So an Army General gets no jail time for sexual asphalt

I served 4 years in the Marines, 65-69, 2 years in Vietnam. I received a General Court Marital, bust from corporal to private, sentenced to 9 months at hard labor in the hardest brig in the world, for possessing $5.00 worth of pot. There is an old saying, what does not kill you, serves to make you stronger. Having that occur, did make me stronger, in the effort to take our freedom, justice, and liberty back, thetopcatplan will not only get our freedom back, but will end, the living in a modern day dark age for the last 140 years. We are phasing out poison chemicals and fossil fuel use in this country. Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products, produced, transported, and used in a green manner. Thetopcatplan will launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states. We are going to put 20 million to work in good, long lasting, green jobs. Half employees will be veterans and the other half will be women. Any questions? Top Cat II