Protection of our farmland is essential

This is my next letter to the editor in which should appear from March 16-18, 2017. Hopefully in my favorite spot, last letter for the day on Saturday. John Nicholson President of has installed me as Commander of OHIO’s Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government Constitutional MILITIA. Our first Mission, to defend our farmland this year from anybody thinking they they feel the need, or are paid by the cronies, to destroy our State’s industrial hemp crops. Our message to the world, we are growing the most important plant on earth for many good reasons. 1) Our dirt is almost dust in the wind worth nothing, 2) For every 168 acres planted, which takes 1 semi truck load 50,000lbs. Brings in $6,000,000.00 into the farmer’s economy per season. We have 2 in Ohio. 3) Our planet is depending on you, to begin the process of restoring top soil health, and to do it in a green fashion. Use the power of the sun, wind (like never before), and your downspout water to make green hydrogen for cooking, heat, to enhance fuel efficiency in all internal combustion engines, fuel cells, and have on demand electricity with little or no battery backup. You will also be able to afford our design aerator system that does not strip the nutrients out, and a Hemp composite water tower with hemp plumping. Your animals will be eating what God and Nature intended. The most dastardly action on mankind, all creatures, and Mother Earth, was 1937 Tax Act to make hemp illegal. That is OVER!!!!!! Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

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