New School Not Old Ways

Thank you Mr. Robert Dockery for your July 16 letter.  The thought of building a school for the future without incorporating today’s technology is completely insane!

Our taxpayers need NOT spend one cent for natural gas, electricity from a coal burning or nuke power plant, or buy one drop of oil in any form.

The rain water from the parking lots and roof tops will be used, not running to the creeks like most of the parking lots of the University of Findlay nor sent underground to soak into the soil. Drinking, showers, laundry, growing food and algae, and lets make some hydrogen to fuel all internal combustion engines including the school buses.  Let’s teach our students all about being prepared for the future.  How a person can be more self sufficient and a contributor to society.  Before I wrote this letter to the editor, there was no plans to use rain water for any purpose.  That letter and a call to the head of the school board changed the coarse as far as the new Glenwood Elementary School.  To bad the other new schools being built did not follow suit.

The two most important assets to be acquired and maintained in life are Love and Health.  Education and Communication are the two keys for any person or group to progress in a positive direction.

I am sick of seeing our bus drivers and students sucking up diesel fumes from our school buses.  How stupid is that!

The times, they are a changing.  I was interviewed by the University of Michigan’s Government Survey Dept. with the Director asking me questions of why am I so happy about where we are going to make a better country and world.  I was asked what I thought the price of gasoline will go down to in the next year and what it will be in two years and why?  $2.25 and $4.25.  The Hydrogen Economy is coming, that will be just one of the effects.  It’s called growing pains that will be fully realized to have been well worth it.  The Director proclaimed this one hour interview to be the most enlightening and uplifting he has ever experienced.  I’m writing a book and making a movie, so be careful what you say to me. Terry Cook