My plan to put 20 million people to work consists of 17 green divisions:


(1)  Fuel Cell and Closed Cell divisions

(2)  Environmental fueling stations

(3)  One person flying machines

(4)  Garden tractor and all attachments

(5)  Organizing and supplying the DGA, Distributed Generation Association members

(6)  Aerodynamic trailers in 12 sizes incorporating today’s technology to enhance the performance of the environmental truck, car, or motorcycle, in speed and distance.

(7)  3 designs of solar electric automobiles

(8)  ½ million dollar custom chopper made for famous ladies

(9)  Pet division including the finest food

(10)  Grow your own food and herbs indoors and out doors

(11)  Hydrogen Generator used in a totally green way

(12)  Hemp Fuel division

(13)  Hemp Products

(14)  Building Reservoirs to generate electricity, produce hydrogen, and possess the power to control flooding

(15)  Solar and Wind collectors with our design of vertical wind turbine able to withstand    150 mph wind, guaranteed for 10 years, able to supply 100% of our electrical energy    needs.

(16)  Solar Sail Boats

(17)  Environmental Roof-Tops equipped with hemp composite water towers


The Top Cat Plan will work for many reasons.  The timing is perfect.  Most Americans now believe we can not do in the next 100 years what we did in the last.  This earth will not be fit to live on.  We are utilizing two trillion dollar industries to launch us into the most positive direction our country has ever seen.  Hemp and Hydrogen are going to save the earth we live on.  Go to pages 20-21 of the book entitled “After America, Get Ready For Armageddon” by Mark Steyn states, “R is for Redistribution.  Day by day, an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the productive class to the obstructive class is delivering a self-governing republic into rule by the regulators, bureaucrats, and social engineers.”

It is time to change directions, from being co-dependent to self-sufficient.  A DGA  puts out no green house gases,  has their own drinking water, makes their own electrical energy for heat and transportation, grows food, recycles, and grows worms to make the finest compost and natural fertilizer while minimizing the outgoing garbage by feeding the worms the vegetable and fruit scraps.

The efficiency and success of any company is only as good as it’s finest trouble shooters, advisers, engineers, and workers.  To acquire and maintain excellent efficiency, high moral is the magic ingredient.  The biggest moral buster is for the workers to see the leaders, owners, and stockholders being compensated quite well, and they are paid peanuts.  Also important is to have a lot of happy customers that like your products and love the fact that these items are made and transported in a green manner by their friends in their own state thus enhancing the local economy.                   Top Cat II

We’re just greedy gluttons

Thank you Dave Malone for your letter on May 6. Our nation is the greatest, at having the most political prisoners in the world, maintaining ignorance, and keeping the have and the have-nots as far apart as possible. Our constitutional freedoms allow us to take our ideas and advance technology only if your are amongst the rich and powerful.  We have a puppet for a President.  He has never mentioned the hemp or hydrogen industries because he would rather drill baby drill for poison.
I do not have an air conditioner in my house, X-box, or micro-wave.  All three including riding every where in a car are not good for your health.  I walk and run my Blue-Healer and Pit Boxer to the store quite often. Annually, 6.6 tons of green house gases are emitted by every man, woman, and child in America. Your question: “ What else does this mean? Other than we’re just greedy gluttons devouring our planet with mindless recklessness.” I say, “It’s not that hard to change to a positive direction.”  With the Top Cat Plan, our nation can become the world’s leader in 3-trillion dollar industries, Hemp & Switch-Grass Fuel, Hemp, and Hydrogen.
Hey Dave, greenhouse gases and green houses are not related.
You said, that if these positive things aren’t happening as fast as I would like, go live elsewhere. I served 4 years in the Marines, 2 years in Viet Nam in the middle 60’s. I do not wish to go anywhere else to live. I have a plan to give all our fifty states an equal chance to use each state’s resources to manufacture 17 divisions of green products that will employ many while enhancing the economy of hundreds of millions by becoming a Brothers Choppers DGA.  Terry M. Cook

Clean Natural Gas


I am responding to two recently written articles, one on the front page of Tuesday’s Oct 5 Mr. Heminger of Marathon Oil proclaiming their projections.  They say, “80% of the global energy will come from fossil fuels by the year 2030 and that clean natural gas will be around for 50-100 years.”  I say,  “Less than 10% of the world’s energy will be delivered by  oil by the year 2030, and we will be using no coal to generate electricity by the year 2014, unless the Top Cat PLAN DOES NOT come about.  If we can’t get at least 200 million citizens together to make this happen, that, will prove to be the biggest set back in the war against global warming the world has ever seen.  If the plan is not made to happen, then I say Mr. Heminger’s projections will be closer than mine.  There is no such thing as clean natural gas and to run it in an internal combustion engine for any reason is stupid and it is a fact that natural gas supplies will peak within 20 years.  The biggest reason your not paying $4.25 a gal for gas or diesel yet is the fact the hydrogen economy is coming and there is no power on earth going to stop it.  The other article is in today’s Oct 6 edition of the Patrick Danzy’s  letter to the editor.  I concur with all of Mr Danzy’s statements.

I am in the process of submitting a business plan to Rocket Ventures, Toledo, Ohio.  To acquire a Federal loan to mass produce a totally green hydrogen generator.  Our design uses no propane, natural gas, or coal to produce the hydrogen.  We use the power of the sun and wind to throw an electrical charge into down spout water to split the oxygen and hydrogen molecules.  Use the hydrogen to fuel any internal combustion engine or recombine the hydrogen and oxygen to get back the exact amount of electricity it took to split it, so use the electricity you need and send the rest to the grid to be compensated for.

If I were to ask all U.S. citizens,  “Who invented Alternating Current?”  Less than 1% would know who the answer.  I consider him and Al Gore to be the greatest Americans ever to have a positive impact for the future of the world.  He invented an electric car that would go 10 mph faster than any internal combustion driven car in it’s time. His own electric coil and death ray.  He was born in 1856, did not seek fame and fortune, but received his greatest thrill most of his life.  That thrill was to blow as many minds as possible by doing missions that almost all deemed impossible.  His name was Nikola Tesla, also the inventor of the public American electric grid. Died with pocket chance in his two room apartment in Brooklyn, NY. In 1943.  Terry Cook  Findlay

Fossel Fuel vs Hydrogen

It’s no wonder, most of the world hates us.  The average American uses 8,000 lbs of oil, 4,700 lbs of natural gas, 5150 lbs of coal, and one tenth of a pound of uranium a year.  The U.S. makes up 5% of the world’s population.  We consume 25 percent of the world’s energy, put out 30% of the earth’s carbon dioxide emissions.  6.6 tons green house gases are emitted per person yearly.  82% emissions comes by burning fossil fuel to generate electricity, autos, trucks, trains, buses, and planes.  Other contributing factors are, methane gas from landfills, modern agriculture practices, natural gas pipelines, and industrial chemicals.

The last century has rendered us addicted to oil and stupid practices. That now threatens to destroy us and our planet. The rulers had their hey day. Their ruling days are over.  The Hydrogen and Hemp economy is in the very near future. The average person does not know that yet.  I wonder why.

Hydrogen is a straight line projecting ever upward. It is available to all.  We have a chance to be on the forefront of the business of developing, manufacturing, using, and marketing the fuel cells and the accompanying equipment that goes with distributed generation.  By using the power of the sun and wind we generate electricity to make clean hydrogen from water.  Store the oxygen and hydrogen to be used in fuel cells, to fuel any internal combustion engine, generate you own electricity, and send your excess to the power grid.  By doing so you have become a DGA, Distributed Generation Association member.  A DGA puts out no added CO2s, using their hydrogen for heat and transportation fuel, uses no fossil fuel or natural gas, puts out no green house gases, and uses no public electricity. Is that cool or what?  Terry Cook

Hydrogen Generator

This is my final letter to the editor concerning where we are going with the aerodynamic trailer, hydrogen generator using downspout water, hemp, and hydrogen divisions of Brothers Choppers.  I wish to thank all my responders,  I owe you a lot.  Your comments added substance to my story which will come in a book and movie form.  The statements brought forth by my opponents served as the showing of the mind set that are shared by most residents of this area of the country and not shared by most in other regions.  A lifestyle of convenience, co-dependence, close-mindedness, living for me, me, me, and not giving a hill of beans for the future generations basically sums up the local status of the majority of the state of Ohio. That is how you acquire the distinction of being this nations #1 most un-green state.

In the last 100 years in this country, our history books were filled with altered facts to suit the rulers.  For an example, the myths concerning the third most plentiful substance on earth (hydrogen) and to marijuana (our most important plant).  Thanks to the books, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, The Hydrogen Economy, and Internal Combustion, the facts are out about how our America has been controlled by the cronies with a lot of money in their pockets.

Three years ago, we would not of had a chance in the world to accomplish what we are going to do in the near future.  Giving all 52 states a equal opportunity to enhance their economy beyond our greatest expectations.

Please visit our web site at and be counted as a Brother or Sister teaming up in the effort to take our country back.  We have a small window of opportunity to jump on what should have been done along time ago.  Attack global warming by bringing  in the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry.  We are on a mission of Love and Good, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park.  Many people say this can’t be done because it’s never been done before.  Terry Cook

Save the Planet

I wish to address 2 of my several responders.  Loren L Pace says in so many words after reading my Mar 31st letter,  “ I don’t know whether to laugh at Terry Cook or to feel sorry for him.”

We have a chance to save the planet with the use of hemp and hydrogen.  Not one word or sentence I have written was intended to be laughed at, and please do not feel sympathy for me, mainly because I consider myself the luckiest and richest man on earth even thou I intend on never making more than $250,000.00 a year.

James H. Miller has written 2 letters concerning my statements.  I acquired a larger than lifetime goal in 1965 that rendered vast amounts of knowledge from my many creative acquaintances along with documented facts I mention coming from books and magazines.  Mr. Miller believes there is no such thing as an all electric locomotive or a jet plane fueled by hydrogen.  He wonders where I will get the electricity to make hydrogen.  The answer is blowing in the wind and from the power of the sun.  A lot of your statements are true but some are not.  You profoundly state that gasoline and diesel are marvelous fuels.  Marvelous to the oil industry, yes, to the world, no.  You also proclaim, a gallon of ethanol has the same energy content regardless of where it comes from, whether it be from corn, cane, or hemp.  That statement is untrue. 100% cane or hemp fuel will run any engine quite well. Corn fuel requires to be mixed with gasoline or oil.

We have the chance to open up a new world of opportunity for everyone not just a few.  The hemp and hydrogen economies will serve us in several ways.  Reverse global warming, stop our nation’s downward spiral while bringing the wealthy and the poor closer.   Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

Distributed Generation Association

How many hundreds of millions of families depend on natural gas to heat their home and water?  It is the cheapest and easiest, but it is no way the cleanest.  Natural gas puts out more greenhouse gases and carbon-monoxide than gasoline or diesel fuel.  You are burning a fossil fuel that is a limited supply commodity.  Supplies will peck in the next decade.  The future needs for energy will constantly rise and so will the price of electricity and fuel.  Natural gas rates will double in the next two years, then double every year after that.  Making natural gas available to fuel a motor vehicle is bad for the world and it’s people, but good for the supplier, because they will be able to deplete the supply sooner and thus raise the price quicker.  Why did the U.S. government give our local energy group a pile of money to make this negative activity come about?  It is called stupidity in the highest degree.

If you become a DGA (Distributed Generation Association) member this year, your gas station, electric, and natural gas bills will be nothing.  The excess electrical energy you do not need will go to the grid that will render you a check from the power company.  If you have to finance your solar collectors, wind mills, and hydrogen generator.  In one to four years your dept will be paid.  Being a DGA, makes a brighter future for you and the world.

We live on this earth for such a short time.  It is our responsibility to do

what is humanly possible to make a positive impact, now.  I have 4 goals that must be accomplished before I die.  My 2 most important, for the prevention of agony and lose of life are, cap all metal guard rails on all drag strips while making all strips completely safe for motorcycles.  The most crucial, for the well being of all God’s creatures, is to do everything possible to reverse global warming.  I am declaring WAR on those two missions that must be carried out.  Every person and company I deal with, will be my friend or my enemy, it’s their choice. Terry Cook

Loren Pace

Mr. Pace has not read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” or “Internal Combustion”.  If he had, he would not be making such stupid statements.

Last month, my old Sunday School Teacher told me, “They’re not going to allow you to do what you are intending to do.”

At least 8,000 U.S. citizens are making at least 124 million dollars a year.  Then you have people making a lot more than that. James H. Miller and Loren Pace says, “What I propose to do, can’t be done.”  “ If it could, it would have already been done by the rich and powerful.”  Guess What!!! The cronies and the rich like it like it is.  Keep all Americans co-dependent instead of self-sufficient.  My future is in organizing and maintaining 200 million DGA’s.   A Distributed Generation Association member has their own drinking water, energy, food and puts out no greenhouse gases.  These people are concerned about the future well being of the generations to come. In the hydrogen economy, it is not the goal to make a few super rich but to have every person able to live life to it’s fullest in a productive manner while being a contributor to society.

Since my last letter on Aug 9, I have received very mixed reviews.  While standing in line at the Wal-Mart, a man approached me to say, “you don’t know me, but I know you, my family and I wish to thank you for your letters, your ideas, visions, and plan for a new direction giving us hope for the future.”  The next day while working, a man I have respected and admired for quite awhile said to me, “Cookie, Loren Pace sure cut you a new one.”  I said, “I know, that’s what I hoped he would do”.  Then my friend stated, “All your letters mean nothing, are a complete waste of paper, nothing is going to change in our lifetime, we are going to use the oil and coal till its gone, we have too much invested to change, and we’ll be putting people out of work.”

I say, “For every one job lost, I’ll have 9 good jobs.”   Terry Cook

We Must Not Fail in the Most Important Task Ever Bestowed Upon Us

Oxygen makes up 21% of the air at zero to a thousand feet above sea level. If that percent were to increase ½% it would increase the chance of wild fires by 70%.  If  it were to increase to 25% the entire earth would completely burn up.  The amount of methane gas gathered around the stratosphere (7 miles up) is the determining factor in the percent of oxygen in the air we breathe.  The more methane, the higher percent of oxygen and  higher air temperature  When our average earth temperature increases a ½ degree it will start the process of melting the ice capped pockets of methane gas currently trapped in the far northern and southern regions of the earth.  It’s a triple whammy folks.  There is 400 million metric tons of methane gas trapped.  If one or two million tons are released, we’re toast. Our future generations are depending on us to take actions to stop or reverse global warming.  If we do not accomplish this mission, we will have failed in the most important task ever bestowed upon us.  Two years ago, I was going to start writing letters to the editor to make aware of the facts I have written in my last 15 letters but I delayed it mainly because of the conversation I had with the previous head of the letter to the editor Joy Brown.  She said global warming is a farce made up by the environmentalist.  All talk show host at that time shared that outlook. What a difference a couple of years can make.  We were kept stupid by the ruling cronies.  The times they are a changing.  The hydrogen economy and the hemp industry is coming, both trillion dollar industries.  Terry Cook