Fossel Fuel vs Hydrogen

It’s no wonder, most of the world hates us.  The average American uses 8,000 lbs of oil, 4,700 lbs of natural gas, 5150 lbs of coal, and one tenth of a pound of uranium a year.  The U.S. makes up 5% of the world’s population.  We consume 25 percent of the world’s energy, put out 30% of the earth’s carbon dioxide emissions.  6.6 tons green house gases are emitted per person yearly.  82% emissions comes by burning fossil fuel to generate electricity, autos, trucks, trains, buses, and planes.  Other contributing factors are, methane gas from landfills, modern agriculture practices, natural gas pipelines, and industrial chemicals.

The last century has rendered us addicted to oil and stupid practices. That now threatens to destroy us and our planet. The rulers had their hey day. Their ruling days are over.  The Hydrogen and Hemp economy is in the very near future. The average person does not know that yet.  I wonder why.

Hydrogen is a straight line projecting ever upward. It is available to all.  We have a chance to be on the forefront of the business of developing, manufacturing, using, and marketing the fuel cells and the accompanying equipment that goes with distributed generation.  By using the power of the sun and wind we generate electricity to make clean hydrogen from water.  Store the oxygen and hydrogen to be used in fuel cells, to fuel any internal combustion engine, generate you own electricity, and send your excess to the power grid.  By doing so you have become a DGA, Distributed Generation Association member.  A DGA puts out no added CO2s, using their hydrogen for heat and transportation fuel, uses no fossil fuel or natural gas, puts out no green house gases, and uses no public electricity. Is that cool or what?  Terry Cook

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