Addressing Anthony Leiserowitz, Yale Project

I wish to address Dr Anthony Leiserowitz, his people, and this country. We truly have the power to pull ourselves out of this modern day dark age we have endured for too long right now. Nothing needs to be invented and there are no ifs or buts about it. Anybody or group that still believe, we must use fossil fuel till its gone,  please step forward. I consider myself and my trouble shooters to be the best in this world in many very important fields. We will debate the subject of where we must go, how we will get there, and why has it taken so long, with any disbelievers anywhere, any time, for the whole world to look on. Goggle up hemp composite water towers with a vertical wind turbine on top. That will get you our web site. Thetopcatplan is the only idea that launches the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industries in fifty states and 7 provinces. Go to the category Energy. to get 17 divisions of green products and services, that will serve to put 20 million to work in a team that will make this country #1 in something good for a change.
Sometimes the best ideas are ahead of their times. The time as caught up. It is the perfect time, perfect plan, in a perfect country to pull it off. Having my life time goal set in 1965 to some day become the builder of the Rolls-Royce of a custom chopper offering options all other builders have not ever dreamed for famous women only, has brought me to a very unique place. Building 1/2 million dollar hand made, immediately recognized, works of art is the very last in our priorities. We have far more important missions at hand. Please read my 85 pages of truth. Thank You Sisters & Brothers, Respectfully yours, Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

We don’t care about the words, climate change or global warming

Hey, lets just forget the phrase global warming or climate change ever existed. It does not matter. Thanks to the cronies, we have a 70% trashed earth, air, water, and soil. So in the name, of jobs and the need for dirty rotten natural gas energy, we must frack the whole world or just 90% of this country. WRONG!!! We must kill fracking before it kills us, but first it will poison the well water, and then we will ask ourselves, why did we allow this to happen? The answer to that and why we have lived in a modern day dark age for 140 years is the same. Currently we are in a record breaking downward spiral, while the 1% own 50% and 95% of corporate profit goes to 1%, the farmers and the common people are so easy and so screwed. Still, in Ohio, a farmer is not allowed to grow hemp to help bring the soil back to good health, able to absorb rain water several times better, reduce the need for poison chemicals, make their own hydrogen or hemp fuel by using the power of the wind, sun, and downspout water, and make at least $3,000.00 AN ACRE to make 50,000 products in a green manner, put at least 20 million people to work, and enhance the economy of several hundred million citizens. is the only idea to address all our problems while taking the ruler’s power down. Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products & services in fifty states. One of those is supply the equipment and technology to anybody who wish to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member. They are contributors of society in the highest degree, self-sufficient, and put out no green house gases. Any questions? Top Cat II

Leave the oil and coal in the ground

Time is not on our side. Very few people know, that fossil fuel is not our future. Using 6% of our 9 million acres of farm land is the answer to supplying ever train, plane, bus, truck, car, motorcycle, and every electrical power plant with a green fuel made from hemp with enhanced efficiency coming from the hydrogen technology, while stopping our downward spiral, and fending off the total collapse of the dollar. Here are some of the changes to come in the near future: (1) Leave the coal, oil, and natural gas in the ground. We don’t need it anymore for anything. (2) Outlaw future deforestation for the commercial use for all paper products and building materials. (3) Outlaw natural gas exploration completely. (4) Stop growing tobacco and cotton.
Hemp and hydrogen is going to save our planet from complete ruin, but what a lot of citizens don’t know, that if we were to enact those 4 changes this year it would take at least 25 years before reversing global warming has a chance to come. Every year, for at least the next 25 years, our weather patterns will worsen as time goes on. The #1 most valuable substance on earth is drinking water. Injections of high pressure poisons into the earth for natural gas, is a perfect way, to poop in our soup.
All Marathon employees can stay at the same desk, doing the same job. Your company has a chance to go from 250th in the world of fossil oil, to # 1 in hemp oil and fuel production. Nothing needs to be invented. We just need to open our minds, after all, we are a compassionate society, aren’t we? Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio