We are planting hemp April 20, 2017 to save our planet

America, are WE ready to follow the Canadian Nation and grow industrial hemp???????
Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, It is a disgrace that Ohio is #1 in opiate deaths, and California is #2 with CA being three times bigger in area and three times larger in population. Our nation owns the largest poppy fields and still lists cannabis as a drug, narcotic, and has no medical benefit.
If you still believe what our government has embedded into your brain cells your whole life, you are still among the born, raised, and herded meek sheep.
Nowadays, most of us have evolved to know what is right and what is wrong.
The National American Legion is petitioning the new administration to allow all veterans the right to smoke the herb.
All opiate addicts also deserves the right to get their lives back. For heroin addicts to be forbidden the use of a proven remedy (the best) is as stupid as cutting down green trees to make paper.
Our Ohio Universities are still waiting for the hemp seeds to grow for research to see if there is any benefit for the world’s most valuable plant.
I am ashamed to live in Findlay, a town who puts a 2 year wait on cannabis growers and dispensaries, and has Boogie on Main St to show our youth booze drinking is cool.
4 or 5 years ago it was suggested Hancock County to be renamed Cook County. A far more appropriate name would be Common Senseless County.
States that have legalized recreational marijuana have enjoyed at least a 25% reduction in opiate deaths, and a reduction of youth usage.
If you believe marijuana is the gateway drug, you are as deranged as Hillary Clinton. thetopcatplan.com, Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, vetsforbernie.org for Congress

350 billion will do the trick

Yes, the price of one jet bomber, 350 billion will begin the mission to take control of our own destiny. Not herded around like a bunch of dummies. Here you seen the Most loved man, in our little country. We are so very lucky this man, and these 4 ladies are alive. I am talking about Dr Jill Stein, Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, and Liz Warren. 5 people with good hearts brings, hundreds of millions to once again have hope in our hearts. 15 months ago I announced to our monthly gathering of writers to the editor in thecourier.com, that Bernie will be our next President. Everyone there laughed, I asked why??? One poison word Socialist!!!!! Findlay Marathon USA, Ohio (#1 Most ungreen and most overdoses from smack) is purely a Republican town of 45,000. We have Boogie on Main St where we can show our youth how cool it is to drink beer with the Lady Mayor. We have a 2 year wait on pot growers and dispensers. This is how lame we are here.
So my reply to everyone that morning was. “Most here do not know the true meaning of Socialist. That one misinformed meaning of a word, is far outweighed by the facts that this man walks with the truth, and he brings us hope!!!!!” Yes folks, we are going green in every way. When Bernie and his Wife & Guide Dr Jane said, “Lets do this!” That launched our our Green & Political Revolution. 1 year later we have Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, the largest gathering of American Natives (Water Protectors), huge amount of divesting from fossil oil, and US (the 99%). Without this beauty man and his Family bringing on our Greatest Movement in the our history, we would not have, what most believed we would never in our lifetime see happen. vetsforbernie.org for Congress, Citizens Committee for a Restructure Government, thetopcatplan.com.

First Take ESPNII Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Will Cain are very lame

A friend of mine was bitching because he was being called a traitor for asking questions or challenging ignorant things occuring. The same logic that says marijuana is the gateway drug. If anybody here watches First Take on ESPN 2. My computer was down during the time (3 weeks ago), they had Will Cain, Max Kellerman, and Stephen A Smith. So I am going to raise hell on all three of their stupid remarks. Question was should pot be legal in all sports?? All 3 said Hell No! Steve Kerr Coach of the Golden State Warriors proclaimed it past due time to realize Big Pharm’s medicine is no good. So his brave statement brought that question. The comments were, Don’t want the children getting it. Just because it has never killed anybody, not as bad as booze and tobacco, still a bad choice. They are not stupid, just misinformed or not informed of the facts. Those guys did not read the Late & Great Jack Here’s, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” Nor did they Yahoo, The Scientific and Real Facts About the Cannabinoids in Cannabis. to get the 3 hour video on the wonders of the greatest plant on earth. Cannabis and Green Hydrogen are the 2 rocks in our foundation in saving our planet from the crony’s rule. Now days we come in 2 colors. Black is evil, coal, fossil oil, and the poison products coming from it. Green is good, and conscientious of what is right, and what is wrong. thetopcatplan.com, vetsforbernie.org, Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government

The Largest Gathering of American Natives

A friend was saying it is mind blowing, people voted for Hilllary to keep Trump out instead of voting green. I love what you are saying because it is so true, but hate the fact it is so pathetic. It blew my mind when I asked a hundred, people on the street a day the question, Ever hear of the name Jill Stein of the Green Party???? 99 out of a hundred never heard of her. This is Jill Stein, the Green Party, and all of our faults. Lack of education and communication is what has kept us living in a modern day dark age from the time Abe Lincoln’s hemp lamp oil was muscled out with Rockefeller’s jet fuel till now. Most of us were not aware of how we have been herded around. Our 1 year old Green & Political Movement has brought many huge benefits. The largest gathering of American Natives, Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, vetsforbernie.org, United Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, thetopcatplan.com to go green in every way, and the biggest surge of divesting in industries who are not green, to go for green projects. Some times it takes a bitch slapping, or knocked on your ass, to wake you up. Trump may serve for 2 purposes. (1) the very tool to wake every one up. (2) If he signs An Act of War. What War??? Our current War to Survive what we have allowed to happen. What bill will he sign???? The return of the, “1942 Hemp for Victory” Most of you are asking yourselves what, the hell is that??? The fact “Hemp for Victory” was wiped out of every history book and in every publication. In 90 days, we are planting our first crop of industrial hemp on a major scale. With or without Trump. So this opportunist with have the chance to look like a genius, or like a fool, trying to arrest people for growing Non THC cannabis. Most people have not a clue how much U.S. dollars go to Canada for hemp. So we will create and maintain 20 million green jobs. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner, and Liz U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren need to go to the GREEN Party in the near future

We will not go to war for oil or compete for nukes

We will NEVER go to war for oil or any other dumb ass reason!!!!!! There are good hearted souls in our country, doing good things. We now have huge amounts of divesting from fossil, to go green in every way. This is a major contributor in our fast growing Movement! Our people are so tried of reading about the Russians and Hillary!!!!!Right on, they are so insignificant!!! We are full guns into our Green & Political Movement, that brings huge amounts of positive green energy. We have a new direction!!!!!! 4 minutes, 20 seconds into the inauguration, we will be given the order to, “Lightem if you gottem!!! 4,200 on sight for the world to see our new direction. If Trump has a lick of sense, he will sign An Act of War!!!! What war??? OUR current War to Survive!!!!! (what WE have allowed to happen) Sign what Bill????? RETURN of 1942 “Hemp for Victory”!!!!! We are planting hemp in every county, every state, province, and territory in 90 days!!! With or without Trump…. The people of our Revolution are giving The World for Donald Trump the opportunity to go down in history as looking real good or, very foolish. This is our present to you Donald Trump is My President. Use it wisely or pay a BIG price….. Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, thetopcatplan.com, vetsforbernie.org

Yes, we know what the trip is

The rainbow of HOPE. The 99% have more hope in their hearts right now, than any other time in history. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and his Wife & Guide Dr Jane, we now know what the trip is, on things we previously did not have a clue, and we have the largest gang of Veterans, rebels, warriors, united patriots beginning to believe in ourselves. That is how hope is measured. My friends and I have these things, just a year ago, we did not. So we are feeling more confident, focused, and know we are in the War to Survive!!!!! We were talking about our current and future Presidents. Both will go down in history, as breaking records of stupid actions. Some by accident, most on purpose. Trump has the chance to look very wise, border line genius. Legalize the growing of hemp to immediately throw a charge into our farm and businesses like we have never seen before. Yes, President Trump, Sign the Bill to Return of 1942, “Hemp for Victory”. We are planting in 90 days. The beginning of our new direction to go green in every way. Production of hemp products made, transported, and used in an environmental manner, in your state, with good jobs that will never leave this country, and make America Great Again!!!! Just like Donald said. He said that when he had not a clue of where we must go, how we will get there, and the wonders of the most important plant on earth. Some times, people luck out. Trump may be one, if he uses his head. Green hydrogen is our other rock, in the foundation to bring back many things we lost along the way. thetopcatplan.com vetsforbernie.org Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government, Wes Clark Jr. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, the largest gathering of water protecting American Natives, and US (the 99%)

Bernie is still the greatest

The #1 Most loved man in our nation!!! vetsforbernie.org for Berner’s Congress. A year a half ago, I proclaimed he would be our next President to the Saturday monthly gathering of the writers to the editor, in thecourier.com. This is Findlay (Marathon USA), Ohio (nation’s #1 Most ungreen state, and #1 in heroin deaths). Well needless to say, I was laughed at by all of the 85 year olds circled around 5 tables with Pete the editor. He said, NEVER!!! I said, he walks with the truth, he brings us hope, and mark my words this man and his wife will pack every stadium he is allowed to perform better than the Rolling Stones. They said, don’t matter. 1 word, he’s a socialist!!! I said, you say that like it is something bad. Pete said, I know it shouldn’t be, but it is. Many told me in private, they will NOT allow it. End of story folks. He reached for the unreachable star. He did not die of a heart attack (today’s avenue of execution), he did not win the primaries. but what happened is so big you will never hear of it on the nightly news. But you will see the after math of the it very day, if you know where to look.InsideSources.com is my favorite. Watch for the amount of divesting from black to go green. Education & Communication are the keys, and we have them in the ignition, using what we have, because we know we are in the War to Survive, what we have allowed to happen. How do you fix anything broken???? Know how it works and the function of all components, gives you the ability to trouble shoot the problem. In 1968 my personal war against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man began, 2 years after serving as the Marine Corps’ Top Trouble Shooter in worn out heavy equipment, resulting in my 47 years in the making thetopcatplan.com to make our country great again. Not in crony planet trashing energy, but in becoming the leader in going green in every way.. I began inventing ways to make green hydrogen better than anybody else in a vehicle going down the road, semi trailer sitting or moving, and in your own barn or garage. I will never patent anything ever. Rulers come knocking on your door. My point in this message is Bernie launched us!!!!!

Bernie & his Guide Dr Jane were the launchers, Jill and Ajamu are the closers

I am staying on Face Book Public. I get posts on my timeline removed, get blocked but not recently. 4 years ago I went public on what I have been up to for 42 years. I waited for the right time. Along comes Bernie & Jane. That launched our Green & Political Revolution. Bernie & Dr Jane started this movement by their instructions. Those two Patriots need not do anything more in our mission to bust the fuck out of the 2 party system!!!! Sir Bernard got confronted. Then comes Jill into our hearts. Perfect timing for us in many ways. I would have bet a years pay they would not allow DR Stein in the national debates. They tested the waters, having her attacked by women at first, then the men. Our Folk Rock Star happens to be the world’s best debater. She laughs in their faces, chews them up, spits them out!!! I pity the fool, who goes against the earthiest lady that walks with the truth, has not been bought, and we are going Green in every way!!!! Not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Not ever been done before. Most deemed that action to be too dangerous, and it is impossible. My personal war against all forms of tyranny against the mind of man, began after doing 2 years in the Nam as a Marine like Tyson Manker in the Iraq War, of vetsforbernie.org for Congress. My Brother Tyson was in the most terrible war. He got his ass booted out with no VA benefits for smoking one fucking joint. He was told, if he did not turn in his buddies that served with him, they would put him away for 50 years. I loved my friends but I hate the crouch!!!! I am asking all ex-Marines to vote for Stein & Baraka. terry cook/ thetopcatplan.com

David Cobb, campaign Manager for the Green Party’s Dr Jill Stein

Yes David Cobb, it is the greatest movement of a new direction to end tyranny over the mind on mankind and their families. I ask at least a hundred people on the street every day including Sundays, if they have ever heard the name, Jill Stein???? The Day our 1,500 Bernie Face Book groups were marching off the cliffs from our Hero publicly endorsing the most hated woman on earth, I went to Jill, full guns loaded with silver bullets!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped her for several things. Not having a PLAN. Not ever speaking of the three major crucial ingredients to going green in every way. Launching the Green Hydrogen Economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry to bring 20 million jobs that will never leave this country. 2 months later, THE GREEN NEW DEAL, bringing 20 million jobs. 2 weeks later, Jill proclaims 25 million green jobs will come. I had to hear Trump’s Son say the magic words, not Jill Stein!!! The Green Hydrogen Economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not give a dam dime until I have a meeting with Jill on my 46 years in the making thetopcatplan.comto end our living in a modern day for the last 140 years. My personal war against tyranny over the mind of man began in 1968. I know far more than Our Folk Rock Star, on our new direction!!!! My research to trouble shoot where we must go to save our planet, regain our middle class, stop our downward spiral, and end our living in a modern day dark age. A year ago we were without hope, direction, or a plan. Now, we have those 3 assets to build our Green & Political Revolution to do what we should have done a long time ago. Nikola Tesla tried to show us the way. He made a mistake that I did not. He wanted to give the common people his technology. He died with pocket change and 600 patents. I have not or will ever patent any of my inventions or designs!!!!!!! Good way to have the world energy people knocking at your door, with a offer I can’t refuse. Those people have nothing I want or need. Going green in every way makes the common man fit in that category. We have all the magic ingredients to reach for the Unreachable Star. I have been reaching, researching, trouble shooting, planning, inventing to bring me the where we, have arrived. Joined up with all Bernie and Jill Face Book Groups, post more with the most substance. I probably get blocked or posts removed from my timeline as anybody. I am demanding a response from Jill Stein and Ajamu Baracka!!!!!!!

Why do we still call marijuana a drug????? Stupidity!!!!!

Guess what folks???????? Marijuana is not a drug!!!!!!!!! A drug is something that can kill you if you take too much!! Like the trillion dollar legal pill industry that kills an American every 26 seconds. This is the true meaning of a drug!!!!!! Any substance that alters the body in ways nature didn’t intend is a drug!!!!!!! Well it just happens that all animals have a cannabinoid receptor system installed by nature from the beginning of time. Why do we have that?????? When we eat, drink, or smoke marijuana it brings in 70 cannabinoids into the body for the enhancement of the function of all organs and functions of our body. If you smoke pot your whole life, you will have the greatest immune system, lungs and brain working to keep from getting dementia, diabetes, arthritis, and it enables you to sleep well. White sugar is a drug, more addictive than cocaine in all its forms, and has killed people ever year. Not as many as cigarettes or booze. It is time we lose the refer madness brought to you by the cronies. Please go to Yahoo, The Scientific and Real Facts About the Cannabinoids in Cannabis. to get the 3 hour video of how marijuana is the greatest substance on earth to kill, stop from spreading, and talks the cancer cells into committing suicide. Learn the three medical names of these functions for better health. We had cannabis as 90% of our medicine for 85 years in our country. Why is that? Because it works!!!!!!! No side affects like all pharmaceutical medicine. Making cannabis illegal in 1937 in the United States was the most dastardly act ever for the health of the human race. 80% of the fossil plastic pollution floating or at the bottom of all creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans would not be there. We have allowed our world to be trashed in the name of greed for the 1%. Everybody should be able to grow 2 dozen plants for a family to maintain health and happiness. We know the American Medical Association, prison for profit, alcohol, tobacco, big oil, cutting down trees for paper hate the devil weed and would like to destroy every seed on this planet!! thetopcatplan.com vetsforbernie.org for Congress   Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka for the Oval Office.