The Pro-Fuel song, written 20 years ago, but waited for the right time

Intro: To have at least 600 horses between your legs, vibrating, pulsating, begging to to used and abused.  Crank that throttle, all Hell breaks loose, creating a blurred adrenaline rush for which you can not thoroughly describe, that’s Pro-Fuel.

2 fingers on the throttle, one on the brake, do a smokey burn out and don’t be late. Got to be cool, got to be quick, get off that line, a lickety split.  At the end of the drum roll.    99% Nitro-Methane will do the trick, ha ha ha ha ha, YEA !!!!

Crank that throttle and here we go, fly like Superman, not high but low.  Pulls like a freight train, good and hard, with an engine built to last 5 miles.  Jump out in front, pull that wheelie, keep on the throttle, good and plenty, you’ve gone ballistic all the way, I Can’t Ride, 55.

We’re fuel injected, got one gear.  When we’re under power, it’s a hard to steer.  Adventure, is the spice of life.  Break that tire loose, feels like, feels like your racing on ice.  It’s OK to get a little squirrel y, but you got to be quick, to get out early.  You’ve gone ballistic all the way, I CAN’T Ride, 55.

I can’t ride 55, I can’t race 65, I can’t drag race 95, and I can’t RIDE !!!, 55

There’s a basic rule while racing two wheels. Twice the thrill, twice the spill.   Ride Pro-Fuel all the way, beat, Jamie Johnny Ziggy, Mike Tony Drums, Steve Arnie, Kris Jim Chris, Dave Red Ray, Michael, and the Furr-Man some day.  Ride Pro-Fuel, Fly real low, get the rush, go cat go.

The revenue produced from this song is going to help the heavenly cause of capping all metal guard rails on all drag strips in this world, also included in my plan.  The marketing of the Medical Doctors Research Group’s Health Products, a book, a movie, many action packed motorcycle drag racing videos, and 10% of the original Brothers Choppers’ net profits, including $100,000.00 for every 1/2 a million dollar custom chopper built for famous ladies.  So come and see history being made in the effort to transform a hobby into a motor-sport with 3 full fields of fuel bikes plus 4 hand built dual engine funny trikes with roll cages with aerodynamic hemp composite roofs, some day in the not to distant future.  After a day of qualifying our motorcycles, we will be performing the Pro-Fuel song Saturday night at the Bowling Green, KY Beech Bend Drag Strip the 26th of Sept, 2015 with Ohio’s #1 biker’s band, the Diesel Rock Band, from Findlay, Ohio,  All will be on You-Tube brought to you by Bill Crusa and his crew of merry men and ladies.  We live in the inn crowd, we go where the inn crowd goes.  That being at the next AMRA Harley Drag Race event the 25-27th at our (Indy), Bowling Green, KY.   Top Cat II

Denial of pot facts is common

On May 15, Jim Synder came forth with the first real challenge on over 90 letters of facts on where we must go, how we will get there, and why has it taken so long. I brought up my military experience to bring to light of just one, out of several millions of great injustices that have occurred because of what should have never been, an illegal substance. There are people who are concerned about injustice in this country, but maybe you are one that is not, mainly because it has a questionable history of illicit use has you have stated.
You make the point that CNN came up with great findings. The fact the mind is altered depending on how many doobies you consume. Wow, I am impressed. There is a basic rule; when you have an action, it will bring a reaction. So why would you think smoking herb would be any different? The question is, was the action good or bad? Doesn’t everything you put in your body alter the brain? I don’t know, I am not a doctor. I am asking everybody to google up Scientific Research and real facts about the Cannabinoids in Cannabis. View the video and you will see how or why I assumed a connection between Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather and Harvard Medical. Take the time to learn more from that 3 hour video than everything you have ever learned on CNN or in your lifetime about the subject of devil weed. Your denial of the facts about cannabis is common in folks that have been lied to and fooled your whole life by the cronies who have ruled for 140 years.
I am a progressive. Progressives take our problems and lessons in life to make a better world. We do not sit in denial like people who ride motorcycles wearing tennis shoes and no gloves who believe they will never wreck, cigarette smokers or up-righteous citizens who believe if you obey all laws and take your pharmaceuticals you will be fine. T.C.


There’s a basic rule that applies to all people, individually, as a small, or large group.  Bob Dylan said it in a song along time ago.  “ If you’re not busy being born or growing, then you’ll be busy dying.”  Currently, we as a nation are dying harder and faster than any time in our history and the haves and the have-nots are currently farther apart than any other time.  Nobody knows what’s going to stop our downward spiral and once it does stop, we don’t know what direction to go to progress in a positive direction.  Most Americans know we can not do the next 100 years what we did the last 100, for this earth will be a piece of crap.  We don’t need one more drop of oil or one more bucket of coal to fulfill our energy needs.  The answer is blowing in the wind, the sun, your downspout water, and in 6% of our farm land.  Our future industry,  is supplying the masses with the equipment to be far more self-sufficient.

The authors of these two books, Internal Combustion and The Hydrogen Economy state, “They believe hydrogen CAN save our world.”  Jack Herer from the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes believed hemp COULD save the earth and it’s creatures.  I say, “Hydrogen and Hemp are GOING TO save our planet,” sending us in the most positive direction exceeding most people’s greatest expectations.

A cool religious man and his teenage son came to my house on George St. about a month ago, to give me some literature pertaining to enlightening me in the four ways to get to heaven.  I thanked him and I said I have something to share with him and his son.  I stated, “hemp and hydrogen are going to save this earth.  His reply was that, “God is going to save our planet.”  My reply to that was, “With the Lord’s help, OK but it’s not God’s job to do that, we messed it up, it’s our responsibility to fix it.”  I have a plan to accomplish that, put 10 million citizens to work, enhance the economy of several hundred million, stamp out world hunger, reverse global warming, and make all drag strips, bike friendly.   Terry Cook