In response to the Courier’s Viewpoint, Economic disparity in the U.S.

There is a way folks. When we launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry, we will experience the biggest surge of positive actions ever in our history because of the countless benefits it brings to the common man, not the greedy gluttons. As far as any body being able to easily invest, it could not be easier. In, life is simple in many ways. 2 million dollars makes anybody a 50% investing partner in any one of the 17 green divisions in every state and 7 provinces. You will receive an yearly check for 1/4 million for the next 10 years and receive 7% on investing revenue. If you wish to invest in the original Brothers Choppers’ stocks, the pay back is at 5% interest, the absolute best way to invest is to invest in yourself.  Allow us to provide you with the equipment and technology to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member. It takes only a couple of years to get your money back because of your energy cost savings and having the ability to grow your own food and herbs while being among the coolest people on earth, mainly because you have become self-sufficient and you and your family no longer put out green house gases. Top Cat II

A DGA is a Distributed Generation Association member

We are maintaining the status as the #1 most un-green state, and we were 36th in this country to bring in the Viet Nam Veteran’s day. I suggest Ohio become the 2nd state to raise the min. wage to $10.00 per hour including waitress, movie theater, and hotel employees for many good reasons. If the voters say no, to that issue, we will continue to be #1 in being the most backward. The positive out weighs the negative by far. Actually I can’t think of a negative, but there are many positive affects. Reducing food stamps and welfare dependency, creates motivation to want to work while instilling a little self-esteem, and enhancing the economy in most industries. Back when the min. wage began, the theory was to increase as the cost of living raises, so it should at least $20.00.
The comments and questions to my web site are becoming very interesting. Can any scientist answer this question? How much hydrogen or water will leave the earth into the universe because we are using the power of the sun and wind to split the hydrogen and oxygen in your downspout water or out of the reservoirs? Also the hydrogen we use for heat and to fuel internal combustion engines? I believe if we were to have a billion DGAs in the world, and at least half of all heat and transportation was accomplished by hydrogen, we would not loose one additional drop of water off the face of the earth, because the exhaust product of burning hydrogen is water vapor.
Hemp charcoal can replace the total use of coal. Hemp can replace the total use of cotton, tobacco, all petroleum based products, and all reasons to burn any fossil fuel. We also do not need any nuke power, thank you, but we must have a plan to launch the hemp industry and the hydrogen economy. It will not just magically happen. brings the only plan to do just that. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio