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Thank all of you brave & outspoken patriots!!!! This will be the year to always remember. What has transpired from 3 years ago is truly mind blowing. Nothing is more important than to grow hemp in every county, state, province, and territory, yet we are waiting for the official OK, to save our planet. How SPECIAL!!!!!!! Our land is still being taken from being once great & good. Is now a piece of shit worth nothing. Our air, soil, and water must be cleaned!!!! Hemp is by far our most valuable plant for making oxygen, enriching our worn out & poisoned topsoil, and bringing back to life water. 80% of the pollution in our oceans would not be there, if the most dastardly action of making hemp illegal to grow. John Nicholson & I are in the process of entering Richard Branson’s 2009 “Context for the Best Plan to Save Our Planet”. We are using the Internet is every way, to announce our combined ideas that address what must be done, where we are going, how we are getting there, and the wonders of cannabis & homemade green hydrogen, which are the 2 rocks in our foundation. Please go to, by going to the 2nd page first post, you have John Nicholson’s plan of addressing not only saving our Mother Earth, but who our enemies are, what their plans and everyday practices are, and how we propose to attack. This is the World’s Most Important War to Survive what we have allowed to happen. Together John’s and our plan, has no competition. Like Mr Nicholson proclaims in his 2012 “Free Your Mind” video, “If anybody has better ideas and plan, please come forth”!!!!!!! Guess what folks???? Nobody else, has troubleshot and come up with what must happen to indeed, save humanity. animal life, and our Planet.                                                       Dear Terry,
Here is the synopsis you requested.
In 1996, CCRG ( and affiliates attempted to create a civilian oversight committee. The committee would report to the masses/people. All covert and treasonous activities (such as the importation of heroin and other drugs into our nation that fund black projects) are being used against us through various behavioral and genetic control technologies. Our cell phone networks are one such example. Back in the early 90’s, we originally designed a cell phone network that would operate on a light frequency, rather than the brain tumor causing/genetic manipulating microwave cell phone technology used today.
The establishment will not stop the treason of over 100,000+ children being ritually murdered and raped each year. No official investigations will be held, regardless of how much money they claim to have or be worth.
Highly toxic and carcinogenic chem-trails are being sprayed from aircraft across the globe and are having detrimental effects on all of us.
At present, our government/military establishment operates under the 1947 National Security Act. This allows them to legally rape, torture, and experiment upon the people with no accountability. All wars and terrorism are funded by demonic masonic entities that are behind the ritual murder and rape of children, our environment, and our nation. Proof available upon request. Nearly ALL terrorism (including 9/11) is funded by the USA government/CIA.
The withdrawal of our troops (from over 130 countries) that are raping our own female service members and children is paramount. They kill innocent civilians that are not terrorists and the government powers are flooding our streets with tons of heroin that the troops are guarding in countries like Afghanistan.
We also need the implementation of planetary healing sciences, social healing sciences, and the creation of an economy based on healing each other and our environment; rather than profiting from it’s destruction. Real healthcare, not satanic eugenics and disease management, is what’s needed. The creation of millions of jobs in suppressed technologies like hydrogen, cold fusion, and solar is what we propose as well .
The establishment wishes to appease everyone with promises of financing and provide no real neutralization of the evil that compromises and destroys our world daily.
Please review our mission statement and feel free to put it up against anything/anyone else.
Please pray that we are implemented as our nations’ first civilian intelligence oversight committee. We will report directly to the people and implement all the beneficial technologies to heal our world.
Please contact the new Trump regime by sending a letter demanding the implementation of CCRG as our nations’ first civilian intelligence oversight committee. If you require any additional information before doing so, please contact our office anytime.
Nearly ALL terrorism (including 9/11) is funded by the USA government/CIA.
Share this link and send it out to as many in your circles of solution as possible (aka: your real friends of mission and purpose).
If you would like a government of, by, and for the people; DEMAND our implementation.
God Bless.
John Nicholson
3 Years Ago
See Your Memories
Terry Cook
April 16, 2014 ·
2 year old post. Oh,the EPA got it wrong!!!!! Surprise, surprise, surprise, as Gomer Plye USMC would say!!! Who would have thought fracking is harmful, especially after the experts say, it is safe for all drinking water, soil, and air. It brings trashing this earth to a new high level which is no surprise. Thetopcatplan is the way to get completely away from all fossil fuel and poison chemicals. Fracking must stop and the Keystone pipeline project must die unless you are going to use it to transport hemp oil or fuel. Top Cat II
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