It is time to make Motorcycle drag racing grow and be safer by way of purchasing power

  • I am asking all bikers to review Go to the Sept 2014 archives, scroll down to the Pro-Fuel song written 21 years ago to create the revenue to cap all metal guard rails in this country. At the AMRA’s Bowling Green, Ky Harley Drags, ISee More

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  • Terry Cook I have several good ways to make this happen along with turning our little hobby, into a Motor Sport by using the power of 60 million bikers or any citizen that wishes to buy many action packed videos of motorcycle drag racing (sold in all gas stations, club houses, or in any store in this country except Walmart or Sam’s Club. One movie, one book, 10% of the original Brothers Choppers profits coming from 17 green divisions of hemp products made in all fifty states and 7 provinces ( in other words, all our advertisement budget), and for every custom, easy to handle, with options all other builders have not ever dreamed of, hand built for a famous lady, our original design, 1/2 a million dollar (base price), chopper. With every lady, having us preform this service will have the choice of what drag strip gets made bike friendly, in her, and or, her company’s name. I started drag racing in 1968, and to this day, I have not ever seen a safe for motorcycle, drag strip. If there is one somewhere in this world, please tell me where it is.                                                                        
    We forbid one penny coming from donations. We will have products for sale. We will then, have established our purchasing power, which you must have to acquire and maintain sponsors. Our last, but most important way to accomplish what most believed impossible, is from 30% of the purchase price of any Medical Doctors Research Group’s nutritional health products, endorsed by Pat Boone, made in Sunrise, Florida.  All of Patricia Riley’s guaranteed products are not sold in any store, their phone#, 1-800-MDR-TABS, call to order and say the code name, Harley Pro-Fuel. That puts 30% into a fund. when it accumulates a $100,000.00, we make a drag strip safe for motorcycles in the area that these products were sold. I will not begin this program until we have the sworn support of at least 100,000 conscientious and forth right people who wish to see what we have survive for the future generations. Drag racing is indeed the biker’s motor sport for many reasons. Any questions cool people? I hope I did not blow your minds. It was not intended but sometimes that is needed to make good things happen. Top Cat II

Our population growth is coming to a halt. Does anybody wonder why?

Who wants to bring children into this world on purpose?  Living in a modern day dark age for so long has brought the mind set to be, we live with no hope for a good future.  We have allowed our earth, air, and water to be at least 50% trashed.  We have been brain washed to believe we must use fossil fuel and poison chemicals. That is a lie and a fraud. Fluoride is the biggest scientific fraud ever.   Goggle up hemp composite water towers,  or the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry, will get you thetopcatplan and the hope it brings, and then people will say, our future is looking real good.  Without a plan, nothing will change, change is what a lot of people fear.  Fear is lack of knowledge.  That is what has kept the cronies rule going.  We will use the power of the sun, wind, downspout water, and power of the truth to get our freedom, liberty, and justice back.  Any questions?  Top Cat II

Fluoride is the biggest scientific fraud ever

8,000 Americans make more than 125 million a year. Would it not be better, if you could take the total of those 8 thousand and spread in out for 4 million and 250 citizens making $250,000.00 a year? That is just one of the possibilities of living in the hydrogen economy which is coming some day, some how. Nothing needs to be invented. My plan serves to make it possible to reduce poison chemicals, fossil fuel, and fluoride at least 20% a year for the next 5.
In America, you see pharmaceutical medicine, that kill 100 times more than all illegal drugs combined, advertising on TV which is NOT practiced in any other country, pushing the use of fluoride on all ages, knowing is has killed more people from cancer and other abnormalities in the last 30 years than all lost souls in all wars.  They take industrial poison by-products out of storage to put in cigarettes, toothpaste, mouth wash, drinking water, foods by way of GMOs, soil, and air.
The facts are, we must over come fracking, the Keystone Pipeline, the use of poisons including fluoride, fossil fuel use, and un-green livestock practices before it completely bankrupt the health care system.
Launching the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industries in every state is the answer. The timing to accomplish these great missions is perfect. We have education, communication, the power of the truth, and the will to survive.

The title is a direct quote from  Go to fluoride to get more factual statements such as, it is more poisonous that lead and a little less than arsenic.