Return of Hemp for Victory

Separating children from their parents, what the fuck!!!! It’s called, Tyranny over the mind of man’s children. Gone to live as slaves. We have a minimum of 100,000 missing every year in this country, 3,000,000 world wide. I have been posting the fact we are in the War to Survive (What we have allowed to happen) for 4 years. I have never heard anybody on all of FaceBook, Yahoo, or Google refer to it as that. I also have never seen the following words from U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein – The Greater Good, Not The Lesser Evil, nor anybody else, homemade green hydrogen, hemp charcoal, encased vertical wind turbine putting out 30 times more power than any propeller type, hemp composite plumbing, water towers, and aerodynamic water buffaloes, or the hemp, self-sufficient, and green hydrogen ECONOMY?????? All of these hemp items are essential for our survival. We have been fracked to pieces, NOT any more!!!!!!!! Our new name for our War is, “The War Of GOOD & GODLY, OVER EVIL” We are growing industrial HEMP as soon as the ground is no longer freezing. With each of the 2 seasons, we have in Ohio, brings $6,000,000.00 into the farmer’s economy for each 50,000 lb semi-truck load of seeds planting 168 acres. Our first mission as Rebels, Warriors, United Patriots, and Comrades of the Ohio’s Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government Constitutional MILITIA, is to protect our farmland from destruction from anybody. Like Monsanto, paid thugs from big oil, paid evil militia, or any of the trump dumb fucks. We are bringing back “1942’s Hemp for Victory” Our legal Staff of Attorneys are hot on that. Headed up by Ex-Marine Iraq Veteran, State of Illinois Attorney of Law Tyson Manker John Nicholson, 2011 “Free Your Mind” video will enlighten you on many facts. Fact #1) We must take them OUT, Not out for lunch!!! Treason is still a capital offense.

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