see the leaders, owners, and stockholders being compensated quite well, and they are paid peanuts.  Also important is to have a lot of happy customers that like your products and love the fact that these items are made and transported in a green manner by their friends in their own state thus enhancing the local economy.                   Top Cat II


I’m finding it hard to be proud of our country and state.  In the last three years our country has experienced the biggest shakedown possible by the cronies.  We are currently in the deepest downward spiral our country has ever seen. The haves and the have-nots have not ever been so far apart.   Ohio has reached the position of being this nation’s #1 most un-green state.  That means we are the lamest and laziest bunch of dummies living in the past and don’t have a clue of what to do.  I have written over 25 letters to the editor stating what we must do, but I still see in letters written by common folk and Marci Kaptur, we must find more oil and use more coal.   That’s what makes us #1 in being backward and stupid.  It is time to get hip. We don’t need one more bucket of coal or one more drop of  Mr. James H. Miller’s marvelous diesel or gasoline.  Hemp and hydrogen will save our planet.  Marijuana is the answer to the drug problem, stamping out world hunger, reversing global warming, putting 10 million people to work in 10 years, making 50,000 hemp products made in a green way.

Corn renders 400 liquid gals of fuel per acre.  Switch-grass and hemp brings forth 1,450 gals per acre.  Hemp cellulose out produces wood for paper by at least 4 times.  10 tons of bio-mass in 1 acre in a 3 or 4 month time frame.  In the process of growing hemp, CO2s are absorbed thus when being burned to make electricity, heat, or to fuel a motor vehicle, results in no added CO2s in the air.  Every product produced by oil can be made in a green manner by using hemp instead.

In the history of the world, all positive happenings began in somebody’s brain cells.  It came from a dream, to a plan, and it was made to happen, it did not just magically come about.  I have already accomplished what an army of people have not been able to do.  I have a plan that will address all of the problems I have previously stated.  Not one of my responders has ever asked what my plan is.  Maybe when I’ve made all my letters available to the internet I will be asked that question.  Terry Cook,  Findlay, Ohio

After Going To a Garden Party At My 45th Class Reunion

Dear Roger,

Of all the pals I have ever obtained in my life’s journey, I consider you to be amongst the coolest, having a competitive spirit with the ability to thrive when dealing with hard challenges.  A couple of months ago, I was  kind a disheartened to see most of our friends down in spirit.  Most have no goals in life, living on happy pills with a pillow being their best friend. I am sending all our classmates letters of where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.  There is a basic rule that applies to all living beings and groups of.  Bob Dylan said it long ago,  “If you’re not busy being born or growing, then you’ll be busy dying.”  Our country is going down deeper and harder than ever before.  Our government has thrown   trillions of tax payers dollars into the current situation and enjoyed very little in return.  My plan will work right now.  I am trying to approach Congress for a one hundred and two billion dollar loan, to be paid back in 4 years.  Each of our fifty states will have a Brothers Choppers with 17 divisions, making green products with green technology, products that put out no pollution while being used, in the manufacturing process, and in the process of transporting.  Instead of using metal and plastic, we will use hemp in various composite forms where possible.  Every state will have control of their own destiny more so than ever.  As each state pays back their two billion, then all people performing the work will enjoy increased compensation.  Nobody in Brothers Choppers will make more than $250,000.00 a year until that state has repaid the loans.  Each state’s 17 divisions will be looking for 50% investing lady partners.  Of the 10 million people we create work for, less than 1% or 100,000 will be full time Brothers Choppers employees.  At least 50% of our work force, designers, engineers, scientists, trouble shooters, accounting personal, directors of marketing, and advisers will be women.  In each state, 500 million dollars will be spent for the installing and maintaining environmental fueling stations on all interstate highways.  In 1913 it took 75 seconds to change a battery in an electric car and it was discovered that hemp makes the finest cloth, paper, composite car body parts, lubricant, medicine, and a fuel that puts out no added CO-2s.

This plan will bring a new positive direction for our people and the world.  It will bring the haves and the have-nots closer.  I would be honored to show you, your family, and friends my design of trailer bodies, street and drag racing motorcycle fuel tanks, fenders, chin, and nose fairings.

I wish to include in my list of cool people, your mom, dad, sister Patty, brother Gary, and Fred Stubbins, which I will never forget.  Give me a call or stop down for a day. 419-423-4262 or 672-9130. We have a chance to do a lot of good.  I invite you & your people to be a part in breaking records.  I’m not interested in building a chopper for a man.  Thanks, Top Cat.

Natural gas

How many hundreds of millions of families depend on natural gas to heat their home and water?  It is the cheapest and easiest, but it is no way the cleanest.  Natural gas puts out more greenhouse gases and carbon-monoxide than gasoline or diesel fuel.  You are burning a fossil fuel that is a limited supply commodity.  Supplies will peck in the next decade.  The future needs for energy will constantly rise and so will the price of electricity and fuel, being doubled in the next ten years will be a certainty.

If you become a DGA (Distributed Generation Association) member this year, your gas station, electric, and natural gas bills will be nothing.  The excess electrical energy you do not need will go to the grid that will render you a check from the power company.  If you have to finance your solar collectors, wind mills, and hydrogen generator.  In one to four years your dept will be paid.  Being a DGA, makes a brighter future for you and the world.

We live on this earth for such a short time.  It is our responsibility to do

what is humanly possible to make a positive impact, now.  I have 4 goals that must be accomplished before I physically die.  My 2 most important, for the prevention of agony and lose of life are,  cap all metal guard rails on all drag strips while making all strips completely safe for motorcycles.  The most crucial, for the well being of all creatures including us, is to do everything possible to reverse global warming.  I am declaring WAR on those two missions that must be carried out.  Every person and company I deal with, will be my friend or my enemy, it’s your choice. Terry Cook

Internal Combustion

In response to James H Miller’s Dec 22 letter responding to my Dec 21 letter.  Please read the most fact documented book entitled, Internal Combustion by Edwin Black, The Hydrogen Economy, and Scientific American magazine.  If you believe diesel fuel and gasoline are marvelous fuels you need to get your head out of the sand.  Hydrogen has 1.8 to 2.8 times more power to the punch.  If you have 5 gallons of gasoline and it’s container, you would have at least 35 pounds of weight and a federally approved container of hydrogen that has enough fuel to send that car the same distance, the weight of that hydrogen and container would amount to the same weight as a feather pillow.

If you wish to use a truly marvelous fuel that puts out no cancer causing pollution that needs not to be cooled or pressurized, hemp and switch-grass fuel is the answer.  Both put out oxygen in the growing process and are very dirt friendly.

Wind and solar power technology are constantly improving in inefficiency and cost.  It appears Toledo and Findlay possess similar amounts of stupidity in regards to what fuel is green.  The City of Toledo proclaiming they have bought buses that are running on green fuel.  Guess what?  There is nothing clean about natural gas being used as a motor vehicle fuel.  Any car, bus, or truck using natural gas will experience a 5 to 10 percent reduction of horsepower and will create more carbon monoxide and green house gases than gasoline or dirty rotten diesel fuel.

I would like to publicly debate with Mr. Miller and anybody else that believes the facts I have stated in my last 13 letters are to good to be true.

The last of James Miller’s statements are completely moot. Any motor vehicle or train using hydrogen puts out no pollution. Any one coming to a gun fight with me best have more than 2 or 3 bullets in your chamber.  Terry Cook


We’re knee deep in political ignorance and chicanery

In response to Loren Pace’s Thursday Aug 26 letter.  Your view of the current crisis our nation is facing is basically the mind set of most Americans.  You say, “We’re knee deep in political ignorance and chicanery”.  I say we are chin deep in all of that. The U.S. is  dying faster and harder than it has ever done before.  The cronies have ruled for the last 100 years.  They have called the shots to the point of us being sucked dry as a nation.  The rich and poor are farther apart than any previous time in history. That’s the problem, now here’s the cure.  But before I tell you that, I ask, please do not be disheartened, because the times, they are a changing.

We  are on the forefront of two major changes that will serve to gain our confidence back.  The hydrogen economy and the hemp industry.

Yes, our school system gets a big fat F in history.  Please read the book “Internal Combustion” by Edwin Black.  It will enlighten all of you to the point of pulling yourself out of your current lazy, close minded easy way of carrying on with your life.  It teaches you what was not taught in any school. It also tells you where we are going and why is it taking so long to get there. Yes Loren, you nailed that one, with your knee deep statement. But your last statement was quite profound, “God help us, no other influence is due to come to our rescue at this point.”  I have a plan to turn our country to a positive direction and it will happen.  I would be glad to discuss it with anyone who is interested. My plan is the fairest to all states.  It is not only the best plan, but it is the ONLY plan.  We’ll put 10 million people to work in good jobs, going green building to make a better world for the future generations.  Terry Cook

Who is Nikola Tesla?

If I were to ask every person in Findlay, who was Nikola Tesla?   Very few would know the man that had more of a positive impact on humanity than all others.  His countless inventions and theories such as (AC) electric systems, his own electric car, turbine, coil, oscillator, and the American Grid.  Thanks to him, anybody that generates electricity from the power of the sun and wind will be compensated for the excess they do not use.  Nikola did not seek fame and fortune.  He got off by blowing people’s minds much like I enjoyed in Thursday’s meeting with GFI.  I was given the floor with a 5 to 10 minute time limit.  I stated I was there to enlighten, gain their confidence, and endorsement for my plan to turn our country to a positive direction for the future betterment of all mankind. I have 17 divisions of green products to be manufactured in a green manner. Establishing the largest group of Distributed Generation Association members and supplying the equipment to maintain their status as the coolest people on earth, manufacture a hydrogen generator and the most aerodynamic, stylish, lightweight trailer in 6 sizes with today’s technical advancements.

Jeremiah Gracia asked me if I had something to show.  I then placed a scale model of my trailer body on the table.

Shortly after eight minutes people started walking out.

My plan will create work for at least 10 million people while enhancing the economy of 100’s of millions.  I placed a question for everybody to think about and for each to give me a business card.  The question is something I would like to ask everyone.  Why are we building a new school without installing a 150,000 gal downspout parking lot reservoir under the parking lot to help with flooding and to use to grow food, algae, and use the power of the sun and wind to make hydrogen and oxygen to heat water and air and to supply the school buses with a fuel that puts out no poison.

Not one person give me a card.  I laughed and I knew I would be going  to other towns with my plan.

In the near future, a person will have the choice to buy green in every item and service including shipping.  Terry Cook