A letter of sponsorship to Godaddy.com

Attn: Barb Rechterman, Chief Marketing Officer and all employees of GoDaddy.   Please review www.thetopcatplan.com   This website is only a couple years old. AOL states the worth of thetopcatplan is $1,300.00. I am approaching your company on several subjects. (1) Take thetopcatplan.com to the next level. (2) Sponsorship for two very good looking, skilled, and experienced ladies that wish to become the first two women in the world to run 200 mph in the quarter mile on a fuel injected, high gear Pro-Fuel Harley. I have the finest 3 nitro Harley crew chiefs and the most stylish and aerodynamic fuel bikes with my original design. (3) Build Danica Patrick and Barb Rechterman their completely custom, easy to handle, immediately recognized as one of those, having options all other builders have not ever dreamed of choppers. We only build for ladies. We are offering you a service that a man can not have. (4) Be the main sponsor of our reality show entitled, “The Adventures of Top Cat II and his sidekick Roscoe the cattle dog. The show will have more substance that all others combined. All ladies that have us built their scooter, have the option of what drag strips get made to be safe for motorcycles in their and or their company’s name, the option to go on Dancing with the Stars with me as their partner, and also after being schooled, make a 1/8 mile pass on one of our 9 inch wide tire fuel bikes resulting on you running where the brave dare not go.

 Education & communication are the basic key elements that makes it possible to progress in a positive direction. That is what your company is all about. Go to You-Tube Matt 45895 to get my two songs. They will be replaced with better quality videos soon.
 You can have the best idea in the world, but sometimes it is just a matter of timing. Success comes from team work with all team members compensated well in a business that uses everybody’s creative ideas. Send one or a group of your people to our place to show you the many designs and ideas and converse on how we can make this a better world. 
For 21 months I was the Marine Corp’s top troubleshooter for all heavy equipment and forklifts in Vietnam in my 2 year tour, from 66 to 68.  Top Cat II