Its time to take our country back

The timing is absolutely perfect for us to do what must be done to make things right.  We are going to take our country back to what our founding fathers and mothers laid down many years ago.  We have allowed the rulers to have their way for over a hundred years. They played on many people’s fear and stupidity. They probably took lessons from the cronies doing their thing in the dark ages.  China and Russia were using the most important plant on earth to make the finest clothing, lamp oil, food, rope, sails, medicine and paper.  They used that very high quality and long lasting paper, to write on the wisdom gained, by the people over time. That enabled them the ability to refine the writings over the years, thus making them the smartest people on earth compared to the other regions that were killing people for possessing books of any kind.  The tyrant’s philosophy was to keep everybody as stupid as possible, to rule and kill any one getting out of line.                    Make no bones about it, when you educate people to take charge of their life and take advantage of what the Lord has given them and that in turn, stimulates their economy, that makes the rulers very mad.  They see the tight stranglehold that they once had over the common people, being completely loosened.  No matter how rich the rich get, they are very uptight when they don’t make as much money as the year before, even thou they have enough to last a hundred life times. They are called greedy gluttons.  We have allowed them to take our country and turn this earth into a repository of oil and poisonous chemicals and call the shots on taking freedom away from the lower class, including the women and men that fulfilled their military obligation.  Fighting for freedom is the most honorable accomplishment a person can achieve.  “Give me Liberty or give me Death” is what a brave man said along time ago.  So, are we going to honor this man called Nathan Hale, or are we going to spit on his grave?  The answer to that question is, yes we will honor that man and any other Veteran of this country.  2 or 3 hundred million of my friends and I are going take our freedom and liberty back.  At least half my employees will be veterans and at least half will be women.
Hillary Clinton proclaimed in the year 2007 if she is elected president, the first thing she would do is take 100 million dollars to find a cure for cancer.  No amount of money is going to accomplish that task, but I know something that will.  Stop ingesting and breathing poison.  It is time to legalize hemp and get rid of what is killing us.  Make products and buildings of all kinds, using natural materials.  Yes, you guessed it, hemp makes the best products such as plywood, sub flooring, carpeting, support beams, roof shingles, fire resistant insulating board, tires, and replace anything else that is currently using fossil fuel,  with the people and soil friendly, hemp.                                                                             Over 90% pregnant women in this country have insecticide in their blood.  Quit spraying 127 million pounds of chemical pesticides on our yards to end up in the drinking water, stop putting fluoride in tooth paste and in drinking water, and don’t consume food that has been micro-waved.  Monsanto has a free ticket to dump GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS in the food we consume and the food that is feed to our livestock.    China does not allow GMOs in their food. China has fewer political prisoners than the U.S.                                                                             By legalizing hemp, the livestock can eat the most nutritious food on earth with no harmful chemicals.  85% of our corn, 91% of soy, and 88% of cottonseed have GMOs for consumption.  Stop breathing and eating chemicals and oil.   It is wrapped around and in our food.
Abe Lincoln used hemp lamp oil as did 90% of the world. It burnt cleaner and brighter than it’s closet competitor, whale oil, and it won’t give you a headache like kerosene will.
Just about everybody knows Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine.  What most people are not aware of is, that engine was made to run on vegetable oil, not dirty rotten diesel fuel.       Top Cat

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