Sen Bernie Sanders is our way to prevent the destruction of our planet

There is a simple rule in life. “You always get what you give, in life, and in love.” If we love this country and your brothers & sisters, you must know it is time to give in the effort to win this War to Survive. Two ways, vote for Bernie and go green. By becoming a DGA (distributed generation association) member, and by giving in those manners. will bring forth a new nation, brought back to the givings of our founding father’s wisdom of what this country should and will be. T.C.

Terry Cook with, The Self Sufficient Revolution starts here, and goes where no man has ever went before. Why? That is a story in it’s self, not important, that will be history. Now and the future, is changing faster than ever, because of the War to Survive. Our backs are up against the wall people. We fight, or we die…

Fracking and the Keystone Pipeline and the people who voted for it, are our second Midway. Make all three, history topics, then the turning point of this War will be history. If, we lose these three missions, we DIE… At least I will, when I have to answer the question asked by my great grandchildren. “Grandma & Grandpa, why did you allow this to happen, didn’t you love us, you knew we were coming?” The answer is, because we were misinformed yea, that’s it. No, is was because we were stupid and gutless. Well, we are no longer ignorant, we know the difference between right and wrong, but the big question is, are we gutless? OK, I can understand being afraid to take on the cronies. That is exactly what we are doing folks, make no bones about it. We have no choice, we can not say, “we tried, but we just couldn’t do it, because we are so meek and powerless.”

We need 200 million strong and forthright citizens to make Bernie Sanders our next President to lead us into a far more positive direction with the only idea that has been 45 years in the making, to launch the hemp industry making 50,000 products, the hydrogen, and self-sufficient economy in all fifty states. Now we have NO excuse to NOT, take our Freedom, Liberty, and Country back.

Master Kevin Cullen’s quote for the day ” Your best bet at success isn’t setting a goal, it is instead creating a star in your heart that powers your feet in the direction of the goal.”

  • Terry Cook I have another quote for today. “We must build a star that shows the light of where we must go and how we will get there. That Star has been snuffed out with people being killed that came up with ideas to end our living in a modern day dark age. Good news folks. The Star is coming back, brighter and stronger to give us the power to go a far more positive direction for the good of all God’s creatures.” Top Cat II