Come to find out people made false statements to make fracking an industry

I would like for Lindsay Abrams, staff writer at Salon, to know there is a way to put fracking and fossil fuel use out of business at a rate of 20% a year, for the next 5 years. Go to Yahoo, type in, the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states. That will get Go to the category ENERGY for the 17 green divisions. All Americans, people currently working in the fossil fuel or poison chemical industry, and those going into coal mines to bring home a check must know that the next 5 years are going to bring more positive actions for the common man than all years before. That brings in jobs for the betterment of all in so many ways. If I were to give any coal miner the question, do you want to go in a hole in the ground, suck up coal dust, while knowing that might be your last day on earth? Or would you rather have a job that utilizes your mind and body for heavenly causes like, installing today’s technology windows and doors in all buildings, to build 50,000 new products made from hemp, the installation of totally green roofs, building hemp composite water towers, vertical wind turbines that do more than 30 times more in supplying energy than any propeller type and erect them where ever needed? After we have fracked this country to death, clean water will be worth more than money. So destroying this earth brings jobs, but more jobs are coming to fix what we have done and learn what we must do. I will debate with any one or group any where, any time on the subject of what we must do and how we will do it. Top Cat II

Know the truth and do something about it

In response to Stacey Powers, Tuesday, July 30. Before it becomes a rule that you can’t use the name God. I am going to use the Lord’s name for the second time in eighty some letters I have submitted. Whether you believe in God or not. We are stewards of this earth. We did not mean to, but we have allowed greed and irresponsibility to rule us the last 140 years. We have the opportunity to reverse global warming by saying goodbye to fossil fuel. No body needs to feel threatened because of change, especially if it is for the good of mankind’s future. I can put every coal miner to work in better jobs. Nothing needs to be invented to make our fuel out of hemp and use hydrogen in countless ways. Religious people are very cool, living with hope and good in their hearts, but I have had several tell me what I say is the truth, but there is not anything any body can do to change it and we trust the Lord to save the world. I trust He might magically say to his people some day, “Hey, I am not going to do everything, you messed it up.”
Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio