Hash candy anyone?

In response to Douglas Rider, Oct 7, 2013. The FDA are crooks! They are given secret checks yearly to the tune of ½ billion dollars to approve medicine that kills more people than it helps. One of the subjects in Professor Solick’s lecture was that all the ingredients in cannabis is what does the magic, not just the THC.  If you read The Story of Robert Rodale. He tells you many facts that will give you the tools to live life to a great potential. Robert said, “there is no doctor or medicine that has ever cured any one of anything” The key to health, is to feed you motor with the finest fuel to enhance the immune system and all other functions.  Sleep well, live life to the fullest, and have purpose in life.
I have one question for Mr. Rider. Is there anything wrong with smoking or eating herb just to fill good physically and mentally? Also Doug, all cannabis is mold and insect resistant and requires no fertilizer, unlike cotton, that uses boat loads of Dupont’s and Monsato’s poison products that are trashing the world.  Herb can be planted every three months, enriching the soil better year after year.

In response to Mark Hass, Oct 7.  I talked to Gary Wilson several years ago about the coming of hemp very soon.  He said that hemp is at least tens years away.  I called the farm bureau this year to say hemp is coming and I would like to address all farmers with an enlightenment presentation on the subject of where we must go and how we will get there.  They weren’t interested.  All farmers should sign the medical marijuana and  industrial hemp act petition that Patrick Calvelage, son of Lynn & John, has. Or go to to ohiorights.org.

In response to Jim Gould, Oct 10.  I hope you never use marijuana.  Just go to the doctor for pills approved by the FDA.  Closed minded people like you don’t deserve to have it. Your examples of people doing stupid things are completely moot.  Your stories were of people on other substances.  Years ago, I wrote about hash candy being available over the counter everywhere and in the Sears catalog.  Enjoyed by all ages from 1880 to 1920.  At the same time there were 500 hash parlors in New York City alone.  Never was there one incident of violence against any women or child under the influence of a cannabis product alone.  One day supple of hash candy had more THC in it than a months supply of devil weed.   14 million years of imprisonment have been layed down so far in the 40 year war on drugs. 60% for a completely harmless and good herb, God’s marijuana.  Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio