Pot benefits are numerous

Please goggle up Scientific Research and real facts about the Cannabinoids in Cannabis.  The video is a long one, filled with mind blowing facts.  They have several medical doctors testing for what the 60 different cannabinoids and THC do for benefiting the different organs, functions, getting the body in balance, and the different diseases that are cured including all cancers.  Dr Jeffery Hergenrather, head research professor from Harvard Medical was given a federal grant to find if marijuana causes mental problems of any kind.  He admits, he was brain washed like most people to think herb is bad and a vise.  What he and many medical scientists have found was astonishing.  Grass does countless things for better health.  The antianproliferative effect, stops reproduction of cancer cells. The antiangiogenic effect prevents growing.  Antimetastatic is the preventing cancer from spreading to other organs and finally, Apoptotic is the convincing of the cancer cells to commit suicide and leaves the good cells alone.  THC allows your body to  relax, eat, sleep, forget, and protect.  Enhancing  brain activity and memory are important, but the ability to forget is also very important.  That is the key for the treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder

In response to William Dauenhauer, Mar 15.  Taxes is only one of the many good reasons Marijuana will be legal in every state within a year.  The benefits are countless to the righteous, that wish to be wealthy in love & health, having freedom & liberty restored, and end living in a modern day dark age.  You made a very good point.  The number of businesses hating hemp & marijuana are in the hundreds.  Number of people and green businesses that will flourish, out number them at least a thousand times. I ask every parent that has read up on how cannabis is the key to mental and physical health, please do not worry if your child is smoking a little herb. It may be the only way the kid is getting zinc. the most important mineral, that must be present for any cell to reproduce.  It enhances smell, taste, the ability to focus and retain what is being read.  Go to the health food store, pick up some fluoride free tooth paste and some zinc.

Sometimes, you can’t believe everything you hear or read, especially in the history books

About a year ago. I attended the Coffee Amici, Saturday’s Editor to the Courier gathering for the fourth time.  Each had a different focus, which I treasured very much.  I usually announce if I will be attending, which I did on the last one.  I got there early. I had an elderly lady named Martha, sit in front of me and announce that this was her first meeting. She said, “I came here to confront you, and tell you that I always read who writes the letter to the editor before reading the article. Martha told me, if she sees that I wrote the letter. She refuses to read one word, because what I have said in all of my previous letters goes against what she has been taught her whole life. For an example, she has seen on a tax dollar funded T.V. commercial, where they have eggs frying in a skillet and they say, “this is your brain on pot.” But you say, “Pot stimulates brain activity and keeps memory lost from occurring.” I also say, “That is a fact.  Another fact is, you will never see that commercial ever again. It was a lie”.  Martha also said. “Marijuana and hemp were made illegal because both are very evil. They are illegal for many good reasons.” I thanked her for coming forth with her beliefs, but what she believes to be true are indeed not. She was taught that pot is the most dangerous drug in the world and is good for nothing but causing trouble.                                 I usually bring several show and tell items.  After Martha had vented her discuss in my previous submitted letters, I then asked her to hold out her hand and I’ll squirt a shot of Malibu Hemp Lotion on it, and she cried out, oh  NOOOO!  I told her it is the finest skin lotion in the world.  I then asked her to let me sprinkle some Hemp Hearts on her muffin, again she cried out oh NOOOO!  I informed her, those hemp shell-less seeds are the most important food for good health on earth.  Martha then said, “I hope I did not hurt your feelings.” I said. “ I love to have people come after me, to challenge my true quotes, it really makes my day.”
History books have been altered. Two examples, what was the war of 1812 all about? Hemp is the answer. What fuel was intended to be used by the inventor of the Diesel engine? Vegetable oil is the answer. Those two facts were removed from all history books in this country. If you wish to know the truth, please review www.thetopcatplan.com. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio