The awesome power of the TRUTH

Please allow me to post my latest letter to the editor in about the remark of the acting head. How did Chuck Rosenberg become the acting head of the Drug Enforcement Adminstration? First, he must be a good acting head, must know nothing about what he is supposed to know everything about, and must make ignorant statements like, “medical marijuana is a joke.” Guess what, acting head? The joke is on you!!! You must have been trained by the American Medical Association. You must not have ever Googled, “The Scientific and Real Facts About the Cannabinoids in Cannabis.” It has a three hour video of out nation’s most highly-educated medical researchers explaining and showing how cannabis kills cancer cells and leaves the good cells alone. Every animal has a cannabinoid receptor system to use the 70 cannabioids found in marijuana to allow your body to use it’s immune system to it’s top efficiency. Rosenberg has the same qualifications all drug counselors possess. They know marijuana is classified in the same class as heroin. Guess what, folks? When Bernie Sanders becomes our next President, marijuana will be reclassified as a food, not a drug. Nobody has ever died from its use. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio Also, allow me to say, and the United Patriots for Bernie Sanders are my favorite Bernie groups. All Bernie groups are made up of warriors devoted to make this man our next President and to be instrumental in our effort to march into hell for one heavenly cause. We don’t have just one heavenly cause, we have countless missions that we must address in daring to, Dream of the Impossible Dream to make this country of ours, a better nation for it’s common citizens. Ex-Marine 65-69, two tours of Vietnam, Progressive inventor starting in 1970, terry cook/

Applying for the Top Most Popular and Educational web sites of 2014

Why isn’t listed on this site? After all, it teaches what was taken out of the history books, explains where we must go, how we will get there, and why has it taken so long. It is a plan to make this a better world in many ways. End our living in a modern day dark age, bring the haves and have-nots closer, while addressing the stoppage of trashing this world. I am requesting attention in this matter. What other plan is there to produce 50,000 products out of hemp with a minimum wage of $25 and a maximum wage of 7 times that, products transported, manufactured, and used in a green manner in all fifty states and 7 provinces, bring on inventions to improve fuel efficiency greatly in many ways, and to supply billions world wide with the technology and equipment to become self-sufficient.
Nothing needs to be invented, but we will see many new inventions coming forth, allowing us the ability to progress more in the next 5 years than in the last 140.  Any questions?

A letter to (DRC)

I wish to tell all of your people. You must sleep well knowing you are doing a good job of getting the word out. I sleep very well for many reasons. My latest letter to the President, proclaiming to him, it is the best time in our history to bring back the return of “Hemp for Victory”. It is time to completely cancel out the classification of cannabis from a # 1 controlled substance, changed to be the best food and medicine for feeling and being good physically and mentally. Please have all of your followers review if you wish to ever get one penny from me or my followers for donations to help in your heavenly cause. Does anybody disagree or have any questions? Top Cat II