I e-mailed the Governor of Ohio and Caroline Little, Chief Executive of the National Newspaper Association

I have the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry in every state. www.thetopcatplan.com I am asking the Governor of this nation’s #1 most un-green state, to be the first governor to fully endorse my plan. Please review what I have in it’s entirety. I would like to meet with you and your people privately or televised. I would be honored to give you and the T.V. viewers an enlightenment presentation. Having my lifetime goal set in 1965 to some day become the builder of the Rolls-Royce of a custom motorcycle has brought me to a place where no one has ever, is, or will ever be. I am in competition with nobody in all that I have. We have the power to pull ourselves out of the deepest hole and fastest downward spiral in our history. Respectively yours, Terry Cook. ex-Marine 65-69, two years in Vietnam 66-68, three months a prisoner of war.

I e-mailed this message to our Governor two weeks ago. I did get a reply from one of his reader responders, to say he couldn’t find any plan and asked, “what does building 1/2 million dollar custom choppers for women only, have to do with anything?” He then thanked me for serving our country.

To answer his question, to build a hand made, masterpiece work of art, in a mind blowing chopper for famous ladies with options all other builders have not ever dreamed of is just one of my 17 divisions of green products to be made and used in a green manner. All of our internal combustion engines will be equipped with a hydrogen generator and be running on hemp fuel. So I e-mailed the governor back to say, “go to the category Energy to get my plan.” I have not received a reply from the Governor of Ohio or from Caroline Little, chief executive of the National Newspaper Association, asking her why does a country that has always had freedom of speech live in a modern day dark age? That answer is so simple. The rich have their stock in fossil fuel and poison chemicals. Hear me now, and believe me later. Soon, smart people will be pulling out of fossil fuel and go green. Which we should have done a long time ago. My plan makes it easy

A question to Caroline Little

In response to the other view Tue. Oct 22.  I posed a question to Caroline Little, chief executive of the National Newspaper Association.  Living in a nation that possesses the freedom of speech.  Why have we been living in a modern day dark age for 140 years?   In the old dark ages, life was simple, get caught with a book, get your head chopped off.  Well the rulers could not do that, so they did the next best thing.  They altered facts in history books and controlled all media.  Bringing in the household computer is what is making it possible to get the truth these days and will serve as the most important factor in saving our planet from complete destruction.   How many newspapers have announced the arrival of World War 3?  All humans on this earth are in a war to survive.  DuPont and Monsanto proclaimed many years ago,  “we bring you better living with chemicals.”  What they did not say was, that it would serve to trash this earth in 100 years.  If hemp would have never become illegal.  At least 80% of the poison and pollution that lays at the bottom of our creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans would not be there.  In 1942, Ford Motor Company came out with a pick up truck that was lubricated and fueled by hemp.  The tires and body panels were also hemp.  In 1913, it took 75 seconds to change a electric car’s battery.  Without the Top Cat Plan. We are toast.  Terry Cook, Findlay, O www.thetopcatplan.com  go to the category Energy to get the 17 divisions of green products produced, transported, and used in a green manner.