Our first mission for all United Patriots

Our first mission for all United Patriots is to get Bernie in the White House on the Democrat Ticket for 8 years and then we will see our most costly, with the most tyranny over the mind of mankind and her or his family, War on Drugs, END. This is a little rap song I wrote under the picture of the President and Hillary. Smooth and seamless is lots better than rough and jagged. Both are in a Party, that has been bought but we’re not bragging. One has Koch and Monsanto money, stuffed in her shoe box and one does not, and this is the land of the free, that was bought. We have fracking for something that is better than coal, when indeed we need not any more, has paid a toil. Continue to trash what we eat, drink, and live in, shows how far we have come and who is winning? The game of life will take a turn, for the common man for sure. Only with the Patriots doing their duty, will come progress with a booty, worth far more than green money of something that does not come easy. Courage and fortitude, is what we must have, to bring back freedom or go to the grave. We’re not ready, to give up on things that were taken, that what was given by our founding fathers, there will be no mistaking. We are coming to get what was ours, back. No matter how hopeless, no matter how far. We will make this heavenly cause our mission to reach the unreachable STAR

3 thoughts on “Our first mission for all United Patriots

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